Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Leaning on counters, businesses

My God, i hate these swine people. Our take-out counter at the Coffee Shop is about right below my breast height. Here's a pic that could exactly be the Coffee Shop.             

There are (shockingly) a lot of customers that walk right up to it, rest their arms more than half way on the counter, lean over even more.... i have about 4 feet of space behind that counter.  When they do that, they are right up in my face. Swear to God, they lean in so close they are practically on the other side with me and i'm almost inside the showcase trying to back up away from they... many times i whispered under my breath.... sheesh.

There are times i can friggin smell them... gross as hell.

When i stamp the donut boxes we have, i will on purpose leave them on the counter (ink is drying anyways) just to see if an idiot will come in and lay their stupid elbows on them.... THEY DO! Couple times, i would pull the boxes, gently, out from under... their... nasty elbows and say ma'am/sir... scuse me.


I don't go into a business, lay my arms up on their counters, breathe in their faces... and let's add the umm's and ahh's..... Sick in the heads.

I was looking for a picture for this blog. Not any out there that descibes what i'm talking about. Maybe i should take one and put it on photobucket. I can get a lot of them.

But i did find this, someone who wonders, like me. Off a Best Buy review forum, part of it.

Sorry, i can't get it bigger, tried to re-size, and it did, in my picture folder, but it comes up like this, here.

Everywhere and anywhere there are counters, at any business, all different heights (the counters) .... there will be something someone leaning all over it. Imagine how slobby and disgusting they are at home.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Even i'm saying, huh?

When i was a little girl, Spelling... English... Grammar... were my favorite subjects. I loved writing book reports... got A's in all that.

So what the HELL! kind of question are they asking??  I don't even get it. "What punctuation mark is commonly used to introduce a list of item?"    ....... WHAT??????????????????????????

Am i having a brain stutter?  Enough to be on television, million people watching, nervous..... and be asked a jacked up question to screw with your mind?????? 

Did the question writer have to run to the bathroom and a narcissist jump in his seat and put this in his....questions for Who Wants to be a Millionaire.... notebook????

" introduce a list of items?"  WHAT???  Bastards. Poor girl.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anonymous posts, one more thing

I just have to say a little more about comments like this. As i said, they are everywhere, but i don't want to look right now and find one, so i will use the one above as an example. The one that is posted in one of my recent blogs.

In this case, my daughter was playing a joke on me, to see how i would respond. But there are many Anonymous-es out there who are quite evil and post these kinds of things... they are Narcissists.

Cyber bullies my ass, these are narcissists. 

They want you to argue with them. They want to see you emotionally struggle, trying to explain yourself.

Stop living in your bubble.... As you desperately want to explain that you do have a life... don't.

As you explain and explain, they sit there and take glee ... they don't even care whether it's true or not, they just laugh at you.

You sit in front of the computer all day... you have no friends.... They want SO BADLY to see you go on and on about ... how that is so not true.

You have crazy written all over the place..... Classic, projecting. THEY are crazy, THEY know it, and are letting YOU know that they are.

Best thing to do is completly ignore comments like this. Over the years i have 'seen' people on the internet fight with these mental cases... FEW times... i would go into a forum of... whatever...just before i'm heading out to work... and a comment, as my daughter's would post. A fight ensues between two posters. I get home 12 hours later... they are STILL going at it (thruout the day, hour break here and there)

Don't give these nuts the pleasure of watching you squirm, fight and explain yourself. They don't give a shit what you have to say, they just want to see you in emotional despair. A narcissist feeds off of this. To ignore them is like throwing water on the wicked witch..... the wicked witch screams in pain, and goes away.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anonymous posts

Well, i had an anonymous comment on one of my posts the other day. When i read it, first thing i thought of was Ha! I've been waiting for some fucker to comment something like this!  I laughed, then i got really pissed, and i responded.

First of all, Sabita, thank you for the very nice compliment  :)

Now Anonymous. Immediately after i read it, i thought... my (adult) daughter, sounds JUST like her... when we are having an arguement.

Then i thought, nah, it's not her... so i posted a response. Then i read it again, and i  KNEW it was her. I just knew. But i said nothing to her about it. Next day Sunday, i couldn't hold it in, i called her from work. Asked what's up, what ya doing.

She says oh nothing.... blah blah. I say oh... you not posting any more comments on my blog?

