Sunday, December 26, 2010

Feeling a little bad

 Today is Sunday, day after Christmas, hope everyone had a good one  :)  and i have the day off, the shop is closed.  Haven't had a Sunday off in more than two years.
Christmas was very nice. At work from the past few days leading up to Christmas i got all kinds of gifts and money from the local regulars. So, i am feeling a little bad about what i have been saying about them here in my Blog. And i'm silently saying...    .... in a slightly embarressed way. I will not be picking on them for a few days, i am off anyways... but come Thursday, when i go back to work... ANY idiocy... will be mentioned  accordingly.

Boy, do i want to talk about how everyone was freaking out on being completly closed today!

Monday, December 20, 2010

We all know this

We all know this.... two people having a conversation... one of their cell phone is ringing... they are reaching for it... the other one is still YAPPING their mouth.

The phone ringer-er is lifting the ringing phone slowly  to their ear.... trying to hint the person who won't shut-up LOOK I'M TRYING TO ANSWER MY PHONE, HOLD ON!!

The yapping idiot cannot put two and two together, the phone has been ringing a few times... IT'S GONNA GO INTO VOICE MAIL!!!! LET ME ANSWER THIS!!  SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR A MINUTE!!

I see this all the time. Has been done to me to where i actually lose the call, goes into voice mail.

Sometimes at work, after a morning rush, in the afternoon (yeah, when all the regulars are there Christ) my cell will ring... it doesn't often, maybe one of my kids checking on me... and sometimes i'll be chatting with one of  the regulars... and my cell is ringing. I'm gesturing with my body language to hold on. One incident after a few rings... went into voice mail.

As i said, my personal phone doesn't ring often, some days not at all, friends and family know i'm at work.

Even with the Shop phone, when it's ringing and one of the regulars is on a won't shut the hell up rampage... i answer it... and the idiot is still talking to me!!!!! I'm on the business phone talking to a customer who wants to place an order for tommorrow or asking what time we close, etc....

I see it all the time, saw it the other day at work. They were talking. Sit -down local, regular friends. His cell ringing. She couldn't shut-up and let him answer. I was right there pouring them some more coffee, kinda looking at her like what an oblivious idiot... wondering if anyone noticed me slightly shaking my head.



Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh the anticipation

Snowman Outside Pictures, Images and Photos 
Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I can't wait! I can't wait! Hurry Hurry!

Friday, December 17, 2010

One smart dude

Ha! Just a little while ago, as i was closing up the Shop. Letting one of the customers that comes in every now and then ... out the door. We were going towards the door,  "See ya next time... maybe tomorrow" I say that to every one that comes in every now and then.... knowing they will not come in tomorrow.

He says.... "Probably not, it's gonna be a cold one tomorrow, i'll be inside hiding" he laughs. Caught me by surprise because i thought of my Blog below....  I laugh as well and say, "Your probably one of the very few smart ones"    


One smart healthy minded dude... it's a real pleasure seeing him every now and then.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I just have to

I just have to mention this again.I know i mentioned this somewhere in my Blog below, but i just have to again. It was so cold one day sometime ago. Hot, cold, hot, cold, gotta love Texas. It doesn't snow here where i am but that wind when it blows and the temperature drops can be stinging cold, like razors cutting into your face. At work, on days like this, EVERYONE of the regulars get out and want to come to the Coffee Shop.

It is wicked cold and that wind.... so early in the morning too, barely daybreak. These customers coming up the walk from their cars... look so much in pain.  The rain. The wind pushing them back, their trying to cover their faces from that ice cold sting i know... i had to come to work in this!    My question is WHY???!!!!!

Why in the hell! Would they want to come out in this??!!

These are not HOBO'S. These are people that have NICE ASS HOUSES!! These are people living off of NICE ASS PENSIONS!!! And are VERY YOUNG SIXTY-ISH.

Has ALL this caused them to lose their minds??!!

I do remember blogging about this before. One day, my day off, it was raining, it was COLD, and that wind whipping.... I had me a cup of hot tea standing in my doorway at home having a smoke.


The thought of going out in this to sit in a crowded room of people in the barely daybreak ass cold ass gotdamn MORNING??!!!!

I wish i could take a picture of these idiots walking up that walkway in that weather, maybe send it to some mental pyscho ... place where young doctors are learning about... nut cases. Yeah, let's analyze this.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All animals

My Gerbil. She is almost 5years old. 

The secret is... she eats, except meat... everything i eat, along with her gerbil food.  And loves the sunshine. Everyday.

  All animals, including a pet rat NEED the sunshine. It saddens me how pets like this are bought and put in a tiny cage and kept in a corner of a room ... for the rest of their lives and NOT ONCE to feel the sunshine.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dirty Money

Aside from the local sit down regulars that come to the Coffee Shop. There are the ones that come to the take out counter. Some are regulars and some are not. My favorites are the ones that drop their change into my tip cup. Even if it's just a dime, c'mon.

And there are the ones that.... will not.

Now, anyone that works with a cash register knows that there will always be ... a dirty quarter.... or a dirty nickle, penny... dime.... in that register. And you want it out of there!
So, here comes a regular take-out customer WHO I KNOW WON"T PUT A QUARTER IN MY TIP CUP!!!!

And their change is 57 cents. Here ya go. Take your raggedy cheap ass and raggedy ass coin (mixed in with the nice ones) and see ya tommorrow!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards

Poor Lady. May she rest in peace. And if i may just say... her husband. Ex husband? 

I don't know the first thing about politics. All i know is a man cheated on his wife while she had cancer.

And i know in my life i cetainly haven't been no angel... but i never even cheated on a boyfriend.... other things, maybe i will mention them sometime on my Blog.....

BUT... to be married.... and cheat... to inflict the ULTIMATE pain... on your spouse...... AND YOU ARE AWARE THAT THEY HAVE CANCER???  Could Satan have been any more cruel????

