Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Narcissist Customer Picking on a New Employee

About five years ago, we hired a young man at our Coffee/Donut Shop. Him learning, I kept my eye on him. I know the wrath of a customer narcissist. Sweet kid, trying so hard. So polite and trying to 'satisfy' the customer. I KNEW some FUCK was going to take advantage of this sooner or later.

Just a few weeks into his hire-ment ... on a busy weekend.... I'm waiting on a customer. I'm 'watching' 'listening'... on our new employee, waiting on a customer who I might of seen once or twice before, maybe.... 'take-out' order. We are sooo busy. I noticed as I'm waiting on my own customers.... this fuck of a customer is giving this kid a hard time. Really??? I know... I'm almost done with my current customer. I'm seconds away from saving this poor kid from this monster.  
 . Really you bug? New employee is holding a box. A box that 12 donuts go into. And I waited on 3 customers already with no incident and this poor kid is struggling with this one. I took that box out of his hands, told him, 'grab another customer' ... 'yes sir, what may I get for you?"

Monster, older gentleman, wants me to explain? each donut? Each fuckin donut is 'explained' under our signs. And him being an older gentleman.... NOT OLD, but older..... go ahead, fuck with me. Looking him straight in the eye... "what may I get for you?" ... a buffoon, like me,and him... could do this. Don't fuck with me... we are picking out donuts... not your first rodeo motherfucker, you and I both know this... looking him straight in the eye.

It picks out it's donuts as I gesture at the signs. Without incident. They're fuckin donuts.  You know exactly what you want.  Don't fuck with me.

Happily Ever After

I got this from a newspaper few years ago while I was at work and taking my minute and a half break in the afternoon. I save this shit and put it in my 'blog' stuff on top of my computer desk when I get home, from work .. that I just have no time for... when I get home, from work. This article is from like 5 years ago! Took a snapshot of it just now, blog it!
Ok, so I'm thinking, looking at it now. Why did I circle this? And then bring it home, and throw it on my computer desk.... 5 years ago? I certainly have something to say about this?

Was it, is it.... that 89%..... Seriously.... 89% of singles believe you can stay married to the same person... forever???? Forever???

From the many many many people I know in my wide circle of friends, acquaintances, family distant and close... customers from work...co-workers present and past.... neighbors present and past....

From ALL that.... from years ago to now.... shit, off the top of my head I can think of 2... that are still together. If I missed someone (couple)... ok..... 4 or 5. And the people STILL together are because one or the other ENDURED the fuck out of the other.

They are the ones who endure(ed) the cheating, the spending money, the gambling, the drinking.... the verbal abuse. I could of stayed with ANY of my past long term relationships... with this shit... and sit here today and say ..... I BEEN MARRIED  35 YEARS!!!!!


Kiosks at Fast Food Restaurants

I say, DO IT! Fuckin DO IT. Who will the fuckin narcissist fuck with... with a machine? A gotdamn machine, like IT is. Completely void of any emotion.... JUST like a narcissist. A narcissist's worst nightmare. A kiosk.

Completely pissed me off to the depths of hell when I saw this meme on Facebook... from a Facebook friend .... a regular....who USED to come into my Coffee Shop. 'It' 'friend' requested... me. So I accepted. 'It'... put me under so much stress at work and almost got me fired because 'it' didn't like the price of a coffee and a donut. So I....would adjust the price on the register for 'it' (intimidation!)... and got caught one day.... years ago. My boss reamed my ass out!! I have held so much resentment towards this customer for so many years. This monster, who dares to post this meme.

'It' stopped coming in because, 'it's special discount was OVER... and it was pissed. Good GODDAMN THANK GOD riddance!!!!!!

ANOTHER Facebook 'friend' who's significant other...worked as a server.... who's not doing anything for work right now... because 'serving' the public is sooooo hard work... want's to post this same meme??? On Facebook??... knowing I ... do this for a living????

You know... I work at a Coffee Shop. I deal with soooo many narcissists who love nothing more than to torture us. But I stay because it is my career I chose so many years ago. It is how I make my living. The NORMALS do outweigh the MENTALS... but the MENTALS are mutating rapidly.

Interest Rates on your Savings Account

Laugh .Out. Loud. Are you laughing out loud? Shaking your head in disbelief? When you go into your savings account every now and then to check the balance? to see how much you're earning on your savings?

Of course I'm not going to say how much I have in my savings. But if you work like an animal and put away your hard earned money instead of blowing it on shit you don't need, like mentals do do...and you see... a dollar, $1.00... one single dollar and some change... on $10,000...plus, that you have had in the bank, for years.... without touching it (withdrawing).....

....stop blinking. Because you're not seeing things. The Bank earning MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars from loans and overdrafts... every single minute, from thousands of people.... every day.   .... They can't put? $10.00??? in every month instead of  a... dollar???? on untouched and growing? ... on my measly $5, $10 deposits a week, a month....  $10,000????....

I opened a savings account for my granddaughter about 12 years ago when she was born. I put $20. Three months later a statement came in the mail. She earned .02. TWO CENTS!!!! MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!

They couldn't put in .10cents???? TEN CENTS YOU MOTHERFUCKERS????? You couldn't spare a fuckin dime????? ...on the millions of dollars you make?? on $20 that has been sitting in the savings account for three months???? Fuckers. Motherfuckers.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What Kind of OCD is this?

Have this sit-down regular that comes in 3, 4 days a week in the mornings at the Coffee Shop, for 15 plus years. Orders a coffee and a donut. But.... has two donuts every time. But... orders only one donut, eats it... and waves his hand when he's ready for his second donut. Why not just order... the two donuts? There is nothing new or different from the tray of donuts you got 15 minutes earlier?

Most likely waves that hand when I'm/we are busy with other cuctomers.

He does wait till I'm done with a another customer, and starts waving to get my attention. After 15 plus years.... hear me? 15!! plus!! years!! What is this OCD?? I am sorry he is suffering from this.