Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Questionable Scribble on a Starbucks Cup

I have been trying for the past hour to get the video for this story onto my blog page, but it won't let me. It's the story of the day on AOL news... easy to google.

It seems a Starbucks regular customer got some questionable scribble on her Starbucks cup. Everyone knows how i feel about those regulars. But it's the sit-down, hang around all day... regulars.....

I have no problem with the regulars that come in everyday and take their stuff ..... to go. Most of the time. If they piss me off, i'm just happy that they are taking their stuff... to go... and i know i won't have to endure their idiocy for too long.

Starbucks has got to be a chaotic-ly crazy place to work. Imagine rush hour(s).  Sooo many different kinds of coffees... teas... hot and cold. Squirt of this... drizzle of that... oh my God... i don't think i could learn all the different kinds of drinks they have to make. Kudos to them. 

I don't know what happened inside that Starbucks that day of the questionable scribble.... i wasn't there. But i would never have the nerve... or want to.... scribble words on a coffee cup that look like bitch... and hand it to a customer. That takes some balls.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Use: Veggies On Your Skin?

An article on beauty i read on Aol
There are a bunch of garden-fresh goodies that boost your complexion -- cucumbers on your eyes are just the beginning. "One I really love that I use on my celebrity clients is raw potato, sliced and rubbed under your eyes to help with puffiness, dark circles and inflammation," says Deborah Burnes, CEO and founder of Sumbody and author of "Look Great, Live Green." Burnes recommends leaving the slice on for five minutes, then swapping out for a new piece.

"Another great old adage is cabbage water -- our grandmothers never threw out leftover water when they boiled cabbage, and it works well if you store it in a spray bottle in the fridge and use it as a toner," she says. Burnes also suggests trying the water from cooking kale, spinach or broccoli (even though we don't often boil veggies anymore!).
                                                                End of Article

Here's some beauty advice from me. First, take that cucumber or any other fruit or vegetable OFF your face   .... PUT it in your mouth!!! And EAT it!!!

Yes, for crying out loud.....EAT your fruit and vegetables. Get those raw fruits and raw vegetables INTO your body. Does WONDERS for your skin and overall health. Imagine that.

Good Grief... smearing this, smearing that .... laying there all uncomfortable .... waiting for cucumber juice to get under your skin...... EAT IT!!!!

..... But don't eat (a lot)  potatoes..... so fattening.

LMAO. Spraying cabbage water? all over you?? ....... Here's a novel concept.... ready?....  EAT IT!!!!  Eat it!... and your done!  It doesn't get more healthier than that!!

Spray water on yourself ....that you use from boiling kale (wth is that anyways?), spinach and broccoli? Omg.....  EAT IT!!!

So my advice basically is... use your favorite moisturizer, EAT a couple of your favorite fruit or vegetable.... have a glass of water...... do this everyday and after a week or two you will look marvelous and feel great!!

*Sigh*....PwoodeeCoo has spoken.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two and a Half Men- Ashton Kutcher

Without reading any reviews ... yet, on Two and a Half Men's episode last night, i'm going to say mine.

I was disappointed. I was surprised that the writers made Ashton Kutcher's character.... stupid. Straight out of  That 70's Show. And he was hilarious on that show, but enough.

Why do producers, writers insist on playing this man as stupid. Maybe future episodes will ease up on that shit, but i was very surprised last night. I felt bad for Mr. Kutcher, he wasn't getting the genuine laughs from the audience that Charlie used to get... and  it is not his fault. It's the writers. I hope they give his character as much character as Charlie had and that the rest of the cast already have. And ease up on the not funny stupid.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Milky Way Simply Caramel: Pool

Oh yes! How appetizing! I am going to buy a candy bar i envision having a pube in it! Or pit hair! Or frumunduh cheese. Or whatever kind of dingle-berry.... crud... from a butt crack.  Gross!

Butt hair, leg hair. Dead skin cells. Scabies. Yuck. People... who make a lot of money... all sat around a big table.. and decided... Yes, this is the commercial for our product!

Seriously, how disgusting.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Angry Mother Nature can be a Bitch

I can certainly relate. I lost, completely... my entire house to a hurricane back in '08.  And that headline... "I haven't cried yet..."  Is so true.

I didn't break down until i saw the (not there) house a second time a month later. Walking around my property... other people's things scattered everywhere, someone's kitchen flloor, their sink still attached to some pipes, smack in the middle where my living room... was.

I didn't have anything to go thru. I prepared for the hurricane. Put everything from outside... inside. Even tho the house was on pilings, i put everything inside the house that i could... high up... so the water wouldn't get it. But i didn't believe i would get that much water in my house. The storm surge isn't going to be that bad.