I remember reading about that back then. All i could do is shake me head and say over and over... What a dick.     

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That's gross

The Coffee Shop has two letter U  shaped counters. Like those from the 80's if anyone knows. Old school. Old fashioned Shop. And little stools to sit on.

The counters are 2ft 9ins tall. The stools are 2ft. I am 5'5"

I find it creepy weird because when i stand to it... my pee pee area is level to it. When i turn around, it's right directly across my ass. And there's not much room behind those two letter U shaped counters.

I did an experiment this past weekend when we slowed down from the morning rush. I sat down on one of the stools and asked my morning co-worker to stand there for a second like she's serving me coffee. She's like "Omg, what are you doing? ha ha ha' ... I dare not tell her about my Blog.

No offense to her whatsoever... but her pee pee area was RIGHT THERE ... in my face. And when she turned around, her ass... my arm length away from me. When she went to go fiddle with the donuts at the showcase not four feet away, her ass RIGHT THERE.

So, that's what the local regulars, men and woman, retired, semi-retired, like to sit and look at all day?

MY ass, RIGHT THERE... in their faces, especially after 10, 12 hours of sweaty build-up.  That's gross. And their sick.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Answer the Question

Take a look at this cartoon. We have all, at one time or another, encountered a nut like this. The kind that won't answer your question.

Be it a co-worker, family member, or the significant other in our life. First, they baffle you with their idiocy, and when you ask why.... there is that STUPID,  makes no sense answer.

Makes you want to choke their stupid... faces. They want to make you think your crazy, when in fact they are. Defensive too, they will screw with your mind!!  And you NEVER get an answer that makes ANY sense. Damn, sickos... idiots. Ugh!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time Limit

I'm remembering a Diner i worked at back in 1990, 20 years ago. The local regulars hanging around there got so out of hand that the Owner gave the Manager permission to put signs up saying Time Limit- 30 minutes. Something to that effect.

Day in, day out, everyday they would come in... two, three times in a day and sit for two hours, more. Every. Single. Day. I was there 5 years. Towards the end i couldn't stand to see their faces anymore. Leaving saved my sanity.  Ironically, i started working at another diner like place... with a whole new set of regulars. The Owner there would have to verbally tell them's about time you go.


They would have an attitude about it, wouldn't see them for a few days, and come back. Damn dense. STUPID. COMPLETE IDIOTS.

What mental imbalance is in people who do this compulsive ritual. Or is it the gnawing urge to irritate the people who are trying to work.

They bitch about the prices, they stare at you, want you to entertain them with conversation, .... some have been coming in for 30 years and STILL ask you what is that? Regarding a pastry or sandwich... making stupid faces like ... do they want it or not. THEY KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THAT IS!!!!  These are not old senile people. The are very conscious... and clever bats who crave on draining you emotionally and physically. And THEY KNOW you seeing them EVERYDAY  bites into your guts, and they love it.

Lord, i'm losing it. It's them or me. I'm gonna start opening my mouth. And it's about TIME!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

My God Hurry!

 Okay, okay, last post about my 5 day weekend at work. Unless i think of more... *ahem*  :)
Since we were closing at Noon those days, i noticed something unbelievable. Two different customers, two different times- before noon.

Regular customers. They don't normally come in the mornings, they are more afternoon customers. I see them (seperate times, couple hours apart) in the parking lot,coming, i got their coffee in my hand. Let's see where they will sit. Okay, they sit, here i come. I get there.... i notice.....

Did you JUST freaking wake-up???

Face all swollen, eyes all ewww, friggin' smell the body odor!! probably the bad breath!!

I actually ask oh my gosh, did you just wake -up?

YES!  The answer is yes!

Swear! Swear to Got!.... they JUST woke up! Again, remember -two different customers, two different times-

What in the name of HELL is wrong with these people??!!! They HAVE to get to the coffee shop before we close????

  THEY JUST WOKE UP!!! And haulin' ass to the coffee shop!!!! Couldn't splash   some water on your face?? At home?? Why?? Not??    My God!!

Yeah, they say

I was on a roll this past 5 day weekend with questions at work.

By Saturday couple of regulars that had been out of town for Thanksgiving came in.  -two different customers, two different times-  They say "Just got in"

I think Yeah, that's where i'd wanna be soon as i got back from a trip, the coffee shop, Christ did you even stop home?

I actually say ha! have you even been home yet?

They both say... remember -two different customers, two different times-  Yeah

And one of them came in twice that day. Boy, he probably couldn't stand being away for, like seemed, forever to him.

He is speechless

What a LONG ASS 5 day weekend at work!!!!  Idiots!!  The local regulars. Thoughtless. Self-absorbed Idiots!!

So much to vent out, but i'm gonna let it out on one in particular. Last week, one of the closing early days.   I am closed. Closed! The shop is EMPTY! I am whooped and tired! Busy ass morning!

10 after Noon. The shop phone rings. I close the dishwasher, set it, go, walk over to the phone...thinking WHO the hell is it and what do they want?! I recognize the number on caller ID. One of the regular customers. I don't answer it, i'm thinking you m#thertrucker. I go back to cleaning up the shop, phone rings again. Same customer. I think, i better not answer it, i will seriously say something that might get me fired.

I see him the next morning, i ask, smiling  "(Name) was that you calling at 10 after 12?"... "Yes" he says.

I can hardly wait to hear why... "but why (Name), i was trying to clean up and go home."

No answer.  Seriously, nothing. Fine, i don't even care, really. BUT, i do wanna know "Why (name) would you want to do that to me? I'm busy, i'm closed, trying to get home?" I push that question for just a few minutes in a friendly kinda way.... i DO want to know, mental  illness is facsinating me more and more lately.

