Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Meltdown

What's funny about this gif  is that I'm about as naive and stupid as poor SpongeBob is, but I lost it.... just like this....  arm waving... pissed off, ... the evil came out of me.  


  I lost it big time. A regular. We were so... damn... busy. It was a Saturday morning. There were three of us working on the floor.  But the regulars order me... me... around... bad. I hear my name from every direction... like a nightmare straight from hell.  They won't yell out to my two other co-workers... they yell out to me... the stupid one. Who will come running immediately with tail between my legs... like always. But not this time. This is years of abuse from these fuckin regulars.

I don't want to go into details with this story. I'm still traumatized over it. But I was waiting on three different set of real customers and I could hear three different regular voices barking out my name. One of them basically told me come here now.
I lost it... on her. *see SpongeBob above*  My co-workers, and my boss... running over to me... "what's the matter, what happened?!"   Desperately trying to get me to look at them... asking the regular I'm unleashing my fury at 'what happened?!"... she got the head turned sideways .... no answer.

And just what is she supposed to say? "I'm sitting here watching her struggle. I can sit here at any time, and I do!... but I want to sit here now, at the busiest time of day and run her crazy while she's trying to wait on real customers"

The regulars... when they don't get all the attention.     And me, losing it, lol!!
For days everyone was talking about my meltdown. Some said it was hilarious. Some said it was omg. Some congratulated me for growing a spine.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Facebook Status: I'm Bored

 Facebook friends. My young facebook friends...one for example, that I knew as she was a little little girl that had...as she got older, ran off with her boyfriend.. And at twenty-four years old, has three very young children.

 Anyways, she was always posting 'I'm bored' ... and sometimes adding '(child) is playing Mario' or '(child) is doing homework' or '(children) outside playing'....."(boyfriend) at work, nothing to do" WHAT?? I would just stare at ... those... posts. Pissed. Shaking my head.

Ok.... Having ONE child at HER age... There was ALWAYS something to COOK. There was ALWAYS something to CLEAN. There was ALWAYS laundry. ALWAYS something to prepare for SCHOOL. And on TOP of ALL that...... working 40, 50 hours a week??!!

                                                      YOU'RE BORED????

Yes, I had a baby at a very young age. I had NO business having a child at that age.... BUT I DID DO THESE HOUSEHOLD  CHORES!!!!  And work!! And now that I'm thinking about it... the FREELOADER POS I was with at the time was ALWAYS cheating on me, spending the money I earned....because I was ALWAYS too tired to do anything else!!!  At 26 years old!!  

None of my business, wanting SO bad to comment on her frequent 'bored status' ... for weeks and weeks. Lo and behold, lmao.... someone beat me to it. One of her friends... posted... "There's always something to do if you have three children"... something like that..... Reading this post... posted minutes earlier...I had to think for a moment if I didn't temporarily black out and post this myself! I started to notice as time went on, I haven't seen her on Facebook in a long time. Evidently deleted her account.

NO reason you're a mother or father of young children and posting BORED in the middle of day... on Facebook. Shame on you. Lazy. Idiot.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bruce Jenner, His Hands Look Beautiful

Another story I'm hearing about. Most recently, Bruce Jenner... his nails. Comments on the internet are so horrible. I hope I live long enough where... none of this matters. I work at a popular coffee shop. I see all kinds, types... variety of people. People. 'Bruce Jenner" regular customers come in from time to time. I always tell them how fantastic they look. Pleasant, normal people. Much more normal than those regulars that sit there all day pestering me.

And they do... sometimes have a comment about my 'Bruce Jenner' customer after he leaves. Literally, I laugh and say "who is he hurting?"... giving a confused look. The regular turns it"s head sideways.... pissed off, you see... for me asking. Mumbles... "it's not normal"

Normal. LMAO!  You sit there, day in, day out, everyday for years... narcissist-ing me. Normal? Laugh. My. Ass. Off!   It... takes.. EVERYTHING... I have... not to tell it  this.
I feel so bad for good men, who aren't hurting anybody. Productive members of society. Gay, bi-sexual, transgender, or straight! If you can afford to professionally paint your nails and you want to professionally paint your nails... professionally paint your nails!! Why should that even be a subject??!!  Bruce Jenners fingers and hands look very beautiful! 

Mama June and Millions of Others

Never watched the show, certainly heard of it. And certainly hearing all about it on my favorite talk shows on my day off today. *Sigh*.....

So many women, men too... when they 'get' attracted to a bad, useless, even dangerous ... person. Something.... goes so wrong in our heads, our brains. Our thinking is beyond impaired. We are there, we are MENTAL. Not knowing we are mental in the head, we think YOU, the one who sees it crystal clear ... is mental. And we DON'T CARE what... you say. I LOVE this man. There is no hell... the very depth of hell, going to keep me from being with... him. I will run over ANYONE, like a freight train... if you try keep  me from him. I LOVE HIM and HE LOVES ME!!!
Please keep in mind, I have never...knowingly, God help me, been in a relationship, or dated someone like Mama June is accused of seeing. But I have been with some serious LOSERS. Blinded by what I thought was.. love. Sometimes I think back, and cry.... not because of what I was put thru. Not at all. But because of what I put my family thru... with the garbage I was involved with. Sometimes at night, in bed, thinking about those monsters.... I blurt out loud to myself, "Stupid, idiot...idiot!" Even challenging God... wiping away tears, "WHY did you make me so STUPID back then?"