Yeah, i'm probably going to have a mess to clean when i get back (family and i evacuated)... i even mentally told my house... see you in a few days... i looked around while at the door fixin' to lock it up... hoping eveything will be.. okay. And in the middle of the night, in the darkness, with only a small bag of clothes and toiletries, we fled.

Some 400 miles away at a hotel, watching the news a couple of days later, we heard of the destruction.

For a week they wouldn't let us come into town. I was so curious... not worried, because my house has been thru many hurricanes... i was just curious to see what damage i had... and i was anxious to see my things, if they are okay.

I simply refused that fucker of a storm...took my house...and everything in it... completely.

So we (family) look and look around. We pick up anything we could dig with and scour a quarter mile radius. We find some of our clothes in the sludge, rotted, here and there. My brand new washer and dryer, not a year old a block away, badly beaten.

My pictures, my photos, from so many years... gone. I was so wishing to find those, maybe i can salvage a few... no. Looking, digging, crying... please let me find them... they are in a big tupperware box... if i could only find that box.... no.

Neighbors standing, looking in disbelief.    walking around, poking and proding... digging... looking for anything that looks familiar, from their homes. I find a little glass knick-knack thingy... intact.. partly in the sludge. It's not really dirty... i put it on a tree branch laying on the ground. Maybe someone walking by will recognize it as theirs and be happy to see it.

As i walk up a block or so, i can't believe what i see. A little glass jewelry box ( i kept cotton balls in) i had on my dresser in my bedroom... sitting on top of a piling laying on the ground... intact. Someone put it there as i did just a little while ago... with someone else's knick-knack. Bittersweet, i pick it up, tears... i whisper, 'my God, what happened'

To this day i think of that house as almost a person. I cry to the terror it went thru when that fucker hurricane was beating it down and finally the ocean surge finished it off.   

But i am grateful we are alive. We didn't stay for the hurricane, but some did. And only some survived.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home Haters

I've been hearing a lot lately from the Coffee Shop that some of the regulars are hanging around a Diner here in town. Oh, they still come into the Coffee Shop, but when we close they head that way.

When we open... practically in the middle of the night... maybe one or two come in. The others are at the... Diner. It was really getting out of hand. We are trying to work, getting ready for the morning rush, and these bozo's sitting there with a coffee constantly talking to us. NOT to each other, but bothering us, the employees.

I have mentioned earlier in one of my posts how i have mastered ignoring them. And after ALL these years, i feel GOOD. It's nice and quiet now at the Shop in the mornings. I get to do my work and wait on actual customers buying stuff.

Afternoons are quiet-ing down, just a little too. How i wish that dick that comes in every single afternoon would just go away. I had told my boss that there IS going to be an altercation one day. We already had some words in the recent past.

So what is it with these people that don't like their homes? They clearly are at the Coffee Shop... a lot. AND they hang out at the Diner... as well, probably... a lot.

I can see going out for the day... even all day. But WHY at the same places every... single... day. And for MANY years. Some at the same time.  Same seat.

And when do they actually clean their homes? They're never there. Do they pay ANY attention to their homes. What is the purpose?  Just to sleep??  

Do they have any idea the feeling of getting up in the morning... or whatever time they get up.... and LOOKING around their home and spending some time in it????  Some have backyards. Imagine?? HOME HATERS!!


And it was my... my home that i loved so much... that was so brutally taken away.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm frightened and confused

Lord have mercy. There is no horror movie character that can scare me more than this. Because this is real, this is part of our society. Not just an idiot, but a dangerous one at that.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sugarland - Stay

Oh for the love of....

Crying. Begging. For him to... stay. And a married man at that... the song, heartbreaking beautiful it is.... is about a woman, in love with a married man, begging that married man to... stay... with her.

Not only is he married, he's mentally defective. He has to be to inflict that kind of pain to his wife... and his mistress.  THATS NOT LOVE, IT'S MENTAL SICK!!!

Say it with me people... nnnaaarrrccciiissssiiiisssst... NARCISSIST!!!!

Married or not! Man OR Woman. Don't CRY. Don't BEG ANY asshole-holic narcissist to STAY!!!!!

Lonely??? It's better to be ALONE, not LONELY, than to lay there and CRYYYYY for a chump.

Oh HELL no! I could kick my own STUPID ass for all those times i layed there and cried.. for a chump????

I look back sometimes laughing, shaking my head and saying to myself... idiot. And not really an idiot that i let these narcissists emotionally beat me so bad .... but that i begged them to STAY and keep doing it to me. Some for years. One for 8 years.

