Tuesday, January 5, 2016

For What Reason Do You Want To Win The Lottery?

Sit-down regulars. Coffee Shop. Sometimes you hear them wishing out loud to win the Lottery. Sit-down regulars that come in everyday, healthy, wealthy, semi-wealthy, financially comfortable...fuckin fortunate to retire early or not have to work at all, absolutely nothing to do all day. Want to win the Lottery. For what fuckin reason? You're right where you want to be. Right here, up my ass, every single day, lifting your coffee cup, 'give me'. Literally, need, want coffee or not.... 'give me' .... seriously, that shit blows my mind...lmao, 'give me' You could be anywhere, you have the funds. You have already won the lottery.  .  
         Seriously.... we live at the fuckin beach. And you choose to sit at a Coffee Shop?                                      

Early Retirement

Have TWO new retirees... seperate individuals...since from at the end of 2015. These two... thinking... 'umm, I want to retire, early!... so I can sit at the Coffee Shop all morning!'

God, please help me.... they are multiplying. And God I know I sound like a jealous bitch, but of course I'm not. I just want to work, hope I live long enough for the proper retirement age. I promise not to sit in Coffee Shops and narcissist the people that are trying to work.

I can't even begin to blog on the details (just wow) with these two.. seperate individuals. I will someday, when I have more time. God, I wonder if people who come across my blog believe what I write.

Ok, a quicky example. Super busy in the morning. . Newly sit-down retiree...enjoying her yapping with seasoned retirees... 'Can you dump (full cup coffee) my coffee, get me a fresh cup, it got cold (laughs)'

Reclining Seat Back... Airplane

Read some time ago about a fight, physical fight... on a domestic flight, probably Southwest? About a passenger 'angry' at another passenger in front of them reclining their seat.

Sure you have a right... to recline your seat. But how the fuck you don't have any thought about how the passenger behind you... feels? It's already so damn uncomfortable on an airplane, we are all trying to only get thru this....     OMG, look at this, what a cunt.


Tho it's been a while (couple years, I fly twice a year) that someone in front of me has done that... but the one's that do.... have you ANY thought of how it feels to the person behind you????


And how could, domestic Airlines allow this? Fuckin narcissists. Get rid of this reclining seat shit already.


Couple of years ago. Picked up my little Granddaughter from school. Decided to go into a little 'mom and pop' restaurant. Go there, every now and then. As my Granddaughter and I are coming in.... a bunch of Firemen are at the register paying.... leaving. It's a 'seat yourself''...walking over to the table we are going to sit at, I hear the family member at the register... of the restaurant, say an amount... $12.56. I hear her say it again. As my ass is lowering to my seat... I look over at the register. The poor Fireman is struggling for his money in his pockets.

He's the last one paying as the other Firemen are heading out the door. He's glancing bath and forth at the door while digging in his pockets...."Hold on..." he's telling the cashier, kinda laughing. By now, you could hear coins hitting the counter. The family member of the owner is counting the change on the counter. "ok, thank-you" she says.... with a smile.

OK ....  Let's keep in mind this all happened in like 45 seconds from when we walked in. I wasn't registering what was happening.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        You bet your ass I would of went over to the register and gave that man, Firefighter! the .56 cents!!!

It just happened so fast. As my granddaughter and I are settling at our table.... I'm thinking.... wow, did the owner just stand there and let this poor Firefighter struggle over .56 cents? Wow.

Ok, ok. He could of already had a discounted price (doubt it, I know this place) Ok, ok. If every Firefighter in town came in and got .56cents off their meals.... Ok, ok, he could of had a $20 bill and didn't want to break it. Whatever.

Yes, I'm going to tell you, at my Coffee Shop... I would of told him, with a smile 'don't worry about the .56cents. And thank you for everything you do'