Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh...My...God... they are here.

I live and work on the Coast... and it's officially SUMMER. Tourists are here!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How are you?

How are you? They say if you know a blabber mouth, never ask them, how are you? Because they will, without mercy.... tell you, how they are, for the next hour, more.

I am here to tell you, if you work at a restaurant and a local everyday regular comes in, NEVER, ask them, How Are You?

Sometimes, when i'm caught up on my side-work and not too, winded, and i feel like doing an experiment....i will ask a local regular when they come in, how are you?

The results are astounding. You are looking at them, trying to see how, when they even take a breath.

And you gotta love ANY customer coming into ANY place of business and asking the employee How Are You....

I understand it's out of trying to be.... pleasant. But i never go into any kind of business and ask the employee... how are you. They are WORKING... and i KNOW this. That's how they are.

How Are You... ask my customers. Well... i am grateful as hell that i have a job. Trying to get thru my day with as little stress as possible. And with all the neurotically miserable people in society these days, sometimes that is impossible.  How am I.... I'm bringing your sitting down ass a cup of coffee, i been on my feet all day.... how are you, you idiot.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Like a Cobra

Ooh, the wrath of a narcissist. Like a cobra the fangs of these reptiles will puncture your heart dead center.

I always liked Arnold. Still do. Love his movies. I don't know the first thing about politics but thought, back then, how cool, a governor now.

This doesn't shock me in the least. Maybe twenty years ago it would of. But i have lived and learned. And not just celebrities. It is rampant everywhere. It's just that i can't post pictures of the narcissists i personally know in my personal life. 

Poor Maria, i know how she feels. Crippling, absolutely crippling.

How Many? Some.

There's a customer that comes in to the shop and buys a dozen donuts... every now and then. He takes them to go. When i see him coming, i think, okay.... he thinks he's going to get under my skin today, but he doesn't know that i am analyzing his mental illness.

When he starts to pick out his donuts, he says some, when he is referring to how many of one particular kind, of donut. He will zoom in on the coconut cake donuts and say "I'll take some of those"... I will stand there with my open empty donut box in hand, not moving. He points out the sprinkle donuts. "And some of those"

I say, trying to make eye contact with him (remember, i'm analyzing) "Sir, how many is some" He will not look at me. He continues to pick out other donuts. I try to get his attention, "Sir, sir... how many is some"
"Oh... three" he says. I go back to the coconut cake where we started from. Now the sprinkles, "how many sir"  "Oh... two"
Soo, some could mean three or some could mean two. I did not know that.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arnold and Maria Divorce

Maria Shriver has been "miserable" in her marriage for a long, long time, sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... and it's all about Arnold Schwarzenegger's "craziness."
  "Craziness."...  I wonder what mental disorder Arnold suffers from.

(Quote)Our source tells us Maria is fed up with Arnold's infidelities ... coupled with the fact he's been "impossible" to live with. We're told Maria's kids acknowledge the issues -- and have pushed their mother to call off the marriage. (Unquote)

....'fed up with Arnold's infidelities' ... imagine 25 years of that.

(Quote)People who have spoken with Maria tell us ... despite her STRONG public persona, Maria has become a "shell of the woman" she appears to be because she is "terrified" of Arnold ... but in an emotional, not a  physical way. (Unquote)

..."terrified" of Arnold... but in an emotional way'.... imagine that.

Maria HAD to see the signs all those years ago.

And i'm not trying to say she is stupid. Because i saw it too, with my own 'men', i still hoped  i was wrong.

Jesse James-She never loved me, waa

Interviewer: You write (referring to Jesse's book) that you didn't feel that Sandy loved you.

Jesse: That's all from me because I never loved myself. I never thought highly of myself. I never considered myself successful or anything.

BULLSHIT.  I never loved myself.... BULLSHIT.

In his delusional mind, sure he thought she never loved him. And thought she was cheating on HIM. Sooo, the delusional paranoid WILL cheat. It's the 'i will do it to you before you do it to me' Classic.

He thought she was sleeping with everybody. Paranoia schizophrenia . He did have MULTIPLE affairs while married to Sandra. Multiple, because he COULD NOT shake that feeling that she was cheating on him.

Being in a relationship with these kinds of nuts is like constantly feeling very very nervous. Afraid. Afraid of how they are feeling... today. ALWAYS reassuring them of how much in love you are with them.

And then BAM... you find out they are cheating on you. THAT feeling will bring you to your kness like you will never believe. It is painful as hell.
How i hate fuckers like this. And i'd like to think.... at this point in my life and everything i have been thru... i can spot them a mile away. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

What Kind of Question is That?

I came across this picture and it's caption.

I have been a waitress all my life. And i must say, i have never once, had a question like that in my head when waiting on a customer. For the simple fact that they might say yes!

And thinking of all the past and present unwanted attention from male customers over the years, i have to say, eww no.

Maybe i'm just reading it wrong. Maybe i'm just getting old. I don't get it. This picture and it's caption.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Marie Osmond- She Can Fix Him

(Quote from article) Marie Osmond remarried her first husband, Stephen Craig, on Wednesday, May 4, more than 25 years after their divorce and on what would have been her late son Michael's 20th birthday, her spokesperson confirmed to OnTheRedCarpet.com.

