Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yeah sure your reading that paper

Gotta love the locals who come in, sit down with a newspaper and act like they are so into reading that paper.... but, they are not. They are listening to every... single... word... you... are... saying.

And they will butt in when they disagree on the topic OR have an answer. Example: Two other locals are talking. "Watched 'Two and Ahalf Men' last night. Who is that actor? Who plays Charlie?"  Phoney faker paper reader bursts out "Charlie Sheen!!"

Wait... you are reading the paper, no? Your face all in the paper, you look so into your reading. What the hell? Shut the hell up, no one was asking you.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Taco Bell

 Taco Bell is asking for an apology from some folks and a law firm. On the news the Headline reads "Would it Kill You to Say You're Sorry?"         

Well, Taco Bell, I'm pretty sure your employees can answer that for you... as can i. The answer to your question "Would it Kill You to Say You're Sorry?"

They would rather hang from their genitals on the ceiling than to apologize to you or anyone. You see, there are people who WILL NOT apologize when wrong.

When wrong, they MIGHT say 'oh' and have a very stupid ass look on their face. But they would rather die than to actually say 'sorry'

If you Taco Bell Head Honchos had the wonderful privelege of working frontline of society, you would know this.


Monday, April 18, 2011

First Class Airplane ticket

Naturally when flying we look, we browse for good flying fares. My blood boiled when i saw this. Only.

For only $267and 30 cents, you can fly first class. $755 is ridiculous already, but for ONLY $267...and 30 cents... you can fly for ... being.... not  too much more comfortable, than sitting in Economy.

Okay, you want to let a flyer know how much First Class is. Do you have to put  ONLY?

For ONLY  $267.30 more. Why not simply put ... For $267.30 more, fly first class. Gotta put that only, as if  it's as simple as pulling  ONLY $267.30 extra out of my ass. ONLY.

Only, as if i don't have the extra $267.30 i am cheap... or poor.

I flew First Class years ago, to see what the big deal is. There is no big deal.

Girls, don't fall for this

Well, my very short trip visiting family was wonderful. Flight was nice too, no idiocy, except one of the flight attendents who had mental issues, or some stick up her ass, i don't know, but she had a problem with my carry-on, where the other flights, attendents, did not. 

But i am mature enough to know that it was not about me personally. People like that are just.... assholes and have to relieve their misery on someone, anyone.

Anyways.... i brought a couple of magazines to read on the plane. I came upon an ad. I took a picture of it.

I thought, omg.... how many young or naive ladies will believe in this. How many will spend their hard earned money into this. C'mon.

IF this worked, at all, c'mon.... it would be all over the news.

Please PLEASE do not believe this. No, i have not bought it or tried it, but c'mon.

Years YEARS ago i might of believed it but not bought it because, ahem, i do not need it. But i would of believed it.

Look at the before picture of the women in the white top. Then after... in the red top. C'MON!!!!

IF that was true, again... IT WOULD BE ALL OVER THE NEWS!!!!

Don't fall for it. Save your money. Believe me. Blows my mind. Sheesh.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Southwest Airline

I'm fixin' to fly out on Southwest Airline this Monday. I'm visiting family. And with all that's been going on with Southwest... roof ripping in midair, fan... belts.. burning... in midair... i thought i'd make peace with my regular customers via Blog. If they come upon my Blog... someday.  In case i don't make it back.

I talk a lot of shit. And the shit is true. But, we do have a lot of fun moments at that Coffee Shop. We crack up (no pun intended, Southwest, cracks) a lot, sometimes where the laughter is too much, can't breath (again no pun intended, Southwest, oxygen masks drop). 

Why, why do y'all have to come in every single day? Not only that, but two, three times a day? In and out thru-out the day? That is so fucked up. Why would you want to do that to me? Or anybody else?

It feels good to vent, Blog about y'all, to get it out of my system. Sometimes, after i blog, and i come to work and i see y'all, i feel bad, because y'all are so kind to me. But just because i'm pleasant and i smile doesn't mean i'm not tired. And i don't mind chatting and joking with y'all, certainly do not mind waiting on you... but for the love of God, if not two, three times in the same day? Or, you may come in only once, but you sit there for three hours? Not cool.

In case something happens on that plane, i am so coming back to haunt y'all in your sleep.
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What if

What if Coffee Shops didn't exist? What if Diners and those smaller family owned restaurants didn't exist? Where would the local regular customers hang out every single day and pester.  No where. They would lose their minds.

You would see them in front of their houses like this...


Friday, April 1, 2011

A little daydream

The Hawk is the regular customers that come in everyday. And the people are me and my co-workers.

Co-worker: Those regular customers sure look mean!
Me: We better take cover!
Regular customers are chasing us!
Co-worker: They're not giving up!
Me: Let's get ready for them!
We plan our ambush!
Me: Here they come! ....Now!!!!
Slap SlapSlap Slap Slap Slap!!!
Co-worker: Birdseye!
Me: Good work! They won't bother us again!
Co-worker: Hope not.