Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Storage Wars Fake?

Oh My God. Storage Wars is fake? You mean... like scripted? This reality show i've never watched in my life... is scripted?  FOR REAL???



Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is Normal?

                                                   Normal. What is normal. Not this.


Look World... It's all about me!

Cute little sayings on tops. There are some out there that are really funny. I truly don't get this one.
This is really scary. Psycho witches are plentiful out there. I know, i know... men too, if not more... but this shirt says mama. And i'm picturing a mama that's not happy for one reason or another and there are scared children or a husband walking on eggshells somewhere.
This type of mental illness is being more and more recognized these days. How could they even print these kind of sayings on clothes. And who the hell would put this on.
Maybe it's a good thing. That way the world can read it and we don't have to guess or wonder.
Why stop with the shirt. Pin this on your forehead.

Oh No You Didn't Walgreens

When the hell did Walgreens start doing the card thing? The other day i was in there... got a few things... the cashier asks me do i have a card? I looked around the store thinking i was in CVS!! I hate CVS! Them and their stupid... caaards.

I tell the cashier 'no... no card'... I'm still looking around... what the fuck is this. Card? God no, please. So she pulls one out of her pocket and scanning... swiping it or something. I'm looking at her card like .... ugh.

Omg, those stupid cards. Look at this shit. For $5.99 you could get these wonderful crayons... but you could only get this special price with your caaard. But look... the calender is only $1.... with no card!! These items... side by side in their flyer. One you need a card... the other you don't! Why?!
And look at these big soft fluffy stuffed animals. To get the Bear... you need a caaard. But the Dog and Tiger... you don't! Whyyyyy?!
And look at this. If you need trash bags or aluminum foil... you need a coupon AND the caaard. MY GOD!! Why can't they have just left Walgreens alone with those caaards. I'm so pissed. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not My Fault

Ahh... had a short break at work today. After i coffee'd up my regulars and they were all fed and talking each other's asses off... i snuck in the back with my own cup of coffee and looked at the paper.
And this Dear Abby article got my attention. I just had to Blog about it.
DEAR ABBY: My former roommate and I took a short trip to Florida. We agreed we would split the hotel costs. I'd reserve the rooms; she would reimburse me after the trip.
She paid me a month later; and I deposited her check as soon as I could get to my bank, which was three weeks later. When the check went through, she attacked me because she said it drained her account!
I apologized, but told her I was upset that she was making it seem like it was my fault. I think that if someone is low on funds, the person should be more diligent in balancing his or her own checkbook.
Had I known she had money problems, I would have waited to deposit her check. It has been months, and my once best friend still won't speak to me. Was I wrong?--- AT FAULT? IN KENTUCKY

 No, you were not. It was your friend's responsibility to make sure there were enough funds in her account to cover the check she gave you. She may be embarrassed, which is why she doesn't want to talk to you. People who are angry at themselves sometimes blame others. It's a sign of immaturity.

I kinda think that Miss Kentucky should of gave her roommate a heads-up on depositing the check if it was three weeks later, BUT.... the roommate most likely would of told her 'just wait' ... every time. I'm familier with that shit... with ex'es.    

Dear Abby says the roommate is embarrassed. Pfft... the roommate is pissed off. Pissed off because she doesn't feel she has to pay her back. These kind of fuckers do hold a bullshit grudge...Miss Kentucky says it's been months.

Dear Abby calls it immaturity.  I call it un-medicated nut case. And the roommate isn't angry at herself... she's angry at Miss Kentucky, thinking it's been three weeks.... (so long ago)... she doesn't owe her anything.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

MY Pennies!

Sometimes i have to run into a Convenience Store. I don't go often but sometimes i need to. They're expensive! Normally i don't pay no mind to the coin change, but in the last few years i do.... because if you look.... you could notice they don't give you the exact change. Sometimes i notice a penny or two short. Just a few weeks ago i was handed my change. Two pennies short. The guy sees me looking in my hand. "Do you want the pennies?" he asks. I laugh a little and say "Yeah, i put them in my granddaughters piggy bank"...and in my head i finish my statement "asshole"

This happens in random Convenience Stores and not all the time but... damn, those are my pennies and they add up and i DO put them in my granddaughters little piggy bank that eventually get deposited into her savings.
At work, at the Coffee Shop. There's a small tip jar by the cash register. I have coins in there. And there are pennies in there. Sometimes a take-out customer will put their hands in there to get a penny or two. I tell them " I can take that 23 cents out of that quarter" that they have in their hand. They don't want to break that quarter. They want to use their two dimes and my three pennies. Why does everyone want my pennies!?

I'm baaaack.....

Oh my GOODNESS! It's been a year since i last blogged. I have been so busy, and time goes so fast. I've thought of my Blog everyday, lol.... i have so much to say.

Everything is pretty much the same. I still work at the same Coffee Shop and (some) those unnerving local regulars are still trying to drive me to the nut house.

You know, i started this Blog to ease out my frustrations and everything i post is .... the truth. I do not exaggerate or stretch the truth. I want to educate others on.... narcissism... in the work place, i suppose.

So..... believe me when i tell you about this fruit loop that comes in everyday and what he said.... to me.

Okay.... so we raised our prices several months ago, just a little bit. And of course all the regulars threw a big ass fit and some threatened not to come in anymore. Yeah right, yeah right, yeah friggin right. So one day, several months ago, it was just me and one of the regulars.... and he's talking about the raised prices. He tells me.... and listen to this.... no lie... he says... "I don't think... i should have to pay.... (pauses and cuts off).... i've been coming in for close to thirty years... i spend a lot of money.... ($2 to $4 each day) and i'm... (cuts off). The others i can see, but not me. " Blubbers and stutters some other shit.  This guy is a pain in the ass everyday for two hours. This guy has more money than most of us. I am so nervous when he is there. When i see him coming up the walkway, i look up with tears almost in my eyes and pray, Father, please.

But that moment blew my mind. I remember all i could say is "Well..." And that's it.  I'm working and i'm not allowed, of course, to say what i want to say in fear of maybe getting fired but damn i wanted to say "You can't be serious" These narcissists blow my mind.