Monday, March 14, 2016

Stupid Cashier Can't Count

Me, busy morning, I'm by myself, as usual. Some ding dong comes in buys one donut. .85cents. Gives me a $5 bill..... and a dime.

For the life of me I couldn't figure out what the fuck?????  I'm thinking... concentrating. What the fuck is her change??? We don't have a register that tells you the change. We have to use our brains. And I normally have NO PROBLEM.

OK... .85cents is the purchase. She gives me a $5 bill... and a dime. Keep in mind...KEEP IN MIND ... I have been busy... BY MYSELF for almost 3 HOURS NONSTOP!!!! there is no fuckin break!!.... waiting on customers!!! sitting down and take-out customers!!!

I break out the calculater from underneath the cash register. I start to calculate. BEFORE I even complete the calculation... I'm thinking... ok... the change is... I think.... .25cents, and $4.00. I cancel the calculater.

Never seen this asshole before, never seen her since. I say asshole because I think back... months and months ago...... you couldn't see how busy I was... couldn't you just hand me the fuckin $5 bill... and go away??? I'm not the bank. She wanted a quarter back. I... now... sane mind... can see crystal clear what the change is... duh. But in the middle of complete and utter CHAOS........ omg bitch!! Omg, this meme is me at work, lol!

Busy as hell, but everything going smooth as hell..... and this jerk comes in... with her five dollar bill.... and.10 cents... omg asshole, lol.

And before any motherfucker comes across my blog all comfy and not a care in the world... and laughs at this... TRY... try to wait on multiple people for three hours straight...and figure that shit out!!

Looking for Love

Boy...... do I know a few. Godspeed to the ones who attach themselves to these. Men and women. Poor boys and girls.

Typical... Scene From "Yes, Dear"

                       Don't be mad... because you have to work on Valentine's Day???????

Seriously man? Why the fuck would there be cards in the back? At 6pm on Actual Valentine's Day?  Ok, ok.... the girl working should of just said, 'no sir, there are no more cards in the back'....

AND THEN.... he goes up to a display and AGAIN!!!! Asks AGAIN!!!! Do you have any more like this in the back????

On top of that... the character playing this scene......DOESN'T WORK????????  Thank you writer!!! I caught on to that bullshit!!!! Fuckin loser has no idea what it's like!!!!!!

Winning The Lottery

Buying a lottery ticket. You work like an animal. Like SO many do... for SO SO many years. After work you go to your local convenience store. You get a six pack Budweiser (or a Coke-a Cola) and a quick pick lottery ticket. You go home. Wash up, make something to your household chores... maybe have a few minutes to get on the computer, or watch a little tv... before you have to go to bed, to sleep... and be back at work... in the next several/few hours... ugh.

It's time to go to bed. It's only several hours before you have to get up to go to work.

You... kinda,....the next early, early! morning, thinking... yes... I have a minute to  check,  on my smartphone... the numbers for the lottery ticket I bought last night... that's sitting on my dresser.... praying to GOD... PLEASE... let this be the one. Thinking,.... OK... you are a winner... but you will go to work TODAY... and that's it!!!  
                                              Lol... begging.     


In my case... I sit there. (for now) Looking at my loser ticket. Thinking.... OMG please!!!! Have I not have enough???  ~sigh~

This is NOT my JOB!!!

At work, at the Coffee Shop, in the afternoon. After it has slowed down from a very very busy morning. The after 11:00am regulars start coming in. They just woke up, are bored.... and take a wild guess who they rely on entertaining them? ME!!! Me!!... who has just busted my ass and lost all my mind in the 6 hour morning rush!! I should be going home!! Like my co-workers!!!  But noooo!! I must stay on... for the next six hours!!!

ANYWAYS!!! Usually catching my breath in the afternoons as I'm working. Cleaning up, waiting on a smaller crowd, real customers. Sometimes I'm lucky and there are TWO regulars sitting down who entertain each other and leave me alone!!! AND I usually DO NOT pay attention to what they are talking about!! BUT.... I HEARD one of them...ONE that is sooo sooo GOD pestering I could lose my mind. He is soooo very  TALKATIVE!!, talk your goddamn head off. I heard him tell the other regular customer... that, he was feeling 'bad' today. FEELS LIKE HE IS BEING IGNORED??!! Like NO ONE can hear him??!!  Like he's a nobody???   ....This meme below could be ME or the psychotic REGULAR who is hanging around between the hours of 11am-5pm. Who's going to lose it? It? It??!!  Regular who is going crazy for attention? Or me? Who just wants to finish my work day, with a smile!! Grrr!!                             

Needless to say, the years I been here... I kinda analyzed that already.... but to actually hear it...from his mouth, out loud!!!

You know, I'm sorry these people suffer from this depression or schizofrenia or delusion or whatever it is.... BUT I'M AT WORK....WORKING!!!! I WORK HARD!!! I AM TIRED!!! IT IS NOT MY JOB TO ENTERTAIN THESE PEOPLE!!!! MY JOB IS TO SERVE THEM DRINKS AND FOOD!!!

I'm just the opposite.... people are constantly STARING at me, TALKING  to me!! I'm about to lose MY OWN MIND!!! From TOO much attention!!!
I think these people hear voices in their heads and TALK  REPETITIVELY to drown out these voices. These are educated people, who's careers are notable, who were productive members of society... retired... and somewhere lost their minds...and come into my diner-like Coffee shop.... to entertain them!!!!

I don't know WHAT the hell was going on in their lives... what demons their closets hold. BUT I AM NOT THE ONE TO HELP THEM!!! I have MANY family responsibilities BEFORE and AFTER work!!

They should be seeking help at a HOSPITAL!!! NOT a Coffee Shop!!!

I'm working!!! And as I'm back and forth cleaning up the shop, or waiting on real customers... THEY ARE YAPPING!!! I COMPLETELY ignore them!!!  Swear to GOD...when I don't respond, they will mumble 'whatever' ....

Whatever.  Whatever you motherfucker. You have no idea what I have just been thru. YOU just woke up.I have been up since the middle of the night... WORKING! I am strong enough to go on the rest of the day... BUT NOT AS YOUR FUCKIN PSYCHIATRIST. That's a whole 'nother job... and a WHOLE 'nother pay. I'M fuckin EXHAUSTED!!!