Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Meltdown

What's funny about this gif  is that I'm about as naive and stupid as poor SpongeBob is, but I lost it.... just like this....  arm waving... pissed off, ... the evil came out of me.  


  I lost it big time. A regular. We were so... damn... busy. It was a Saturday morning. There were three of us working on the floor.  But the regulars order me... me... around... bad. I hear my name from every direction... like a nightmare straight from hell.  They won't yell out to my two other co-workers... they yell out to me... the stupid one. Who will come running immediately with tail between my legs... like always. But not this time. This is years of abuse from these fuckin regulars.

I don't want to go into details with this story. I'm still traumatized over it. But I was waiting on three different set of real customers and I could hear three different regular voices barking out my name. One of them basically told me come here now.
I lost it... on her. *see SpongeBob above*  My co-workers, and my boss... running over to me... "what's the matter, what happened?!"   Desperately trying to get me to look at them... asking the regular I'm unleashing my fury at 'what happened?!"... she got the head turned sideways .... no answer.

And just what is she supposed to say? "I'm sitting here watching her struggle. I can sit here at any time, and I do!... but I want to sit here now, at the busiest time of day and run her crazy while she's trying to wait on real customers"

The regulars... when they don't get all the attention.     And me, losing it, lol!!
For days everyone was talking about my meltdown. Some said it was hilarious. Some said it was omg. Some congratulated me for growing a spine.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Facebook Status: I'm Bored

 Facebook friends. My young facebook friends...one for example, that I knew as she was a little little girl that had...as she got older, ran off with her boyfriend.. And at twenty-four years old, has three very young children.

 Anyways, she was always posting 'I'm bored' ... and sometimes adding '(child) is playing Mario' or '(child) is doing homework' or '(children) outside playing'....."(boyfriend) at work, nothing to do" WHAT?? I would just stare at ... those... posts. Pissed. Shaking my head.

Ok.... Having ONE child at HER age... There was ALWAYS something to COOK. There was ALWAYS something to CLEAN. There was ALWAYS laundry. ALWAYS something to prepare for SCHOOL. And on TOP of ALL that...... working 40, 50 hours a week??!!

                                                      YOU'RE BORED????

Yes, I had a baby at a very young age. I had NO business having a child at that age.... BUT I DID DO THESE HOUSEHOLD  CHORES!!!!  And work!! And now that I'm thinking about it... the FREELOADER POS I was with at the time was ALWAYS cheating on me, spending the money I earned....because I was ALWAYS too tired to do anything else!!!  At 26 years old!!  

None of my business, wanting SO bad to comment on her frequent 'bored status' ... for weeks and weeks. Lo and behold, lmao.... someone beat me to it. One of her friends... posted... "There's always something to do if you have three children"... something like that..... Reading this post... posted minutes earlier...I had to think for a moment if I didn't temporarily black out and post this myself! I started to notice as time went on, I haven't seen her on Facebook in a long time. Evidently deleted her account.

NO reason you're a mother or father of young children and posting BORED in the middle of day... on Facebook. Shame on you. Lazy. Idiot.