Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A 'Regular' Behind Me at Walmart

She comes in every few days, at the Coffee Shop. She's 60's, nice lady... but will talk your head off. She comes in when I'm kinda busy in the mornings, so I dodge her stories because... of constantly  incoming customers, sit-down or take-out. When her and another regular, by chance, sit side by side to one another... it is talk the hell out of each other fest ... and my relief.

I see many semi-regulars, take-out or sit-down, from the Coffee Shop at Walmart. It's almost always "Hi, Hello... good good ha ha, ok, see ya, have a good day!' I have NOTHING in common with them except... they are my Coffee Shop customers... and it IS nice to see them at Walmart and say... Hello!

I never thought when I heard this motherfucker behind me, in line, at check-out, in Walmart, after my 13 hour shift andijustwanttogohome....when she said 'hello'... and I turned around to say 'hello'.... and my body language faced the front again....My body language was so obvious! OMG, but then SHE WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE NEXT TO ME AND MY WALMART CARRIAGE!!!!!! YAKKING ABOUT .... I DON"T KNOW WHAT!! OMG OMG!!!

This was beyond a horrific nightmare. I was so tired. My mouth hurt, my brain hurt, my body hurt. I just wanted to get some things to make a BLT sandwich later after I'm done with my, still, at home responsibilities. Sweet Jesus, I hope to get 5 hours of sleep tonight, I'm so busy with my life!!! It took almost 10 minutes to get to the front of the line. I was in such agony listening to her. I don't mind waiting in the long lines at Walmart.... I collect my thoughts, thoughts I don't get to have at work, because I"M WORKING!!! But I'm not working now and this lady is PISSING ME OFF!

I almost said to her "oh, I forgot something" just to get away from her and get in another 20 items or less long line. I endured. I hate you ma'am. For putting me thru that. My stupid, kind ass,SIMPLY NODDING.... not hearing a thing she is saying.... enduring the babbling after a long exhausting 13 hour shift ....(a minute here, a minute there 'break') and DAY STILL NOT OVER WHEN I HAVE PETS AND FAMILY TO TEND TO!!!! to an idiot who can't in her wildest nightmare understand why.... how.... to just leave me alone. To let it go... after a simple 'hello' I'm just standing there 'listening' nodding my head... OMG!