Saturday, August 13, 2011

What a Summer

 What a summer! Almost over... i think too soon. If i wasn't at work, i had my little granddaughter, and we spent it at the Water Park. I'm not sure who had more fun, lol.  

What a hot as hell summer, too. But that doesn't stop the local regulars from coming in EVERYDAY! Sheesh, they come in with their whews and their omg's and their wow it's hot .... well, it can't be too hot for your ass to come out in it!!!!      

Some days was so damn hot I didn't go out!!!

So okay, me and my granddaughter were regulars at the Water Park (and still have two more days, Monday and Tuesday) this past summer, as the last too. But we were not idiots!  Not like the idiots in front of us in line... in line to get our bracelets.

Usually the line goes fast, but then you have the idiots who get up to the window and ask a million questions about the prices and blah blah blah. THERE'S A BIG GIANT SIGN WITH ALL THE PACKAGES AND PRICES!!!!!!   READ IT BEFORE OR WHILE YOUR IN LINE.... DUMBASSES!!!!!!!!

And when ordering food at the Park.... i don't stand there... ugh.... umm... do you have....

What the hell??!! While in line.. i look at the menu!!!!! When i get to the window... i say One hamburger and fries meal please, with a Coke.   HOW HARD IS THAT??????

 But what a summer. Tourists. Lots of tourists. Streets are packed.  And on on the weekends it's worse. I don't get how the locals spend SO MUCH time in that traffic, that HEAT just to get to the Coffee Shop... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Especially today, one of them looked like he was going to pass out... but... have to get to the Coffee Shop... have to.