What makes us so stupid... attracted to bad, useless, even dangerous people? Few years ago I came upon a website explaining this. Someone was explaining this. Something happens to our brains... this person on this website was explaining it so detailed, Sobbing, I was mesmerized reading it. And you know... with all the CRAP I have SAVED on my computer... I never saved this article, and to this day I cannot find it.

Mama June, along with MILLIONS of others... with children, is completely under satans spell... and this motherfucker (satan) is not going to let her, and the millions of others go.... until the destruction is to it's satisfaction. Heartbreaking. Disgusting.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Talk To Me. Somebody. Anybody. Talk To Me.

The regular. Comes into the Coffee Shop. No one but me there, (rare occasion) early afternoon. I'm trying to straighten up the Shop from the day's hectic-ness. It's like a tornado blew thru and I have so much to do. I have been at work, working eight... EIGHT hours so far. Debating should I eat that delicious slice of pizza I brought from home now... or wipe down and organize the donut and sandwich showcases first. And this torturer probably just woke up not to long ago and wants to be entertained. Sure enough....

"How are you? How you been?" ..... "Good, super busy, trying to get lunch but a lot to clean up first" I DARE NOT ask how are you. But no need....it starts blabbing anyways.

I'm pulling out empty trays from the showcase. Holding them... they're heavy, standing in the doorway to the kitchen. Lmao. He can see I'm inching my way... into the kitchen... but won't shut up. I'm just 'mm-hm, mm-hm'... and I walk away. He is STILL talking. I could hear him, but can't hear what he's saying. I put the trays in the sink and go back out to the dining room. 'mm-hm, right, right' I say, like I been listening the whole time. So I lean up against the counter across from him and let him blabber. I'm doing an experiment. I know another regular is not far behind. I WISH I could record what's going to happen soon. Mental Health experts could study this.

Sure enough.... enters... another regular... my torturer is fixated on him. Loses COMPLETE interest in... me. STOPS mid sentence of his blabbering.  "Hey, how are you?!".. he says to the other regular in a loud excited voice. Now he has a buddy. Now they can talk each others asses off. And I can have my lunch, wait on real customers and do my side-work in peace.        

You see, they don't care who listens to them. They don't care who responds to them. You are an object to them. You are a thing to them. They don't care what you've been thru..still going thru.. at work.. disheveled, hungry, tired, obviously busy. They... the regular 'sit all day' pester.... customer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What's going on?... with this ebola?

 The things I'm reading about online and watching the tv news. I'm scared. Working so many hours, I don't get to see or read the news ... a lot. But I'm off today... and yesterday. And I'm scared. What's this shit I'm reading about an IDIOT who treated a patient with ebola and... flew... somewhere?????

You know... my blog was created for me to vent... about my experiences at work. I am anonymous ... I don't name names of idiots... that bring my blood pressure sky high. But this IDIOT... who flew.. somewhere. And the original ASSHOLE... who started this... in Dallas, Texas.... not too far from where I am.... is beyond words.  IDIOTS and STUPID... ASSHOLES. Epitome of self entitled..

Like when it's storming,  roads are flooding... the news tells you.. if you don't need to go out... don't. But the SELF ENTITLED ASSHOLE is like... "Tell me I can't go outside?" And out they go!! These people are SICK!! There's something so wrong in their heads! Like this nurse. OMG... YOU ASSHOLE!!!

I fly out of state every several months to visit Family. I was just there a month and a half ago. IF I had a ticket, to fly today... I would CANCEL it. BECAUSE of what is going on. I would STAY out of THEIR way.... until THIS scary killer is UNDER CONTROL!!!  COMMON SENSE!!!!


 LET THEM WORK ON CONTAINING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

She Seems So Nice... But...

There's this one lady, comes in often, for years. Lately... almost every day. Very well dressed, very well to do. From day one.... years ago... I hate to wait on her. Makes me so damn nervous. Something about her. Always something. She seems so nice... but... something. I could start a new Blog on her alone. Two, three , more... times a week for years. SOMETHING...ALWAYS with her.

Take a couple of years ago. I am waiting on her. Bring her coffee. So far so good. Coffee... always. Asks for a donut or sandwich. This time... a donut. Chocolate. Jesus... we have several different kinds of chocolate. As always with her I have a feeling.... this is not going to go good.  Because she is sitting at the farther letter U counter stool away from the register (her favorite stool, EVERY regulars favorite stool, right up my ass their favorite stool... swear, I'm gonna rip this stool off the floor someday).... because she is sitting at the farther letter U counter stool away from the register (there's an actual normal customer sitting there)....I could SENSE she is pissed... she stands up and ...points... at the donut showcase...'that one'...

'that one' pointing, she says. Now I KNOW this is... not good. At the donut showcase, I point to the donut I'm guessing she's pointing at from 20, 25 feet away... ok....

"no... that one (her finger wiggling)".... 'this one?' ..... 'no... no. that one.' (her finger wiggling faster) Swear to GOD..... 'this one?!'  There's a customer at the take-out counter right in front of me.... 'no' her finger air jabbing now. I'm struggling now... 'this one?'  ... 'no... no'  ..... I swear to....  I blurt out kinda loud... "(Name)!I don't have time for this!"  I must of stunned the bitch. She NAMED... fast!... the donut she wanted. "Omg (name)... that's the first one I pointed to... and asked you... you said no"... As I'm bringing her the donut... I'm mumbling... quietly.. "and you knew the name of the donut, too!" ... The whole Coffee Shop fell silent... and there were a few people in there.

She KNEW the name of the donut and had me STRUGGLING ... trying to figure out... what she wanted!

            I don't know about the slander part... but damn, this is spot on with most of the regulars.

