Sunday, December 26, 2010

Feeling a little bad

 Today is Sunday, day after Christmas, hope everyone had a good one  :)  and i have the day off, the shop is closed.  Haven't had a Sunday off in more than two years.
Christmas was very nice. At work from the past few days leading up to Christmas i got all kinds of gifts and money from the local regulars. So, i am feeling a little bad about what i have been saying about them here in my Blog. And i'm silently saying...    .... in a slightly embarressed way. I will not be picking on them for a few days, i am off anyways... but come Thursday, when i go back to work... ANY idiocy... will be mentioned  accordingly.

Boy, do i want to talk about how everyone was freaking out on being completly closed today!

Monday, December 20, 2010

We all know this

We all know this.... two people having a conversation... one of their cell phone is ringing... they are reaching for it... the other one is still YAPPING their mouth.

The phone ringer-er is lifting the ringing phone slowly  to their ear.... trying to hint the person who won't shut-up LOOK I'M TRYING TO ANSWER MY PHONE, HOLD ON!!

The yapping idiot cannot put two and two together, the phone has been ringing a few times... IT'S GONNA GO INTO VOICE MAIL!!!! LET ME ANSWER THIS!!  SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR A MINUTE!!

I see this all the time. Has been done to me to where i actually lose the call, goes into voice mail.

Sometimes at work, after a morning rush, in the afternoon (yeah, when all the regulars are there Christ) my cell will ring... it doesn't often, maybe one of my kids checking on me... and sometimes i'll be chatting with one of  the regulars... and my cell is ringing. I'm gesturing with my body language to hold on. One incident after a few rings... went into voice mail.

As i said, my personal phone doesn't ring often, some days not at all, friends and family know i'm at work.

Even with the Shop phone, when it's ringing and one of the regulars is on a won't shut the hell up rampage... i answer it... and the idiot is still talking to me!!!!! I'm on the business phone talking to a customer who wants to place an order for tommorrow or asking what time we close, etc....

I see it all the time, saw it the other day at work. They were talking. Sit -down local, regular friends. His cell ringing. She couldn't shut-up and let him answer. I was right there pouring them some more coffee, kinda looking at her like what an oblivious idiot... wondering if anyone noticed me slightly shaking my head.



Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh the anticipation

Snowman Outside Pictures, Images and Photos 
Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I can't wait! I can't wait! Hurry Hurry!

Friday, December 17, 2010

One smart dude

Ha! Just a little while ago, as i was closing up the Shop. Letting one of the customers that comes in every now and then ... out the door. We were going towards the door,  "See ya next time... maybe tomorrow" I say that to every one that comes in every now and then.... knowing they will not come in tomorrow.

He says.... "Probably not, it's gonna be a cold one tomorrow, i'll be inside hiding" he laughs. Caught me by surprise because i thought of my Blog below....  I laugh as well and say, "Your probably one of the very few smart ones"    


One smart healthy minded dude... it's a real pleasure seeing him every now and then.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I just have to

I just have to mention this again.I know i mentioned this somewhere in my Blog below, but i just have to again. It was so cold one day sometime ago. Hot, cold, hot, cold, gotta love Texas. It doesn't snow here where i am but that wind when it blows and the temperature drops can be stinging cold, like razors cutting into your face. At work, on days like this, EVERYONE of the regulars get out and want to come to the Coffee Shop.

It is wicked cold and that wind.... so early in the morning too, barely daybreak. These customers coming up the walk from their cars... look so much in pain.  The rain. The wind pushing them back, their trying to cover their faces from that ice cold sting i know... i had to come to work in this!    My question is WHY???!!!!!

Why in the hell! Would they want to come out in this??!!

These are not HOBO'S. These are people that have NICE ASS HOUSES!! These are people living off of NICE ASS PENSIONS!!! And are VERY YOUNG SIXTY-ISH.

Has ALL this caused them to lose their minds??!!

I do remember blogging about this before. One day, my day off, it was raining, it was COLD, and that wind whipping.... I had me a cup of hot tea standing in my doorway at home having a smoke.


The thought of going out in this to sit in a crowded room of people in the barely daybreak ass cold ass gotdamn MORNING??!!!!

I wish i could take a picture of these idiots walking up that walkway in that weather, maybe send it to some mental pyscho ... place where young doctors are learning about... nut cases. Yeah, let's analyze this.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All animals

My Gerbil. She is almost 5years old. 