No answer.

And no, it's not because he might like me and wants to ask me out. I've known him a long time, he tried that, he knows hell no.

There's people (obviously) that are just plain... thoughtless.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  Hey, where is that narcissist Lucy at?  The one who keeps pulling the football out from Charlie Brown and laughs as he falls. Smug jerk.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh the horror

The coffee shop is closing at noon the next three days due to THANKSGIVING! Yea!  The local regulars are in shock Shock 2 Pictures, Images and Photos.

We normally do it the day before and actual Thanksgiving day, but this year, Friday as well. The local regulars are in shock.         

I have a suggestion for them. Draw straws, whoever picks the longest straw, that's who's place they can ALL hang out at.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just cuts him right off

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now. At the coffee shop. Two year span. Three different customers, all men, who don't really know or talk to each other, but are regulars.

And they did this ALL the time.
Okay, either one of them... are sitting down, talking with another regular. I'm going back and forth, doing odd stuff. Of course, i'm like thank God they have each other to talk to, leave me the frick alone. I'm filling up the napkin holders or sugars, and i could feel him gawking at me, from the corner of my eye. In my head i'm thinking what the hell? His chat buddy is talking to him and he's glaring at me? I think DON'T look at him, don't look at him... if i look, that's all it's gonna take, and he's gonna talk my ear off.

But you know what? It doesn't matter... here he is..."So what are you up to today?" SMACK gotdamn right in the middle of the other guys conversation. JUST CUTS HIM RIGHT OFF!! LITERALLY!!
group smiley

First i'm embarrassed for the guy that got cut off. Second, i'm like ... WTF??? You frickin' have someone who WANTS to talk to you, IS talking to you. You can't shut your mouth for ONE minute ANYWAYS!! (God, when me and this dude are alone in the shop) THIS IS PERFECT!  WHAT THE HELL YOU CUTTING HIM OFF FOR??? The key phrase here is YOU LOVE TO TALK!! AND HE (not me) WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!!!

In the beginning, when i first started working at this Coffee shop few years ago, i did respond, with a few short words, BUT... i'd go back to the conversation they were having, resuming it.... out of embarrassment for the other guy.

And there were THREE DIFFERENT  customers that did this... and i'd do the same thing.

BUT, since then, i put a stop to that shit. I have told all three of them, at separate times.... in a nice way, smiling... "Why are you cutting (name) off? He's talking to you"   IT FELT SOOOO GOOD TO SAY THAT.                   
miku happy

I never did before simply because i couldn't embarrass the inconsiderate nin-com-poop. But i could NOT take it anymore.

Needless to say... they were terribly embarrassed and don't do it anymore.

Seriously tho... what the hell? Frickin have someone who WANTS to talk to you, leave me the hell alone. I have very busy mornings, my voice is hoarse, my mind is half gone.... These are ADULTS who i'm sure are AWARE of what it's like to be at WORK!!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Remembering an episode of Divorce Court the other day. I never watch these shows, but i was flipping channels and the Criminal Minds episode... seen it allready... a couple times.

Husband wanted a divorce, she constantly spending money, at the Dollar Store. They talk a little about it. She does not work, no job. No kids.  And she says, shopping is therapeutic... and then the liitle bar comes up below her saying Defendent finds shopping therepeutic.

Therapeutic??  I'm starting to sit up on the sofa. Therepeutic?? My blood is boiling now. Therepeutic??

You stupid jackass. Therapeutic?? You NOT working is THERAPEUTIC!!!!!!! How about starting a SAVINGS for you and your hardworking husband??  I don't know about you, you stupid idiot, but i like to see some money in my SAVINGS... That's MY therapeutic! It feels pretty damn good!

Get a JOB freeloader!! THERAPEUTIC???

I did not see the end of that show, maybe the phone rang... but i hope the husband thera-puted her ass out the door.                                 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ugh, work tomorrow. I'm particularly thinking about which one of the regulars is gonna come in and's so cold in here.... Had three of them last week, at the same time, gang up on me.

Seriously, one stayed an hour. Second one, two hours. Third one, three hours. Three hours... unreal.

The first one told me to turn it up. (The temperature) ... i told her, 'well, i'm hot...' She told me 'the customer should be comfortable' ... I ... said nothing, i turned and walked away, because i was gonna blow up on her, all three of them.

I HAVE to be there. It IS a restaurant. ANY restaurant it's gonna be cold. They can bring a sweater. I am working, running around. I am WORKING.  It's a no brainer.   

 One of them , months ago was telling me a story how ... at a restaurant she went to dine.... it was cold in there. She asked the waitress to turn up the temperature. Waitress basically said 'no'... manager was called. Manager said 'no'... she left. I could sooo picture the look of happiness on their faces. She doesn't get it. SHE DOESN'T GET IT. 

rolling eyes

I every now and then will dine out. From experience... and i mean as a customer, not because i'm a waitress.... i KNOW it might be cold in there. I bring a sweater.

I cannot fathom asking to turn the air up! Ask the ENTIRE staff to accommadate ME??  These people are working!! For Chrissake, these people are working!!  Please, if it is truly unbearable for you, by all means, PLEASE...  leave.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jar of Hearts

   The days i go to work, i turn the TV on and listen to Jump Start on VH1. First time i heard this song, weeks ago, i was in the bathroom ... getting ready for work.... i thought, wow, song is beautiful.. and sad... i went to the bedroom to watch the video.

I was mesmerized, it gave me chills. I never heard of this talented young lady, and i wondered... does she know exactly what she is singing beautifully about? Does she truly, TRULY realize... that she is singing about the... narcissist. 

Yes, there are many songs about the narcissist. But this one is  spot on. The video is  spot eerie, so deep in sadness, so dark... just like the narcissist. The male actor in this video had me fasinated... so spot on.