There's another regular I got into it with several weeks ago. Swear... to ... God.... I thought I was gonna pick up my shit and quit...thought I was gonna get fired too. Ugh, I want to write about it so bad. Been thinking about it everyday now. A regular. The only fuckers I have a problem with in a career I love.

First Sign of Idiocy in a Relationship

No offense Dr. Fillmore.... Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit!!!!  Happier? Your Spouse cheats on you numerous times... or once. How do you look him/her in the face.... while your working  it out? What do you see... you see a cheater!  How do you feel? Happy? No, you feel ... sick!  Always... every time you see their stupid stinkin face... you feel sick! Aside from that.... it's 100% guaranteed... he/she... will do it again. That's a fuckin fact, proven time and time again.

You have a bully, bossy spouse... most likely a cheater too..... watching your every move? Your working on that? The bully-ing and bossy-ing has been going on for so long. So it's in remission. You're going to be on eggshells till it comes back? And it will!!  A narcissist doesn't change. Everybody knows that! Ok, he/she is cured. Your thoughts of being bullied and bossied from this person years ago .... is a happy thought? 

You have a spouse that can't keep a fuckin dollar in the bank. Obsessive spending, gambling, whatever. You work hard, or you both work hard... but can't keep a savings account. You're working on that? A spendaholic NEVER changes. Fact.

 Don't even get me started on a drug addict and/or alcoholic. You're working on that? Keep dreaming the delusional dream.  They DO NOT change. How HORRIFIC to KNOW someone like this, let alone be in a relationship with this.

Physical abuse? In the name of GOD.... don't even try to work this out...Run like a motherfucker... run!!!

My advice is, any sign of idiocy... run! Run so fast. Any sign of idiocy...it's who they are. That's who they truly are. WORK on taking care of you and your children. God, or whatever higher power... the children, innocent children... who have to see the horror, because of the supposedly good delusional idiot who believes a dangerous idiot can change.

Ah, Sweet Married Life.

Working in the Coffee Shop, is like bartending...and I have done that. People tell you stories. Take for example, the elderly.... who have been married for years. Shit, some for 30, ...60 years! Wow... imagine... so lucky in love.

Lucky... yeah, ok. You should hear the shit they've been thru in those years. I have been single all my life. Been in a few serious relationships, in between... dated. I could of married and endured any one of those... serious relationships of mine. One in particular, we'd be celebrating our 30 years married.

But, I decided to put an end to the lying and the cheating. The mental abuse, walking on eggshells. You can look with admiration at a couple who tell you, "we've been married so and so years..." get one of them alone. Jaw dropping.... what one or the other put up with.

There may be... may be... couples who have been happily married, for many years. But I don't know, or have heard of one yet... and my ass is up in years mind you.

Couples fight... they fight hard. One or the other put up with A LOT OF SHIT.  It drains you to the core.

God... the stories I've heard of thru-out the years...seen, even...and my own experiences. You grow terrified... paranoid. Don't want any part of it... anymore. Myself... at this point in my life... I have NEVER been more HAPPY... more RELAXED... so CONTENT...in my life.

                  Me...nowadays --->
  Me.... nightmare years --->         

Friday, October 10, 2014

Coffee Shop Bowel Movement

I've noticed something about these regulars, and it's pretty gross. Most of them. Men and women. They come in to ... shit. They come in at the same time, every day. They drink their coffee, twenty minutes later, refill... maybe another refill, then ten minutes later they are in the bathroom, taking a shit. Some leave shortly after, some hang around for the next hour, more. Nasty. Pigs.

I believe they cannot shit at home and have to come to the Coffee Shop to induce a bowel movement.

I do not want to know this, but after all these years you can't help but put two and two together. I've yet to find out which one of them shits all over the mens toilet bowl around 3, 4 o'clock. And guess who has to clean it up. Oh you nasty pig, I think I know who you are.

While You're Not Busy

Aside from the early morning madness at the Coffee Shop, I just finished waiting on a surge of customers, lasted maybe fifteen minutes, but been busy with a steady flow all morning. Ringing up the last of my customers... for now... I kinda grip the side of the cash register , look at the baker who's in the kitchen right to my left, I fling my head backwards a little, laugh and go "whew!" He laughs. I look around to see what needs to be done immediately.. Wash some cups, spoons... pick up... some cups, spoons and miscellaneous items when....

....sitting on that little stool, at that little bar to my immediate right... right up my ass... a regular. "while you're not busy... ring me up"    ........ You. Fuckin. Bitch.  While I'm Not Busy.
I've stopped running around after four hours like a lunatic for five seconds. Count em...1...2...3...4...5. "While you're not busy...ring me up"   

You know..... *deep breath* ..... I do not mind ringing you...up. Ask me. Or tell me. Yeah, tell me, be damned if you ...ask.  But don't put the 'while you're not busy' bullshit in there. I'm busy....there are a dozen things on my mind, and I have a lot to do. But I certainly DO NOT MIND ringing  you up.....in the middle of all this.

Anyways... I look at her. I smirky laugh ... and say... "ok, not busy"... I deep breath... ring her up. At this time I'm laughing, laughing as in.... a friendly way. Faking it... bad. Inside I'm thinking... you... asshole.  I remember her saying...pissed, sideway head turn...."you know what I mean" ...


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Get Rid of Her!

Guys... guys, or girls!.... please... get rid of this. In the name of God... get rid of this. This is a playing, nasty motherfucker who will drain you of every penny you have. Get rid of it!!!!  And don't cry over it!!!!! Don't... you... dare, cry over it!!! .....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Twin Tail Halfmoon Betta Part 3

Finally, after the first two Betta's, I had to get one for myself, one that caught my eye. They all catch my eye, just sitting there at the bottom of those little... cups. Poor things. But I picked out one. Moon Pie.