Osmond and Stephen first married in 1982 and are parents to a son, also named Stephen, who is now 28. Osmond filed for divorce in 1985, citing mental cruelty. (Unquote from article)

....Citing mental cruelty.

Didn't i just blog about this exact topic? Marie divorced him because of mental cruelty? Does she think he has changed? Even after all these years?

Marie.... Noooooo! You ding-a-ling. Watch... watch, it's a matter of time when he does his mental abuse on you again.

A freeloader, drug user, cheater rarely, if NEVER change... but a NARCISSIST absolutely, positively NEVER... NO, does NOT change!!!! Ugh!

Orca Whales

Just to show you how naive i am STILL even at my age... 40...ish. I was watching Animal Planet last night. About Killer Whales. I tuned in when a pack of Killer Whales were swimming and catching up to a Blue Whale? And her baby. I heard the announcer saying 'migration'... so when the Killer Whales caught up with the Blue Whale and her baby, i thought, awwwwwww... they are checking out her baby, maybe even making sure they all get there (migration) safe.

No joke. My STUPID fairy tale ass REALLY thought this. These evil bastards. I should of known since that video going around of them torturing that poor seal on a block of ice and ultimately getting it.

I hardly ever watch nature shows. So i really didn't know Killer Whales do... what i saw on television last night. I was really shocked. My jaw dropped. I felt stupid... and so sad.

Shaking my head, seriously in tears, thinking, yeah sure you idiot, they were swimming along checking out the baby whale. Yeah sure, they were making sure she and baby are okay. Such an idiot Pwoodeecoo.

Poor Mama and baby Blue Whale.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gerby Gerbil

What a pretty day today. Day off from work, got the windows open. My Gerby Gerbil enjoying the sunshine and air by the window.

I Can Fix Him

"I'm gonna fix him" she says.

No your not. Girls.... don't. Take it from me. They do not change. Lot of the young ones fight me on this because the guys they are involved with are... freeloaders.... drug users.... cheaters...... common thugs. And they so believe.

They do not change. I been there, done that... with a few of them. Look... they make fun of us, on television. Because it's stupid. So stupid. We work too hard to support these losers. We put so much into relationships and the creep does nothing but hurt us.

Again, they are making fun of us.... on television. Laughing at us.

I have been loser free two years now... I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER (with more money)

Guys, same for y'all. She will NOT change. Live life happy, not on eggshells.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Rite-Aid 15 Minutes Guarantee

So i saw the commercial the other night. Rite-Aid. Fill your prescription in 15 minutes or you get a WHOLE $5 off in the store. Get the poor pharmacist to rush like crazy to fill your prescription. A presciption. A serious order. Nothing to play or rush with. And there are some seriously mental individuals out there who will stand there watching their watches and the poor man or woman pharmacist struggling to fill that order, timing them.  

  Yeah, you better have my prescription ready in 5 minutes or else. Imagine the narcissist getting the wrong prescription. Yeah, imagine.

Problem with their mouths

Spring is here and the Coffee Shop was so busy this past weekend. Tourists, every-now-and-then locals. Everybody was out and about, and made a stop at the Coffee Shop. Take-out or sit-down.

I and my co-workers were SO busy in the mornings. Non stop madness. Before noon my co-workers go home, they have been there since the middle of the night, whereas i come in at 5 AM.

Naturally i am exhausted by noon. There are a few tourists that come in. I wait on them while cleaning up after the morning rush.

Local regulars coming in here and there. The thing is, they were coming in one at a time. One coming in, staying an hour, then going. Another one coming in, staying an hour, then going.

And they are bored. Since i am the only one in there, guess what... THEY TALK MY FRIGGIN HEAD OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have been running! working! communicating! for 5!!! 5 hours straight!!! All i want to do is wait on the people that are coming in, complete the transaction.... they take their bags of donuts AND GO!  OR sit down and eat AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!      

EACH individual local regular nut that came in always start with.... How are you doing?

Know what i say? As i'm sweeping the floor in my hoarse voice, sweaty ass body and face, my hair up in a bun all fucked up everywhere in my face?.... I say....whew, i'm whooped, can hardly talk. I want to add, but i don't... can't you tell?!! since you were in here earlier?!! you stupid bored idiot!!!!

Their stupid mental minds don't hear this. THEY START TALKING ABOUT SHIT... I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT!!!!!!

And i don't particularly care that they are talking but they want you to answer them!!!!!! They want you to acknowledge what they said!!!!  Because i'm running back and forth, straightening up the shop... they actually ask me, 'did you hear what i said?'  CAN YOU BELIEVE THE AUDACITY??

One dope, i just completely ignored. I did say something or another to whatever they were saying, but about 2 minutes in the conversation i just stopped. I thought....God, i can't. Please get it away from my face.

Another dope, same thing....How are you? ... couple minutes in the conversation.... i stop what i'm doing and go into the back room, the kitchen. THE DOPE IS STILL TALKING!!!