BRAVO to whoever wrote this song and wrote the video. We need to be aware that these evil imps DO exist. They are real, they are out there craving to find someone to screw with, to torture.  Impossible to believe. SO DAMN IMPOSIBLE to believe, especially to young people (my heart breaks) who are so trusting and want to believe so badly, that the one treating them so badly... don't really mean it.

If something doesn't seem quite right in your relationship, and you are constantly nervous, scared. You have a narcissist. And they get off  on your emotional pain.

They don't look like the actor in this video... he is doing an EXCELLENT job at portraying HOW a narcissist looks like in his true self. What we see, in real life, is the happy, regular.. guy. That's who he wants us to fall in love with... then... bam... something just isn't right.

I don't want to scare anyone from having a relationship... but please everyone, just be aware. Be kind, be loving, be yourself  :)  have fun... but please be aware of these maggots.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Like lunatics

Was so cold and dreary, raining and windy this weekend. I was fighting a terrible cold while putting in 25 hours at work in those two days. Such a cold and ugly weekend, but that doesn't stop the regulars from coming in. There is no fire or no hell to keep them away. I can envision these nuts crippled, crawling on their knuckles BLIND and deaf to get Pictures, Images and Photos

I happened to catch a look at a couple that has been coming in for 100 years. Old. The front of the coffee shop has thick windows for walls. So cold, wind whipping. Coming up the walk to the shop, they are struggling and look in pain... but, here they come, thru hell and high water.

As i was getting ready for work on this horrible weekend, i have a smoke. But i don't smoke in my home. Standing in the doorway, the rain, the wind, so cold. With my cup of hot tea,my smoke, and my flu bundled up, i whimper. I say a silent prayer to please help me get thru this weekend. I know it's going to be enduring. (It was!)

On days like this, not just the regulars who come out, but EVERYONE. I don't get it, i just don't get it. I would of gave my soul to just be able not to go out in that .... in that monent.

So nice, my cup of hot tea, warm home. The quiet. The thought of getting dressed and racing out in this like a lunatic to get to the coffee shop to sit elbow to elbow with the town like sardines would be  the LAST thing on my mind. Baffling! Mind boggling! What neurotic misery these people must be in.  no Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Live Life!

      I am a HAPPY person! I have a HEALTHY mind. I KNOW i always will be. There is NO WAY i'm gonna hang around a frickin' coffee shop ALL DAY ... DAY after DAY after DAY!! EVERYDAY!!  I ENJOY my HOME. I like to HANG around my HOME. So MANY cheap things to do outside home. One of them is NOT going to the coffee shop, two three times a day. I am HAPPY. My MIND is HEALTHY.  AMEN!!fun dance Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Checking e-mail, got the popular More People of Walmart. Now they're all funny, we might even go ewww.... but this is beyond ewww. This is beyond stupid, beyond idiocy. This is a vile, sick, nasty vermin. 

Why wasn't there an after picture... of her being arrested? Not only is she showing her ass, she is digging in it!! Where food is sold!! She touches anything and someone else does too?!  A child can touch it, then put it's fingers in it's mouth?! WHERE IS THE AFTER PICTURE OF HER BEING ARRESTED????

I don't even do that at home!!!!  My ass is clean. And it's REAL simple! SOAP!! If her problem is beyond that, welfare would be happy to pay for a simple check-up and medication because she is obviously disabled in her head!! LOOK AT HER!!!
Grounds for institutionalization! Picture... proof!!!

I'm not even gonna say pig. I love animals and wouldn't insult a pig by saying that! This nut is disgusting. GAG!!

If i was there and i saw this... i would of asked her out loud "OMG,what are you doing??!!" In my best grossed out look... Everyone would of looked.

Shame on you sicko.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Justin Bieber

Went to a Justin Bieber concert last Saturday with my daughter and granddaughter. We bought a VIP package, Meet and Greet thing... and second row floor seats, not braggin', just sayin'... and there's a lesson and moral to this..... so...

...we arrive at 5 pm like we were told, the day before to the Meet and Greet, come to find it was at 3pm. At the Guest Service desk, my daughter had a big attitude (she was pissed)... big argument about how they did not know who told us to be there at 5, when it was at 3. Basically .... too bad for us.

As the argument ensues.... another family walks up to Guest Services. SAME PROBLEM... somebody told them too that the Meet and Greet was at 5.....

 So us..and them were like 'omg, right... what the hell'... we're looking at our tickets comparing prices... those tickets were m'f'ing expensive!!!

They seperate us... they walk us to the elevator... i don't know where they were going with the other family... i thought they were taking us somewhere to get our money back! Ha! yeah right.

They took us to a private party that was winding down.  With VIP packages there are different kinds of packages. We walked into one with ... special guests... the dancers from the opening acts. BUT... we didn't know who they were till we saw them performing... at the concert!!

By this time i'm hoping to run into that family again that were told the same thing we were told... 5PM! Meet JUSTIN BIEBER!!   I wanna maybe discuss about suing someone's ASS!!!! Or getting my money back!!!  They seperated us i bet .. so we don't get together and raise hell!!

I would tell someone who buys VIP packages...  Get it in writing. They don't put that on your tickets or the e-mail they send. They want you to call the day before and ask. I'm talking about the Meet and Greet Event... have them e-mail it to you. Because we had no proof that someone over the phone told us... at 3pm... and when those other people showed up, same story, they panicked and seperated us.

I wish i got their names, but it doesn't matter, i'm not letting this shit slide.

But.... the concert was AWESOME. Here's a pic i personally took.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Loud music

I noticed the car wash had a new sign up. Nice one, big, star shaped. Friendly kinda with little fireworks drawn on it. In big letters NO LOUD MUSIC.