He's the fussy eater. He will only eat Betta flakes. Once in a while he will go for chicken, shrimp, Betta pellets. Sometimes bread... hates scrambled eggs.

I've tried different aquariums and tanks with him.... he's happy in any one of them. But he seems to be happiest in a two and half gallon tank, with lots of decorations. He's real active. And he's the smallest from the other three. I'm really enjoying the fish. It's been a year and a-half. It's fascinating to know them. Three fish... three different personalities. Their likes, and don't likes.... just like people.


My Dragon Scale Crown Tail Betta Part 2

After a couple of weeks enjoying Blue Betta, I asked my adult Daughter to pick out a Betta at the Pet Shop. She picked out this one, and I have him at my home, too. Ooh, he's scary looking. She named him Marilyn. As in Marilyn Manson. Hey,..... in my day, it was Angus Young (AC/DC). I assure you, Marilyn and Angus are not the devil. They are a couple of millionaires.

Marilyn likes to hide. He's pretty happy in any aquarium or tank, but  I've yet to put him in one that I'm confident he feels really good in. This picture shows him in his temporary (not quite) gallon glass vase.

I feed him everything I feed Blue. Marilyn seems to like it all too.... but doesn't hardly eat the amounts Blue does. I 'drop' food, two, three times and he's done. I have him in a five gallon hexagon plastic tank. I tell you.... he LOVES that tree. I'm not sure about the tank or Castle (tried so many decorations) but he loves that tree... because he loves to not only 'perch'... he loves to hide.

My Betta Splenden Part 1

About a year a half ago, got me a Betta Fish. Well, my Grandaughter did, and I'm taking care of him, in my home. I was reluctant to get him... we were in PetsMart... and... you know... Grandaughter... can't say no.

But anyways, so glad we got him. He's so much fun and it's super relaxing to play and take care of him. After being at work all day.. it's calming.

And since it's a child picking out a blue fish... she named him Blue. How cute. Here is some info on Blue.

He loves to eat ANYTHING. Off the top of my head, chicken, shrimp, bread, scrambled eggs...betta pellets, and betta flakes. He will eat, if I keep 'dropping' ... I use common sense between his food items, when to stop. This was a learning process.

I've put him in all kinds of aquariums and his favorite is a tall glass vase. He also likes his temporary (not quite) gallon glass vase, which he stays in for 24 hours during 100% water changes every few days. He hated the five gallon Hexagon plastic tank he stayed in.... seemed sluggish. Whereas, he seems more playful in the two and a-half gallon tank... more so in ... the tall glass vase.

He hates getting his picture taken. Close up. He jerks back and forth so fast in terror, so this is the only good picture I have of him. After two, three times of trying, I leave it alone.

                            Here's a picture of him in that tall glass vase he seems to love so much.


So You Want To Work at a Coffee Shop

Be careful making friends with your everyday customers, that sit down... and stay... every... day. Believe me, they need you to feed their compulsion. They need their 'fix' .. whatever it is, from you and that restaurant . They're determined to get it. You're first few days, they are watching you, reading you... figuring out... what, how much they can get out of you. They are studying you. They will take your kindness as a sign of weakness. They ARE reading you out. They ARE really GOOD at this.  No joke, randomly look over at them, quickly... whatever you are doing... they're staring at you. Because they're reading you.

Once they befriend you, you will notice things that make you nervous about them, and it could be a variety of things. You will find that seeing them every single day will wear on your nerves. Some people simply can't shut the fuck up, they will use you to listen to them. Their gimmes and get me's after an hour, more will have you convinced... over time... something's wrong.

Special discounts, they hint this. Hey, your friends now, right? And you feel bad, so, you give them a little discount, before you know it, resentment grows and you wish TO GOD that they would just go away. But they won't... EVER.. Once you give them a little discount, they will expect that... On TOP of pestering the fuck out of you....for two, three, four... more hours!  EVERY. DAY..  They REALLY feel they are SPECIAL and deserve a special price. Special service. Special attention. You came to work for ONLY them. Believe it. Because they do.

There is no hell or fire that will keep them away. They HAVE to come in. They suffer from some form of mental illness. And whatever it is... you take it's torture.... they have no mercy. They CRAVE your attention.   THEY....... CRAVE....... YOUR ....... ATTENTION.


They are so content, sitting there, watching you as you work. Sweating and struggling... busy with real customers....and as soon as you have a minute... they want you to entertain them in conversation....however.

Ok, ok... there might be one or two that come in everyday and aren't as narcissistic, but they are narcissists. Don't try to figure them out. Be a good waitress, but keep your distance. Once you hear one agonizing looooong story from them... they have you.

There will be a Coffee pot... more than half full on the burner and they will insinuate you make a fresh pot... just for them. If you nicely let them know, you cannot... because the... almost full...pot, is still fresh... they will literally, sit there, fidgeting, and staring  at the coffee machine, staring at you, while taking glances at other sit-down regular customers, hoping they ask for refills...so the coffee can get lower... and you have to make more..... This shit will make you nervous. THIS SHIT WILL MAKE YOU DAMN NERVOUS.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Digging, And Digging

This happens sometimes. There's a take-out customer paying... at the register. Total is, say.. $7.23. Customer hands me $7.00. Digging in their pocket, or wallet.... for .23 cents. And digging, and digging. BUT... as they are digging, and digging, they are grasping  a $10 bill, or a $20 bill....with same hand, along with a couple, or few singles!! I do a few quick glances at their hand, hand with the money in it.   Quick glances ... at them. Thinking, are you kidding me? Thinking....I can't just say... 'ok, nevermind'   Imagine if I did that with every customer? 
I'm waiting, patiently waiting, long line forming behind them...I'm fixated on that $20 bill they are so tightly grasping.... I can hardly see it.... but I see it!! And I do.. I say ever politely... 'please, ma'am/sir... I can take it out of 20' .... 'well, uhh...(digging) I do have it" .... swear... they stop digging, wave their hands in a whatever motion...... really? I think to myself. And then I think... don't even look at my puny tip cup. Don't. Believe it or not, sometimes they do.