She denies it for almost a minute then starts laughing. I yell YOU BITCH!  I KNEW IT WAS YOU! YOU WEREN"T GONNA TELL ME WERE YOU?!!!

She thinks it's funny, i think it's hilarious, i called her schizoid, told her to eff herself.

As you can see she wrote the classic You sit in front of a computer all day. It's a classic in many many sites and forums where people chat and when someone who disagrees with someone else they say....or should i say whine... You sit there on the computer all day....

To those who posts comments like that, i'd like to say... how stupid, how original and LAME!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Like sardine's

We were so busy at work today. People that don't know each other sitting soo close together on those little stools, like idiots, arms touching and faces inches apart, yuck.

I probably can't really say anything about that since when i go out... bar or club... it's the same thing. But it's different when your having a beer and it's night... time? Maybe i'm a mental idiot too... whatever, ha.
So i was looking for a picture relating to sitting so close to each other at a restaurant... like sardine's.

And i came across this... picture, below. Which looks JUST like the Coffee Shop did today.

And it's titled Crowded Chinese Restaurant.  A young lady is giving us the finger. Okay... she voluntarily walked into a VERY crowded restaurant. VOLUNTARILY is STAYING there... like an idiot... and is giving US the finger.

Well... i'm gonna be real immature and.... give her this 

But maybe she was forced to endure that torture by her parents... in that case, i take it back.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pig in bathroom

  As my normal routine at work today, i cleaned the restrooms. I got really busy, unusual in the afternoon. Been drinking lots of coffee and water, like i always do. After a couple hours of running around... and drinking lots of coffee and water in between... i had to go pee so very very bad.
I don't give a flying shit who comes in next... i'm going pee.

Running like mad to the restroom, i could almost feel the relief, i'm almost there. As i swing the one toilet... ladies toilet room door, i am crossing my legs by now. I HAVE TO GO, NOW!!

As i look at the toilet seat... i am basically double checking, should be clean, i cleaned it couple hours ago...


I'm like OMG!!!!  ASSHOLE!!! 

So i have to (legs crossed tightly) get a paper towel... wet it!! Wipe the seat... get a dry paper towel (i'm peeing pants now)... dry it!!  Ugh!!! I'm cursing the idiot bitch who did this.  Undo my pants in half a second flat and i am sitting!!!!!

You know, I don't know everything, but i can tell you this.... when i use the toilet, you can bet the house it will be clean after i use it, because i am a human being... not a pig.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Awkward feeling is a good feeling

At work, afternoon, had a full counter in the back of the shop of regulars who come in everyday. At least they sit away from where i am busy and working, cleaning up, waiting on the take-out customers here and there.

The front part letter U counter ... the right in my face counter, is empty. Not for long, here she comes......pest. K, okay... sit there stare at me.

Not too long, here he comes.... pest. Sits at the same counter as she and right there full staring at me.

They are not close Coffee Shop friends, so they aren't talking to one another, but they are four feet apart. facing each other (letter U counter remember).

 What's so funny is i went in the kitchen to wash some trays, i kinda leaned back from the sink after a couple minutes checking to see if everyone is okay. I literally  laughed out loud. and they heard me.  But they don't know what the hell i laughed at.  The look on these two idiots was priceless.                               



Laugh my ass off!!!  Let's go to the Coffee Shop and feel as  AWKWARD  as possible. When i was googling pictures to describe the looks on their faces, i almost hit the floor. These pictures were side by side  on Photobucket.

The Him looks just like him, expression and all. The Her, not, but the expression to a tee.


They looked so awkward and uncomfortable. It blows my mind. I know at least she was hoping someone else would come in... no one did, she got up and left after 15 minutes, he not long after.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blubbering idiots

 Man! I swear!! What a bunch of serious mental neurotic idiots!! Jesus! Jesus! Christ!!
New Years weekend... we closed early Friday, Saturday today and tomorrow Sunday. Sheer panic OMG can't hang out all day at the Coffee Shop. Smart ass remarks, sighing, huffing and puffing, rolling the eyes... stupid blubbering idiot attitudes!! There IS something VERY wrong with these  ... nuts. Obvious looks of fear, anger, worry. Looking around if anyone else feels it too.

It's not a coffee Shop, it's a nut Shop!!! Look at all the nuts!!!!