Thursday, March 31, 2011

Train - Marry Me

Marry me??? WHY the hell would i want to jump from one hell into another???

Why would i want to wait on people at work and then come home and WAIT on you???? Crazy.

Can't we just date??

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Counting money

This just  absolutely blows my mind. At work, i could be counting down the register drawer for the next shift or counting the register drawer starting my own shift... i could be making change for the register drawer.... and whatever local regular is sitting there right up my ass at that popular letter U counter... by the register... IS TALKING TO ME!!

What is in the brains of these idiots? They can see that...I AM COUNTING MONEY, IT'S IMPORTANT...SHUT UP!!!!!

And yes, i do say something "Please, i'm counting money, sheesh" "Omg, you messed me up" or i struggle to ignore them and concentrate on... counting the money. 

Sometimes at 10 minutes before i close i might be cashing in my tips for the next day. Or calculating up the credit cards. I know i could do this when i am closed, but the few locals that are sitting there have been catered to and need NOTHING. They shouldn't be there ANYWAYS, it's 10 minutes to least START getting ready to leave. But NOOOO, they HAVE to sit right up to the hour. And even then i have to pick up the keys and walk to the door to get them out.

I cannot imagine bothering someone who is at work, working, counting MONEY for some trivial conversation??? Are you kidding me?? My HEALTHY mind would tell me THEY ARE COUNTING MONEY, KEEP MOUTH SHUT.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

They Love to Torture Themselves

You know, not just the Coffee Shop, but everywhere i have worked... the regulars that come in everyday, will get into arguments, or something someone did will piss them off and naturally that will escalate into seething hatred or really pissed off.

You can feel the tension when they are both/all in the same room. One or the other might even get up and leave.

First i cannot fathom going to the same restaurant of any kind every single day, let alone purposely entering a restaurant where i KNOW more than likely my 'enemy' will be there.

WHY? Would i want that stress? There is NOTHING THAT good to eat or drink. NO amount of boredom...  to torture myself like that!

What the hell is wrong with people?      

Friday, March 25, 2011

What does he do now?


"What does he do now?"

"What does he do now? Hehe, he comes in here 7 nights a week"

Listen to the bartender. He laughs. Because it's ridiculous, it's insane. "Hehe, he comes in here 7 nights a week"  That means.... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Psycho pest.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Someone who has the same question as i do

Googling 'people who sit at coffee shops all day' ... or something like that. I got this (link). Fun to read and so very very nice to know there are others who have the same question as i do.... which is.... what is wrong with them?

The forum is a couple years old, otherwise i would of signed up and jumped right in there. Few asswipes attacking the poster. Maybe i'll start the topic up at another website, a mental illness one preferably.  Have to think of a screen name.

Damnit, i'm gonna do it.

Spring Break

Whew! We had Spring Breakers this past week. It was busy, so busy. But that didn't keep the regulars away. They will go thru raging fires of hell on foot or in car to get to the Coffee Shop. They risk getting in wrecks in their vehicles or getting hit by a car if on foot... but they HAVE to get to the Coffee Shop.

You would think... spring break.... the town was PACKED. Bumper to bumper on the streets. Elbow to elbow in stores and restaurants. You would think... these year round pests (regulars) would stay away, for a little while.

They take up the seats, they take up our time, whereas those seats can go to the tourists who are spending money, whereas our (waitresses) time can go to the tourists, who are spending money and keeping our store open.

I love when we are busy. I love the tourists. Young and old. Not to me, but surprisingly if to others, tourists are no trouble and easy to wait on. Not at the Coffee Shop at least. They place their orders, sitting down or take-out. Friendly, say 'please' 'thank-you'... you can feel the 'normal' when waiting on them....

... because they are on vacation and i'm sure they have a life back home. Not sitting and hanging around a Coffee Shop everyday. No, no pyschological disorder there.

But those every fricken day regulars.......

..... pests.                                                                             

Monday, March 7, 2011

There's gonna be a time...

   A little update on this past work week. I did rant to a few of the local regulars about that incident last week. I'm still pissed and in shock over it. The audacity, i still shake my head.
My rant might very likely be repeated to the assholes that held me up that day. I will find out when i go back to work in a couple days. It's okay, i'm ready  for or if there will be an altercation.

There's gonna be a time i will close up early again, for whatever reason, and i'm gonna be ready for them. There is a limit to everything and everyone has their breaking point. I have reached mine.

And this time i will call back up and have them help me deal with them.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Still Fuming from the Other Day

I'm still fuming from the other day at work. I can't believe the audacity of those idiots. I deleted a few of my past posts in fear of being found out and fired. I don't care anymore, this is my Blog, my thoughts. And if i'm found out... fine. That type of mental illness needs to be acknowledged anyways. It goes back to at least 35 years that i remember!

It's abuse. When you work at a Coffee Shop, diner, or small restaurant, there WILL be nuts who come in EVERYDAY, befriend you, and harass  you. They are clingy, needy and desperate for whatever their mental illness craves. They don't give a SHIT for nothing else.

I have been careful what i write on my blog... out of fear. But there are really a lot of seriously sick individuals out there. If you work in a restaurant of ANY kind and there is someone or someones who come in EVERYDAY and have been for YEARS, they are SICK. Don't let them befriend you. It's a con and you will feel intimitaded, nervous, extra TIRED... and basically so damn sick of seeing them ALL the time.

Your a waitress/waiter. Your at work. You are there to make money for you AND the business. Not there to entertain the mentally ill. THEY know this, they hope you don't.


It WILL be a topic when i go back to work, after tomorrow. I will let everyone know what happens.