A regular who is sitting (of course... always!) at counter on that  little tiny stool closest to the register... Ugh, I hate that stool, gonna rip it out of the floor one day.  Anyways, a regular, who is (of course) listening to everything going on.... "PwoodeeCoo... I got it, I got it" nodding that it's ok, handing me a quarter. The customer says thank-you, I say thank-you.

Later that day, when it slows down... I tell the regular "you know... they had a twenty dollar bill"

For the record.... when an elderly every now and then customer comes in and they order a small cup of coffee and a donut... I set down a medium cup of coffee and two donuts in a bag....at the coffee station. They are handing me a 5 dollar bill. I take me hands over their hand that has the 5 dollar bill, gently close it, smile and say ...."Have a nice day"   ..... So many other nice stories (I need to get to)... why do I choose to blog about my drive me crazy REGULARS. Lol.. *sigh*

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Those Free Puppies/Kittens Ads...

                                FREE puppies! blah blah blah. FREE kittens! blah blah blah.

..... for Chrissake get your pets spayed or neutered. Or don't have pets. These kind of ads should never be placed.... EVER.     Pisses me off to no end.


Don't Touch that Donut!

What the fuck is wrong with an idiot customer, a regular or not, that decides they don't want that particular donut or claim that's not the one they asked for... and then  touch it as they are sliding it across the counter.     

Are you that stupid mental in your brain that doesn't tell you... don't touch it!!! Idiot. Because now I have to throw it away! I should charge you!

It's as tho they want to 'mark' it... like a dog would by pissing on it. Pig. I've seen what you were doing (big glass windows, coffee shop windows ) in the parking lot.... before you got out of the car.....

I set the donut, on a small plastic basket, bring it to the customer sitting down.... 'oh...oh... this isn't the donut I wanted'... and they slide the basket while putting their nasty thumb or finger... on the donut! Several times... over the years, myself, other servers, and even the owner.... ask, 'maam/sir, why did you touch the donut if you knew you are returning it?'...no answer..Fascinating. Let me answer... "because I'm not right in the head"

 Shit, it's not enough it was under you nasty nose and mouth, now you want to touch it? Fucker. And by the way... it IS the donut they asked for because the regular that is sitting within listening range.... tells them... 'that IS the donut you asked for...'   Thank you regular, I know I bitch a lot about what a pain in the ass you can be, so thanks.

Or the take-out customer. Reaches into the paper bag or box... pulls the donut out with their fingers {{shudder}} ....'can I exchange this'.......... WHAT???? What the fuck am I supposed to do with this donut, that you touched... now??? Put it back into the showcase???? So I take the donut with my own .... fingers... chuck it into the trash can. "Oh...oh" the customer says, looks dumbfounded. You've GOT to be kidding me.
AFTER you touched it...you think I"m going to put it back in the showcase... REALLY??


Every(normal)body Knows Chocolate, Right?

I was describing the cake donut and the glazed donut  in my " Guessing Games" blog post a couple of days ago. If you've ever been to a donut/coffee shop before.. several times... you know what it is. And now....
   A chocolate cake donut 
Also.. a double chocolate iced cake donut 
I CANNOT begin to tell you HOW MANY customers... sit-down... or take-out... point... and grunt.. to this donut and say.... "gimme... gimme... that, uhh... black donut. Black... donut. OOOO..K!!

You're about as stupid as a motherfucker could be. Black.  ... it's chocolate.... you dumb... fuck. Looking at it... it's... chocolate.

Ha! Oh I repeat after them... sounding super confused... "black?...this is chocolate"  Sometimes... I'll point right immediately under the donut, the sign... "See sir/maam... chocolate cake..."  They reply, because they're half-way over the counter anyways pointing... shooting their arm out forward vicariously... "you know what I mean!" .... Yeah, I know... I know you're an IDIOT!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Menopause - Ultimate Narcissist

Ultimate Narcissist. Menopause. The HOT FLASHES!!  This is the ultimate MONSTER. I've been suffering for almost ten years now. I HAVE NOT seen a doctor for this. I have been enduring AND dealing with it for almost ten years now. There is NOTHING to relieve it. So I've heard.

I know MANY women who go thru it and tried EVERYTHING for it. NOTHING helps.

ONE WOMAN:  Had uterus removed and had/has have to go back to Doctor because of more problems stemming from that surgery! But says her hot flashes had subsided. BUT if you're familiar with hot flashes... some months, years... are better than others!!

ANOTHER WOMAN: Had uterus removed and hot flashes are worse than ever!  

So.... would I take a gamble and have this procedure done???  HELL NOOO!!!

I know MANY woman who buy these over-the counter relief from menopause products. They DON'T work. I know MANY woman who have a prescription... for hot flashes... and they STILL have hot flashes!

Just when we women reach that age where we get rid of the human narcissist in our lives... this fucker comes... that we can't get rid of!!!! My God!!!

So.. if you're buying those over-the-counter medications. Or have a prescription... for this monster.. I don't think it's working.