And i thought, shaking my head...Idiots have to be told, in a big ass sign too... to be courteous of others... in a public place, the car wash. It's fasinating to watch sometimes, looking at the head that holds 'oatmeal' in it instead of a brain.

There's places for loud music.  Clubs, concerts, ... I have a brain. My brain tells me maybe other people don't want to hear the music i am listening to, especially LOUD. First i certainly wouldn't even want to blast it at a car wash. I do like to hear my surroundings. Second.... *drum roll*.... my brain.... tells me, everybody at the car wash DON"T want to hear it. DUH!!  It CAN"T be any more simple than that!

And whoever designed that little graphic thingy i got from photobucket up there ^^^^^  your to old bullshit... well, your too stupid, because it's too... not to..... stupid.

I LOVE loud music but i'm not an asshole tormenting others to listen... even at home. Loser.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mickey Mouse

Got to thinking about cartoons, yes, cartoons. Just thinking about how narcissistic they can be. Then i got curious... what, when was the first cartoon? I googled, and found 1928, Mickey Mouse. Tormenting animals.                                      BLEW MY MIND

Some sick individual had a vision in it's head, for a cartoon... for children. So it wrote a script, and another sicko drew it. This is what NARCISSISTS see in their heads and get amusement from. It is their ULTIMATE dream come true to see this in REAL LIFE. I'm DISGUSTED at this cartoon. CLASSIC MY ASS. UNFREAKINGFUCKINGBELIEVABLE.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Too close

Off three days from work, can't think of anything to bitch about off the top of my head. There are days i have tons to say... maybe i'm too relaxed.

I was thinking about Walmart. Couple days ago. Classic. In line. The person behind me. Sooo close you can litterally FEEL them breathing on your neck. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR STUPID HEAD??  BACK UP... A LITTLE?  WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO BE THAT CLOSE TO ME??? NASTY WEIRDO WOMAN!!!!

Clingy gotdamn people... the line isn't gonna go faster with you right on my ass anyway. I can't STAND that!!!!             

Seriously, at that very same time, some IDIOT in the next 20 items or less aisle has a carraige with like 50 items getting checked out. The kid cashier was just steadily ringing him up. He was new. I never seen him before. He's young, he will learn.

Because one time long time ago an IDIOT in front of me in 20 items or less.... had way more, but the cashier didn't realize till she allready started to ring her up... told her " if i knew you had all this" and she pointed to the sign... "this is 20 items or less"

The IDIOT said "i didn't know" and i could swear the cashier told her "yes, you did"... i always remembered that because i said in my head "Good for you cashier!"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stinkin' Cowards

Been wanting to Blog about this for a while. Those fuckers that have a stick up their ass and take it out on others.... Stinkin' Cowards.

Or just stupid. Stupid because i see it as a bat gnawing on their necks and their gonna pick on the pigeon who's just walking around minding it's own business.

They call it Psychological Defense Mechanism. I call it Fuck you and needs to be put in it's place. Happens at any work place mostly. I heard offices a lot. The most saddening is when it is taken home and taken out on family. THOSE i wish would get an infection in their mouths and fall off their stupid faces.

It doesn't even make ANY sense to me. If someone pisses me off, or i get scolded at work... i'm not gonna take it out on my co-worker... or my kid at home. If  i'm not brave enough to confront my attacker, i'll silently curse them, wish they were dead or whatever.... I"M NOT GONNA TAKE IT OUT ON THE PERSON WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!!!!

 Perfect example.... Some weeks ago... i get to work, weekend, couple waitresses allready there... we are fixin' to open in a few minutes.  I'm not even behind the counter yet, here she comes... "You need to fill these napkin holders" ... lifts one of them up.

Listen... i closed the night before... everything is spotless, everything is stocked. The napkin holder she is holding in her talons did have a few napkins but not 'stuffed' like all the others. I'm thinking does this stupid bitch check every napkin holder before i get here?

I've worked with this stupid bitch for years and we do get along... but... something was up her ass.  I look at her in amazement...'ok'.  There was allready one of the regular town locals sitting there and we are not officially open yet.  Are you seeing this?

She's either mad that he came in... he will sit in his truck like 15 minutes before we open... right there by the door, sometimes will knock on the door, wants to come in... he's like been coming in EVERY morning for 100 years, but doesn't talk a lot... OR something pissed her off in the kitchen, they're always at it.

SOOO... that dude that was sitting there whispers  'sheesus'.....shakes his head... I say " I know. i know... something pissed her off and she's taking it out on me" ... shaking my own head. Yeah, she heard me, so did the bakers. They laugh at her.

I'm prepared for her to say something back. I'm prepared for ... a fight. I"M SO FUCKIN' PISSED AT THIS POINT... stupid unmedicated bipolar bitch. She's embarrased. Says nothing. 
My advice to anyone is, if your confident you have done nothing wrong, don't let someone intimidate you, speak up accordingly... i'm still learning.

The day did go smoothly, we acted like nothing happened. Well, nothing did. But the whole day, in my head i kept saying you stupid bitch.



Monday, November 1, 2010

Take the hint

I started this Blog mostly to relieve a little stress... mostly work related. Something has escalated a little at my job this past weekend.

A few Blogs down i vented about a customer i refered to as 'yakety-yak'.  Well, on one of my days off last week... 'yakety-yak' said the waitress was taking digs at him.  (Afternoon conversation)

Example he gave me.... 5:15 AM, she comes out of the kitchen. First, keep in mind this is a Coffee Shop... Donut Shop. We have two 'letter U' counters, with little stools to sit. Shit, i don't know square feet, but the room is about 60ft by25ft. Kitchen area... same, but of course separated by an open doorway and a giant glass window...So everyone can watch the Bakers early in the morning. The Shop is small.

Okay, she comes out of the kitchen, stands in that open doorway and makes a comment how early it is and in a roundabout way if he is having fun?   Something like that.

