Friday, July 8, 2011

Beetle Bailey

The funnies were really funny today. Just like Garfield in my previous post. Im laughing so hard i can hardly breathe. 

This one blew my mind.


I really REALLY don't get this 'comic'  All i can say is Mr.Greg and Mort Walker (the comedians and writers?)  you guys are STUPID IDIOTS.


So i had a minute at work today. It was late afternnon. The locals were all tended to, they were quiet and behaving, i snuck in the back (kitchen) with my own cup of coffee and the paper.

And caught this 'funny.'     I never liked Garfield. Never thought it was funny. But i do 'get it'

Slapping someone in the back of the head while they are drinking... something... is funny....and brings Garfield happiness.  Yeah, i get it, narcissist.

Monsters and idiots

 I've been gone a while. Got caught up with that maggot Casey Anthony. The trial and all.

This is her, picture below. My every nerve is shot that she got away with murder, a baby nonetheless.  Ugh, may she rot in hell one day.     Epitome of Narcissist.           

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So much to tell. So much idiocy at work. I'm gonna pick on the take out, counter, customers. This blows my mind. It happens soooo much. Every one of them do it.

We have our sandwiches, kolaches, and different kind of meat item stuff in the showcase... directly below the take-out counter, where the cash register is.
Our donuts and pastry stuff is behind me in the big showcase. Okay, a customer will ask for a dozen glazed donuts... lets say. Okay... i'm picking up a donut box...  i reach for the tissue paper... immediately they blurt out... i'll also have 4 kolaches, 2  cinnamon rolls, a bacon burrito, does it have cheese inside? A sausage burrito and a dozen donut holes, and do you have any chocolate iced donuts, i don't see any. 

HOLD THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!  OKAY.... i'm getting the donuts... i remember 4 kolaches, 2 cinnamon rolls.... what else did you say?????

 When they start their order.... and i turn to get it you can hear the desperation in their voices... they immediately.... and so fast..... are blurting out what else they want! As tho i am going to go disappear... or get that order... place it on the counter and ring it up... reallyfast!!

So okay... i got the donuts, 4 kolaches... i'm getting a little bag, okay, okay... 2 cinnamon rolls... what else did they say?.... i'm remembering.... then.... they ask... what size are your coffees? I blink my eyes, shake my head a little... ugh.... small, medium and large, i say.  ISN'T THAT UNIVERSAL! OBVIOUS! COMMON SENSE! EVERYWHERE??? SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE..... EVERYWHERE??!!!

I get the two large coffees. I ask them... smiling a lost me at cinnamon rolls, what kind of burritos? ..... cheese, what? And the donut holes. What were you asking about chocolate iceing?

 Can't they wait until i'm done getting the donuts before they start blurting out other items? 
Sometimes, when they ask for kolaches. I grab a bag, tissue paper, and i have to bend down to get them.  I have my arms and shoulders inside that showcase. And they are asking me what is that? I can barely hear them. I assume they are pointing at something. I have NO IDEA what the hell they are pointing at... i'm inside the showcase getting their kolaches!!! If i don't answer them in that second, they, louder... ask again.


 This is what they look like. Like if they don't give me their complete order in ten seconds, i will disappear.

If a had a dollar for EVERYTIME i  had to say ... one second sir/ma'am... over the years. Most of the time, when i'm in that particular showcase getting their order, i really don't hear what they are saying. There is thick glass and a counter between us. They are ordering more things... but i can't hear them. I get up and act oblivious....what else can i get you?

Many times, in the morning, when the donuts are hot in the kitchen, they will ask for a dozen of those... pointing. Okay, i'm going to get them.... and they start blurting out more stuff. I walk off... to get their donuts... completely ignoring them. I come back, in like 10 seconds, with their hot donuts, big smile, like i never heard them... what else may i get you?