Being completely... medicine-free from this over the years.. I HAVE noticed... that some months are better than others... some years... have been better than others.

ONE YEAR:  For about six months. I could NOT sleep for more than a half-hour at night. Woke up SWEATING profusely...AND I was SO thirsty for a glass of milk... every half-hour.

ONE YEAR:  For about six months. I could tell when a hot flash was fixin' to come. I would get this sensation... if you've ever been on a roller coaster... that feeling where you're stomach drops.... when you're going doooownnnn... the roller coaster. Hot flash... seconds later... big time. I remember thinking... "oh thank-you motherfucker, for giving me the heads-up" Drinking lots of water. Preparing for the hell.

I remember another year, for several months. They didn't come as often... but DAMN... day or night... the SWEAT pouring off me.... every twelve hours or so. Happened several times at work... over the months. My boss at work, one time.... took me by the hand... super busy hour... "Oh my God... are you ok?" She looked SO concerned. I apologized... customers glaring at me... sweat POURING off me. I'm kinda laughing, so she (boss) starts laughing... saying "OMG, omg"... lol.

I remembered when THAT phase subsided. Thank God! Nowadays I get them three, four, maybe five  times a day... for now. Not too bad. And they are uncomfortable... but I have learned to 'go thru' them. Or maybe just 'surrendered' to this monster... and wait it out.

Guessing Games

I have no beef with the tourists. They are my favorite customers. But...Mornings. Summer. Take-out. So many of them. And that's great! Ordering donuts by the dozen, more. .... I have my box that holds a dozen donuts, open. "Alright.. what kind may I get for you?"....  "gimme some plain, some chocolate iced, ummm..."

Wait... wait.. wait...  plain... some... wtf. Me smiling, "what's plain sir/maam?" They stare wide-eyed at me.  Plain.  It could ONLY be the cake donut or the glazed donut. I.. smiling, stare wide-eyed back at them.  Sometimes I just walk over to the cake donut, ready to pick it up... sometimes I walk over to the glazed donut, ready to pick it up. But whatever of those two donuts I randomly walk up to first... IT'S NOT the one. "no, no, no" they say, pointing to (I guess) a tray of assorted icing donuts. HOW ARE THESE PLAIN?
the glazed donut....
...the cake donut

You know.. I could understand if your a young person.. I don't know... up to 30? years old... but if your   40, 50, 60 years old..... I KNOW this isn't your FIRST time at a donut shop. I KNOW you know... how to order.... a donut. Playing these fuckin guessing games and there's a loooong ass line behind you. Don't tell me you want some... plain... donut. Some. If it were up to me... some...would be five or six donuts. I'm supposed to play guessing games... as to what some means to you. Plain donut... again.. is either cake with nothing on it.. or a glazed. But this gentleman this past weekend, in his late fifties... insisted blueberry is plain. Plain... regular... donut.

Oh... and just hours before that... a very well dressed elderly lady made me run around the whole donut showcase looking for two regular donuts. I go to the cake... "no, no" she says.... "the glazed? I say walking over to them..."no, no" she says. Pointing ...(can't read I guess, our donuts all have little signs under them)... "the ones with the chocolate icing"  ... "ok, the regular chocolate icing" I say out loud.

I am ALWAYS patient with the young and elderly who obviously aren't sure what kind of donut they are looking for and I explain the different kind of donuts there are... no matter how busy we are...but if you walk up to the front of the line and say "gimme some plain..." and HOLD A STARE at me... to see what I'm going to do... your playing fuckin games with me.

Are there REALLY that many people that like to see you squirm? What in the hell is going on?  I need to be like my morning co-workers. When a customer says "gimme some plain" they say "I don't know what plain is"... lmao... I just can't say that.... yet.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dennis the Menace Episode Proves Me Right!

This scene from Dennis the Menace. episode Christmas Horse from 1960, proves me right!!! Regulars.... most regulars... many regulars think they're entitled to special service... special treatment...and special prices. In this day and age with the over-population and self-centeredness... you've GOT to be kidding.

Mr. McGuire: You've become one of my regulars. (five years)

Mr. Wilson... making conversation, hinting, leading up to a free or discounted special price....

Mr. McGuire... giving him the I know what you're trying to do look. "You hope to get another tree for .50cents?"

Mr. Wilson: (lmao) "Well of course"

Mr. McGuire: The price to you is $5.00

Mr. Wilson: I've always paid .50 cents...I've become a regular.

Mr McGuire: That's why I've had to keep my price up on Christmas Day... I can't afford all you regulars.

Mr. McGuire, feeling bad (a regulars intentions) "Well, I'll throw in a few sprigs and a mistletoe"

Mr. Wilson: (classic, lmao) "Well I should hope so, that's the least you could do. Next year I may give my business to someone else"  ..... Imagine Mr. McGuires relief. Sweet release from this stress causing, nervey, audacity.... soul torturer.

Thank-you Mr. Joseph Kearns (Mr. Wilson) and Thank-you Mr. Ernest Truex (Mr. McGuire) for this scene. Very well played!

And credit as well to writers William Cowley and Peggy Chantler Dick. I always wondered if this kind of idiocy went that far back... 1960.. at least.

You're Tired????

Tired... there's this one customer that comes in every single morning for years. morning, before daybreak. Asks me... 'how are you?'  'I'm fine' I say every single morning... before daybreak. "how are you?' I ask her every single morning... before daybreak. "Tired" she says, every single morning, before daybreak. She doesn't work, retired, nice pension. With sheer curiosity and finally after all these years I ask her, in a non threatening tone... "Why do you get up so early to come in here?" ... No answer as she is organizing her paper and coffee and spoon. She looks pissed now. Well, what the fuck. You're tired. 