So he asks me...'what the hell is wrong with her'... Genuinely curious... 'what the hell is wrong with her'

I took a couple of deep breaths, clasped my hands, grasping for the right words. Voice in my head screaming 'TELL HIM'

I told him in the gentlest, kindest way... to 'please try to understand that she (yeah, i'm putting this on her, easier) ...gets up in the middle of the night to get here. She HAS to be here. She sees you, who has a little time and likes to chat, and she... has work to do...." i gesture i don't know with my hands, shrug my shoulders, give a sympathetic look.

In the name of God take the hint........and the other one sitting not to far from him who likes to come and go thru out the day... he heard me, giving me a fuck you look.

Hint not taken. He goes on how she should find a job she likes, like he has, he loves his we go....entire change of topic.

'Yackety-yak' is notorious for coming in the second we open. He will sit right there, 'best seat in the house' by the register, full view of the kitchen and just look. He's bored and wants to talk. And there are MANY like him that come in. 

I DO like my job, there are the customers who come in now and again, sit down, coffee, donut, we chat a couple minutes...they might look at the newspaper... couple refills coffee... and they go. 

I am not there to entertain the bored. Or be a companion to the lonely. Not there to fill that desperate NEED for attention.... conversation.

 ESPECIALLY when i'm doing a 13 hour shift. The sheer thoughtlessness of these people.
Our big money comes from the 'take-out' counter, not from the $1 coffee, sit for two hours and pester. Leave for an hour and COME BACK to sit for another couple hours.  BULL!!!   That DOES work a nerve.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Odd Picture

Farting, ha ha, around on the internet looking at pictures related to Waitress.  I come across this. Analyzing it, don't know what to make of it.

Who's being the pestery pest here?  Did he call her over- pestering her? Did she walk over pestering him? Is she just checking on him? She looks kinda pissed off.

I myself do that with my legs when i'm getting pissed and impatient with a customer. I'm thinking Grampa has all the time in the world and is harrassing her. Is he reading something from the paper to her?? I'm sure it's not a headline about how waitresses are way UNDERPAID!    

And look at the loser in the background sitting at the counter, probably staring at her ALL day. Get a life ... get a job,  loser, pest, ugh.                     

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'll Pass for Now

I'm single, (super single right now)  have been, always.  I've had the long term relationships. Short term relationships.  Flings and One night Stands. Friends with benefits.

Those long terms did a real number on my heart.

Soo, had a little Halloween party last night, family. They stayed the night. I had to get up really early to go to work today. I had to step over them in the living room to get to the door.

I could see in the dark, my (grown) daughter and her boyfriend on the air mattress asleep... in the living room. And i could see they were spooning .... he had his arm around her. I thought Awwwwww..... how nice.

I thought back to the last time(s)  i was doing that...smiling to myself.... and i remembered.

On the way to work i was remembering. I was remembering the 'holding in my fart' and remembering how he didn't.  Remembering how when i turned to my other side... his mouth wide open. right. there.

Nah, i'll pass on that for now... so i can 'pass' in peace... for now.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


My God, My God, My God!!  Sheesh! It happens soooo often. At work, coffee shop. I'm waiting on a 'sit down' customer. And a customer comes in and goes to the 'take out' counter. IMMEDIATELY the body language ZOOMED right at me. Whole HEAD... EYES following me.

WON"T let go of the glaring.

It's a freaking coffee shop, i'm delivering a freaking coffee and a donut! Two minutes??!!  They act like they are standing there FOREVER!!

Okay!... i get there... Christ!!!

This one... idiot.... today.... soon as i approach. DOESN"T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY WANT!!!!!

Why are you standing there like a dope looking at me instead of looking at the showcase to see what you want??!!    WHY???

I DON"T go into Quiznos Sandwich Shop or Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shop and LOCK A STARE AT THE SALES PERSON if they are waiting on a customer before me!! I look at the STUFF to see what i want..... OR.... OR.... I KINDA KNOW WHAT I WANT BEFORE I GET THERE!!!

A LOT.... LOT of people do this. WHAT is the freaking matter with them??!!

Edit: HA! I just realized i ended post with "It's scary" So close to Halloween. No pun intended, lol.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Day off.    Wanted to write about Water Parks  today but got sidetracked. I made the HUGE mistake of  watching the NEWS instead of watching Golden Girls on Hallmark... like i have been.

Nothing but sad, sick news.  Police looking for some nut who killed a woman and stuffed her in a trash can behind his house. And that's horrible BUT this individual with an INFECTED brain suffocated a 3 year old little girl and her grandmother back in 1972... did 17 years and was set free.

Some good news. We are takimg BULLYING more seriously. The news is talking about that right now actually.

It's about GOTDAMN TIME!!!     FOR YEARS it BAFFLED me why was this allowed in schools??!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Waving your finger

One of the most disgusting and vile things you can do at a restaurant to your waiter or waitress is to wave your finger at them... to 'come here'

If you do, SHAME on you and may you develop a rash  'down there'  ...... 'down there' where you can wave your finger all you want.

EVERY place i have ever worked, over the YEARS i have seen this... done to me, or someone else.

But, i do see it less and less.  At least where i work, now.  Because about a year ago i let a few of the local regulars, the ones who hang around all day...   know how i feel about this.

One of them spoke up  "I think i do this"  genuine look of concern, she says she doesn't mean anything by it.  I realized later on.... she doesn't apologize, and she THINKS she does 'this'

Well, now she doesn't do it, but she will pick up that coffee cup, hold it in the air and tap her finger on the rim.

*Deep breath*

 She's lucky i don't have  telekenectisis powers and have that cup flip up and land upside down on top of her head.  I only say that because she is a sweet lady and i like her.