The last one, couple years ago, i wasn't looking for it (i was happy with my friend with benefits at the time) but he was so cute and persistent and yeah, i fell hard in love. BUT i was telling myself to watch out. Oh, i acted normal as did he, .... love, you know, everything perfect for the first three months. It feels so real, i was starting to think, well maybe. Then..... something was not right. With a narcissist you can't explain it, but i was feeling really nervous. He was always looking for a fight i guess, is the best way to describe it.

I swear with every being in me, i went along with it.... acting as if i was an emotional wreck... because i wanted to 'study' this narc. Watching him, listening to him. I was fascinated. Sure, i'm still in 'love' with him, i'm even hoping i'm wrong and it's just a phase on his part.

About three months later, he was having another drama queen moment but this time he was implying that he cheated on me.

I  knew it, i knew it, i was ready for this. I remember acting like it about killed me. I was trying so hard to cry... for effects you know. It was emotional but i could not cry. I was making cry faces and pleading to him "why? why (name)? ... blah, blah blah" He says "i see how you look at your neighbor, i see how the guys from your job look at you"... blah blah blah.... Christ. So not true, just the narcissist being a narcissist.

By now, i am relaxing my facial and body expressions. I start to slowly smile, looking right at him. "Your a gotdamn  narcissist aren't you? Son of a bitch, i'll be damned, your a gotdamn narcissist" I am really smiling now.

I will NEVER forget the look on his face. He didn't know WHAT to think. Swear, he says "maybe i am"

I say...."well holy shit"

And sure it hurt. We always think well, this is the one. But this time the pain wasn't where i couldn't eat, i couldn't sleep, couldn't concentrate. I thought of him everyday for the next couple of months, but after that... nothing.   And THAT is the greatest feeling.  

You Have Money Over There, They tell me

A quiet afternoon at the Coffee Shop.  A customer who was sitting down at the counter gets up and leaves..... and leaves me a dollar tip under the coffee cup. I am aware the customer is leaving and i thank them for coming in, have a great day... hope you come by again. I sincerely mean that as i smile and wave them good-bye. So nice to wait on normal customers.
As i'm finishing up wiping around the coffee machine and our coffee cup area... i notice the local regular sitting there (always, you know it)  seems to be a little quiet. I'm thinking, this dick is up to something.

I had this sick feeling he's thinking of something to say to piss me off any second now.

                                                               SURE ENOUGH!!!

In the dead silence he says... "You have money over there"  Still wiping the coffee machine i slowly turn my head to him... he's pointing to where the nice customer was sitting.... "I know" i say, half ass smiling to him. I continue cleaning. He, "Oh.. oh.. i wasn't sure you knew that (clearing throat)... yeah, sorry (clearing throat)"

This particular local narcissist ain't sorry. He's always calling me over for something or another he does not need, just being a pest. He has called me over and when i get there he says "never mind'... TRUE. Last time he did that... months ago... i just looked at him, turned around and said out loud, "oh hell no"  He hasn't done it since. I also told him, outright, at another time... "you make me nervous." You see, a narcissist wants to see how far he can push you. He wants to see how far he can go with someone who is working and HAS to be professional. It's nothing short than a piece of shit, who can go into a public place and 'narcissist' people who are working.   

This narcissist told me AND pointed to go there and get the money. It was a command.

Aside from this narcissist, a local regular who comes into a coffee shop... a diner or any small restaurant and sits there everyday ALWAYS does that. They let you, the waitress , know that you have money.... over there.




You Must Live Here, They Ask

So busy this past weekend, Labor Day Weekend... whole summer was so busy.  Tourists coming in, spending lots of money. How nice for the Coffee Shop.

Can't the local regulars stay the hell away? At least the busy as hell hours??? The hours we are trying to make money for the business?

Bullshit... to run over and get him/her, sitting there, got all day.... a coffee and maybe a donut for a dollar and a half (IF that) when there's a customer in line, in a hurry to get in and out... and spending some damn good money.

Okay, i understand they are 'customers'  to some eyes. But to many.... they are NUTS and are recognizable as regulars who come in everyday and take up time and seats for our spending good money customers.

I have over-heard it every place i have worked at. Tourists come in, sit down. There's a local regular sitting as well..... "you must live here" tourists asks.... "come here everyday?"   The local regular gets  the hint.... 'must live here'   here ... as in ... in the shop. The local regular will get defensive...  arch the back a little, deep breath and proudly announce "yep, (how many) years.

Yeah, you must live here. You bet your ass they do.