What I really want to say is... "You're not too tired to come in here every, single morning."
                                             "You're tired? Really?"
                                             " Fuck you."

Forgive me.................................                                        
 I understand this person suffers from a form of ocd. Or insomnia. Or constipation. She takes a shit at the SAME TIME... after three cups of coffee and 30 minutes later. I don't think she can shit at home, as with lots of our regulars...  And I cannot imagine their suffering. But.... if you're going to come into a Coffee Shop at five at the morning and repeatedly wave your finger for more coffee and complain about the price....

 Ugh!!!... It's OK that you have to come in here every single morning. It's OK that you have to wave your talons at me for more coffee. It's OK that you have to complain about the price. And it's ok as hell that you don't leave a tip. And shit in the toilet I have to clean.... But, DON'T tell me, who comes in at four in the morning, sometimes seven days a week, doing twelve hour days.... that you are TIRED.


OMG, My Life is Over

Sometimes we close the Coffee shop a little early. We put a sign on the door a day ahead and verbally let the regulars know this. Like last Mother's Day for example. Fuck, I work, 10, 12 hour days sometimes, 6, 7 days a week. Closing a little early?  THANK GOD for little happy... things. I DO appreciate my job AND my many hours....but it is nice to close early... sometimes.

Oh how you can tell the regular almost go into a rage. They look calm... but the questions...  'Why?'... 'Is there anybody else that can work?' or the 'sheesh' and the sigh's...   'fine!' they exclaim. The mumbling under their breathe. The first thing they mention to another regular coming in, before the door even closes behind them.... 'Their closing early tomorrow...' you could hear the panic in their voice.

What is this crazy that they possess? Why is there not anything on the internet about.... this illness? These people have homes... they have money... they have transportation. WHY do they want to hangout at a Coffee Shop.... every...day? For years!

No other customers have a problem with us closing early. Not the every now and then sit-down customer .... not the every now and then take-out customer.... not any customer... ONLY the regular... customer. The one that comes in every... day, sits down and won't leave, won't shut up.

I think it's anxiety allright. But the anxiety is who will get me.... give me... put this... can you...I want...'finger wave come here' .... the 'head tilt come here'... WHO is going to jump at their every command? When no one is there? Who?  .......................................... no one. And this here... is what you have -----------------> 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fleas. Monsters from Hell.

Fleas. What mother... fuckin.... monsters from hell... on this earth.... to our pets, and any other animal. I've come across some websites this summer....just browsing... about fleas. I've been giving my two small dogs flea medicine all these years. And they work GREAT! All of them.

But..... at the beginning of this summer, I have been online, on websites, seeing all natural sprays and organic all natural conditioners.... for dogs... that kill and repel... fleas. I'm thinking, wow. KILL and REPEL? ALL NATURAL? The reviews are GREAT! I'd like to try this! ... So I order just those. All natural spray and organic all natural conditioner. That KILL and REPEL these monsters from hell. This will be a great alternative to those drops that go on the back of their necks and those pills that they ingest.

WRONG!!!!  After spraying and conditioning my poor pets with this stuff for TWO weeks... it's not working. I'm thinking.... SHIT! My poor dogs!!! Maybe it's not a good brand. I ORDER another kind of brand... THE REVIEWS ARE GREAT!!

WRONG!!!!  Another TWO weeks of agony for my dogs. The FUCK!!!!!  I'm PISSED. I'm SOOO PISSED!!! First... MY POOR DOGS... second... ALL THAT FUCKIN MONEY... on CRAP!!!! I could of just took that $150 and flushed it in the toilet!!!!!

                              Look, here's a picture of the devil. Nasty motherfucker. I wanna vomit. 

You know what's funny as hell... in the middle of my pets ordeal with this all natural crap is that a take-out customer and myself were talking about that (he brought it up) and was telling me he ordered the same stuff... and called it garbage. I about fell over . I told him I ordered it too! And it doesn't work! Oh, he was pissed too. Lemongrass this... kills and repels up to four weeks that.

IN MY OPINION... Flea medicine ALWAYS worked. For my dogs. I literally CRIED when I FINALLY applied it to them and they STOPPED scratching, and gnawing.  After a fucking month and a week!! I could SEE their RELIEF.   I feel like an IDIOT for falling for that BULLSHIT. NEVER. AGAIN.

You see.... even PwoodeeCoo can be an idiot. A BIG IDIOT.

Take that Coffee Stirrer and....

 I love the mornings at work. People coming in to get something to eat and drink before heading to school, or work themselves. Pleasant hellos, order and go. Transactions are quick... and stress free. Most of them...

First One: Take-out customer, headed to work.... been coming in for about a year now... once every couple of weeks. Mornings. Orders quickly. Medium Coffee and a pastry. I set his coffee at the coffee station, by the register... and ring him up. "$5.24, please sir"..... he stirs his coffee.... seconds... seconds.... there's a long line behind him. "Sir, $5.24, please." he is still stirring his coffee, but side-eye glances at me. I am jittery, there is a long line behind him and people are glaring at him... and me! But I have to take his money and clear this transaction from the register. Finally, he is reaching in his pocket for his wallet...really slow.

"Thank-you sir" I say with a smile. He does this EVERY time. He will get his wallet when he's good and ready. Everybody and ... myself better understand this. Gotdamn narcissist.