The secret is... she eats, except meat... everything i eat, along with her gerbil food.  And loves the sunshine. Everyday.

  All animals, including a pet rat NEED the sunshine. It saddens me how pets like this are bought and put in a tiny cage and kept in a corner of a room ... for the rest of their lives and NOT ONCE to feel the sunshine.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dirty Money

Aside from the local sit down regulars that come to the Coffee Shop. There are the ones that come to the take out counter. Some are regulars and some are not. My favorites are the ones that drop their change into my tip cup. Even if it's just a dime, c'mon.

And there are the ones that.... will not.

Now, anyone that works with a cash register knows that there will always be ... a dirty quarter.... or a dirty nickle, penny... dime.... in that register. And you want it out of there!
So, here comes a regular take-out customer WHO I KNOW WON"T PUT A QUARTER IN MY TIP CUP!!!!

And their change is 57 cents. Here ya go. Take your raggedy cheap ass and raggedy ass coin (mixed in with the nice ones) and see ya tommorrow!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards

Poor Lady. May she rest in peace. And if i may just say... her husband. Ex husband? 

I don't know the first thing about politics. All i know is a man cheated on his wife while she had cancer.

And i know in my life i cetainly haven't been no angel... but i never even cheated on a boyfriend.... other things, maybe i will mention them sometime on my Blog.....

BUT... to be married.... and cheat... to inflict the ULTIMATE pain... on your spouse...... AND YOU ARE AWARE THAT THEY HAVE CANCER???  Could Satan have been any more cruel????

I remember reading about that back then. All i could do is shake me head and say over and over... What a dick.     

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That's gross

The Coffee Shop has two letter U  shaped counters. Like those from the 80's if anyone knows. Old school. Old fashioned Shop. And little stools to sit on.

The counters are 2ft 9ins tall. The stools are 2ft. I am 5'5"

I find it creepy weird because when i stand to it... my pee pee area is level to it. When i turn around, it's right directly across my ass. And there's not much room behind those two letter U shaped counters.

I did an experiment this past weekend when we slowed down from the morning rush. I sat down on one of the stools and asked my morning co-worker to stand there for a second like she's serving me coffee. She's like "Omg, what are you doing? ha ha ha' ... I dare not tell her about my Blog.

No offense to her whatsoever... but her pee pee area was RIGHT THERE ... in my face. And when she turned around, her ass... my arm length away from me. When she went to go fiddle with the donuts at the showcase not four feet away, her ass RIGHT THERE.

So, that's what the local regulars, men and woman, retired, semi-retired, like to sit and look at all day?

MY ass, RIGHT THERE... in their faces, especially after 10, 12 hours of sweaty build-up.  That's gross. And their sick.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Answer the Question

Take a look at this cartoon. We have all, at one time or another, encountered a nut like this. The kind that won't answer your question.

Be it a co-worker, family member, or the significant other in our life. First, they baffle you with their idiocy, and when you ask why.... there is that STUPID,  makes no sense answer.

Makes you want to choke their stupid... faces. They want to make you think your crazy, when in fact they are. Defensive too, they will screw with your mind!!  And you NEVER get an answer that makes ANY sense. Damn, sickos... idiots. Ugh!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time Limit

I'm remembering a Diner i worked at back in 1990, 20 years ago. The local regulars hanging around there got so out of hand that the Owner gave the Manager permission to put signs up saying Time Limit- 30 minutes. Something to that effect.

Day in, day out, everyday they would come in... two, three times in a day and sit for two hours, more. Every. Single. Day. I was there 5 years. Towards the end i couldn't stand to see their faces anymore. Leaving saved my sanity.  Ironically, i started working at another diner like place... with a whole new set of regulars. The Owner there would have to verbally tell them's about time you go.


They would have an attitude about it, wouldn't see them for a few days, and come back. Damn dense. STUPID. COMPLETE IDIOTS.

What mental imbalance is in people who do this compulsive ritual. Or is it the gnawing urge to irritate the people who are trying to work.

They bitch about the prices, they stare at you, want you to entertain them with conversation, .... some have been coming in for 30 years and STILL ask you what is that? Regarding a pastry or sandwich... making stupid faces like ... do they want it or not. THEY KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THAT IS!!!!  These are not old senile people. The are very conscious... and clever bats who crave on draining you emotionally and physically. And THEY KNOW you seeing them EVERYDAY  bites into your guts, and they love it.

Lord, i'm losing it. It's them or me. I'm gonna start opening my mouth. And it's about TIME!!