What the hell is so hard speaking up in a clear crisp voice... "May i have some coffee... please?"  There are REALLY  some locals who come in from time to time, have a cup or two or three with their donuts or kolache... sometimes i'm a little busy, they will catch me as i'm walking by and say just that... "May i have another cup of coffee please?"  Twenty,... thirty minutes TOPS... and they're on their way. HOW NICE. AND HOW NORMAL!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank You

Yesterday, my Easy Day at work. Quiet afternoon at the coffee shop.  I've got two of the local regulars sitting down having coffee.  Another regular comes in.  I refill the two and bring a cup to the one that just came in.

Okay, anything else? No? Okay. Then drink and shut up.

I go back to stocking the cooler with drinks.

I know that the man who came in likes a refill in just a few minutes. First cup goes quick.  No problem....

I stock of few Cokes, couple minutes... i head towards the coffee, i'm sure he's ready for another cup.  I'm not a foot from grasping the coffee pot, he says.... "I'll have some coffee now"

I feel my right eyelid twitch....

Omg, you DECREPIT  fart.  YOU RECKON????  You reckon you'll have some coffee now?

WHAT??!  IN??  THE??  HELL??  DO??  YOU??  THINK??  I??   AM??  PICKING??  UP??
THIS???!  COFFEE???  POT????    ...   FOR???!!!!!!

I actually do say... "EXACTLY why i'm walking over here"... i have the coffee pot in my hand.  He mumbles 'oh'... yeah 'oh' ... just like the idiot at the bank who didn't want to wait in line, 'oh'

So, i pour him coffee "there ya go"    ANYONE with HALF a brain, naturally, human nature to say Thank You.  Thank You.  So simple. An automatic response.  Not for this dim-wit shit for brains. He mumbles Alllriiight.

He's LIVED all these years and learned to say Alllriiight  when someone pours him coffee.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Easy Day, Better Be

Yeah, easy day today, 6 hour work day. I got to sleep in late ....Awesome...Can't beat that walk in the park.

Only thing that can go wrong today is some asshole coming in 15 minutes before i close the shop... wants to sit down and have a donut, a regular customer WHO OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER!!
I have said it hundreds of times  "Better make it quick"

My patience is wearing thin with these MORONS.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Please Not Today

Getting up in the middle of the night, to get ready for work, i open up the coffee shop today. I'm  thinking of one particular customer I hope to God doesn't show his ass up FIRST thing this morning.

He is a sit down customer and a big yackety yak.  All i wanna do for the first hour is prepare for my 13 hour shift and wait on a few 'to go' customers.  I'm going to be very busy in the later morning.

I have to bring in the ice, set up the 'to go' and 'sit down' counters. I have to bring out the donuts and sandwiches the bakers have waiting for me...

The customer i'm thinking of comes in... 9 out of 10 times the SECOND we open. He has an hour before HE goes to work and thinks i am there to help him 'kill' that hour *grinding teeth*

Please... Pleeeeease... in the name of God... Not Today ... as i'm getting ready for work.

Driving to work, my eyes start to tear, grinding my teeth... Please Holy Father... Pleeease, i beg you, not today.

Get to work, dark outside, quiet... putting it in park... swear to GOD!!! GUESS WHO THE GOTDAMN IS PULLING IN!!!!!

C'MON!!!!  GOD!!!!

I'm ahead of him, i unlock the coffee shop door!! I am swearing OUT LOUD, the bakers are laughing... HERE HE COMES!!!  I practically jerk the chain off the OPEN sign, i'm SOOO pissed. I throw my purse into the cabinet... nearly flip the light switches off the wall  I don't care if he sees!!!

Here he is "Good morning, how are you?"
"Fine" i say... takes all i have to break a half ass smile.

"So how was your days off?"  SEEEE?  He wants to talk!!

All i wanna do RIGHT NOW is make... then HAVE some COFFEE and get my SHIT together. 

I just want him to sit down! Drink his damn coffee, read the paper and SHUT THE HELL UP!

I mumble "Fine"  again.

Just as i hit the 'Brew" on the coffee...he starts to tell me about the Roast he made last night.

OH MY GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm screaming in my head.

I don't acknowledge... i head to the kitchen, start bringing donuts and sandwiches out.

He's still talking, i barely hear what the hell he is saying. every few seconds i say... 'yeah'

He can't see that i'm FRICKEN BUSY?  SHUT THE HELL UP!!

He's talking to himself!!!!!!  HE's a gotdamn  IDIOT!!!!!!!

At this point i'm  PRAYING  another 'sit down' customer will come in... for him to torment.  And someone does....


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wait your turn dummy

We've all been to the Bank.  Yes, the Bank... once or twice... in our lives.  We kinda know we have to get in line and wait to be called on.

      I'm getting SUPER pissed thinking about this~

I have seen this many many times. But more recent- COUPLE MONTHS AGO.     Sometimes the bank isn't busy, sometimes i will be the only one in line...   IN LINE! where i am supposed to be. The teller is ready, calls me over "Good Morning..."

There are other tellers at their windows, working, doing something with papers and calculaters.... they look busy and they have a little closed sign.

Hear the Bank door open, here comes another customer, who doesn't think she needs to WAIT... GOES RIGHT UP TO A TELLER!!   A TELLER WHO IS OBVIOUSLY BUSY WITH!!  TA-DAH!!  A CLOSED SIGN!!!

            You Stupid Ass Bitch. WHO do you think you are?!

Needless to say, the teller stops doing her work, rolls her eyes... AND WALKS AWAY!!

I'm looking like .. GOOD!   The look on that idiot was priceless, she was like... "Oh' ...    I'm looking at her like yeah, oh, stupid.

And then she's coming towards me, looking into MY window to see 'how much longer.'   I'm thinking, does she want to get  RIGHT  behind me???


Deep down i wanted to tell her  " AARRGH! "

But all i said is "I think they want you to wait in line" ... and i gestured towards... the empty line.

I turn back towards my Teller, she's almost done with my SIMPLE transaction. She is softly shaking her head, i laugh quietly, she as well... hands me my receipt.... we both sigh..... "have a nice day..."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day Off

Relaxing, day off. Trying not to think of all the idiocy i have seen and heard of this past work week.

I kinda am looking forward in a couple days going to work... i have a crush on a guy that comes in every now and then. See, that's one of the benefits of being single.... you can date whoever you want. Granting they wanna date you  :)

I have had this crush on this guy for almost a year now.  He's been coming in little more than two years now... but i was involved with someone else at the time.  And now i am 'prowling' for him.

   Never seen him with a woman, i am assuming he's single.

And since i am working, i cannot  just, 'right up' ask him out.  He is not taking my subtle hints that i am interested. He seems extremely shy and i only catch  him for a few seconds every now and then.

Yes, every now and then... like a normal customer. He comes in every now and then, doesn't SIT in the restaurant EVERYDAY for hours pestering me. Comes to the take out, looks around for a couple of seconds tells me what he wants, i bring it, take the money... BIG SMILE... thank you very much have a good day!  NO IDIOCY IN THIS TRANSACTION!!

That's how it should be.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Go Home Already

Sorry, there's something wrong with people who sit in diners and coffee shops all day.  They hang out ALL day. They come and go thruout the WHOLE day.  Everyday.  They sit for hours. This is the afternoon shift. The bored,  depressed and the needy who got NOWHERE else to go..... but to pester me... me, who's trying to work.

I worked Bars too, day shift, they do that there too. Buy a beer, work on it for an hour... six hours... you get it. It's not the beer they want. They are lonely, pathetic. They want to pester me... me, who's trying to work.

I Love my career. I chose it so many years ago and been okay financially with it. IT works for ME, maybe not for everyone, but for me, so i don't encourage this to young people... go to college!!!!

At a dining restaurant, a beer joint or coffee shop.... Please just place your order without the narcissistic requests and chances are there will be nothing wrong with it. I am sooo happy to refill your drinks, maybe you'd like dessert? We can chat a little about whatever you might bring up....

Dine... timewise accordingly to the setting (diner, bar, coffee shop)  AND GET THE HELL OUT!!!!  DON"T COME BACK THAT SAME ASS DAY.... GO AWAY!!!  GOOD BYE, GOOD BYE, GOOD BYE!!!

 This is what normal people do. Thank you... THANK YOU normal people!!!  I DO love my job!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh Enrique...

I'm kinda upset, with Enrique.... Iglesias.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm a big fan of Enrique's, have been for years.  But i'm a little perturbed with his new song ... I Like It.

Again, don't get me wrong. I love the song.  It's SUPER  fun, VERY popular at the moment.  BUT.... there are two lines... from the song.... i wish Enrique would of requested .... to be changed....

  My girlfriend's out of town, And i'm all alone.... Your boyfriend's on vacation and he doesn't have to know....

Oh Enrique.....  It's enough that everybody cheats on everybody already. Why encourage it in a kick ass dance song?

Sighhhhh.... Still luv ya Mr. Dreamy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Barely daybreak at the coffee shop. Customers coming in, one especially, in such a hurry (understandably so) at the take-out counter... but i am waiting on a sit down customer before him.  He is glaring at me, i gesture him, "one moment please'

Not a minute, watching my every step, staring, glaring...finally, approaching towards him "may i help you?" smiling i ask.  He looks relieved, he smiles 'yes'

He looks into the showcase of donuts ....  "Ummmmm....."

Ummmm.... he says. There's another customer coming up behind him.


He couldn't use the time he was FOLLOWING my every move to pick out what he wants for breakfast?!

As i said, i have been a waitress for 33 years. Even at tables, at a restaurant, when people are sitting looking at their menu's.... as a waitress you kinda can feel, read when a customer is ready to order, so you kinda nod  their way from your station, 'ready?'... and they nod, yes.

You get there and  "Ummmmm.... well...  hhmmm" And you stand there in disbelief.


When i go out to eat, i don't do that!!!!!  Not only do i NOT do THAT, i freaking don't make weird freaking requests with my meal either!!

I was in McDonalds one day, day of shopping, i didn't realize it was lunch time, so they were busy in there.  I simply ordered  "Fish Meal, With a Coke".... waiting for my order, i hear this dude ordering.... don't want this, don't want that on his.... some kind sandwich. AND ... AND... no salt on my fries he says!!

I about FELL over!!!   I wanted to tell him to take his freaking 'no salt' ass OUTTA HERE!  Stay the gotdamn hell home or pack your own difficult ass lunch YOURSELF!  Unfreakingbelievable.  :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little about me

I am a waitress, have been for 33 years. At the moment i work at a coffee shop. 

I have been single all my life too.

Am a decent member of society, unless i'm out and had a Margarita too many, lol.  Always a designated driver or taxi cab around, by the way.

 I have chatted and hung out with  thousands of people, all walks of life... over the years.  I still do.

Someone once said, and it couldn't have been said better than this:

   You can argue that 20% of the general population is relatively healthy; 20% is relatively sick; and the other 60%, who all suffer from some type of  'neurotic misery' somewhere in the middle.... That applies to most people i meet.

Spot on.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My thoughts of course duh

Eh, you live a little, you know things. I'm an ordinary woman... who knows... things.  Life's a bitch and then you become one. 

My blog is going to be about everyday things. Maybe something personal, maybe something i heard about or read about or saw. My intentions are even to be educational. As i said, i know things.

Whether readers think i'm pwoodee coo or pwoodee coo coo, i'm gonna have a lot of fun blogging about things that chap my ass.  Or touched my heart.

For now this is my Hello post. Hello!!!