Second One: Take-out customers, pair of guys, together, on their way to work... been coming in for as long as I can remember. Mornings. Slow-orderers, but not... agonizing. C'mon, you fucks been coming in for years, you must have SOME idea what the hell you want before you even enter the store. They always order a couple of coffee's. Stirring, looking at the showcase. Stirring, looking at the showcase. Keep in mind, they know what's there. The same things that have been there for years!! Ok,  finally.... "$12.99, please, gentlemen" I stand , kinda clasping my hands, smiling..... KNOWING I will have to repeat this at LEAST one more time. They are stirring their coffee's, talking to each other... ignoring me... they hear me, but being dicks. "$12.99.... please"  Finally, one of them is reaching into his pocket.... so slowly.... there is a long line behind them, people are glaring at them... and me.

They come in, EVERY morning. And the exact struggle. Every day. For years. To come get their narcissistic supply. I hate waiting on these fuckers.


Friday, July 11, 2014

If You Don't Mind...

At the Coffee Shop. Customers. You ask them.... Would you like a plastic bag? More coffee? Do you need a receipt for that? May I get you something else? Some of them say... "If you don't mind"  .... What the fuck is that? Do I mind?  Well.....it is a few seconds out of my way, but I really don't mind, I think to myself. And then I think... well.... it would be okay as well, if you just say "no thanks" and get on your way, I get on my way, it's been a long ass day/going to be...whatever... but I really don't mind. It's simply a yes... or no question.  Do I mind? That is stupid. And I hate to think about it. Just say 'yes, please' or 'no, thank-you.'

Or.... 'if you don't mind'... what the fuck, do you think I'm (working, on the clock) going to say, 'yes, I do mind and Im not going to do it...' do I have a choice? No, I have no choice. But I don't mind anyways!!! And maybe I do, I don't know.... why are you making me think about it!  Just say 'yes, please' or 'no, thank-you'.... if you don't mind.  For fucks sake.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mocking Rant

 Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind, when I close up the Coffee shop. I'm so happy the day is over. But almost every day there's a regular who pissed me off to no end. They were especially narcissistic that day, craving more attention than most days.

 Get me this, get me that, come look at this (newspaper article), come here I have something to tell you, can you throw this coffee out and get me a fresh cup, warm this up for me... more, can I have more ice in my water, but not too much... can you turn up the air, can you turn down the air, can you turn the (ceiling) fan down, can you turn the (ceiling) fan up.... blah blah blah.

 Getting them out of the shop at closing time is... hell. At five minutes to the hour, I tell them.. 'it's time to go' ..mentals go into attitude  'it's not time to go, it's not time to go, I got five minutes, it's not time to go'  Hysterical laughter within my body... oh the fuck, it is time to go, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH FOR TODAY! I stand by the door, keys in hand, gesturing... now. Soon as they're gone and I start cleaning up...I go into a mocking rant... 'it's not time to go, it's not time to go, I got five minutes, it's not time to go...'


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rich Old Lady Lost Her Mind

There's a super rich elderly lady that comes in the Coffee Shop. I've known her for years. She comes by every-now-and-then and she sits. And she's the most perfect customer.  She has a coffee and doesn't go into a rage when her favorite pastry is sold-out, she will pick out something else. (not like the others, they pout) When it is very seldom her and I are alone in the Shop...we have a short conversation, she picks up the newspaper, and I go do my work. She doesn't stay long, 45 minutes? She gets along with all the regulars and chats with them, but she prefers to sit around the other rich... people... if they are there.

Something... something about her from the beginning (years ago) gave me the creeps about her. And it's not that she's a non-tipper, because she is a pleasure to wait on. But I have caught on to her every-now-and-then remarks.  I can't remember any examples from the Coffee Shop... but I remember this.....
Couple years ago.  I was at the convenience store after work to pick up some milk... and smokes. Long line behind me. I'm paying. I have 15 singles and I'm counting them out... my total was $14 something. I HEAR about five people down the line behind me... SOMEONE... yell out.. "WOW LOOK AT ALL THAT MONEY!.... IS THAT WHAT YOU MADE TODAY?"

I didn't immediately recognize the voice, crackly. I didn't immediately think it was talking to me. Handing the cashier my money, I turn my head to the right.... double-take.... first I'm realizing it's the super rich elderly lady from the Coffee Shop. She's poking her head out from the crowd, waving at me, smiling ....Second,   I'm thinking WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE JUST YELL OUT?  I was pissed, I was embarrassed. Smiling, receiving my change... I yell out first thing I could thing of... laughing...."yeah, a whole $15... see you at the Shop!" I wave  bye.

And it's not so much the 'wow, look at all...' what the fuck is the 'IS THAT WHAT YOU MADE TODAY?
 That was TACKY. Tacky. Tacky. You STUPID. OLD. FOOL. Done lost her mind! She's making it sound like I have A LOT of money. I don't want to get mugged walking outside the store!!! What in hell compelled her to be SO STUPID???  IF! IF I were a QUICK THINKER and had ANY BALLS... I'd be like 'ALL THAT MONEY? REALLY??? WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET?????' .... The audacity!! Idiot!

That LOUD outburst PROVES to me what I already knew. Jealous, hateful and stupid. Does it make you so angry that I have $15. I guess having that in all singles... looks like a lot?   Do you wish I didn't have that much? Why are you even watching what's in my hand? From so far away??!!

No one is obligated to tip at the Coffee Shop, but fuck, you're sitting down. A server is bringing you a cup of coffee and a pastry... you're a fuckin... millionaire. I understand what I just did is hardly... anything spectacular. But fuck...... you can't leave... a quarter? Does it chap your ass... does the thought of me having that quarter drive you into a silent psychotic rage? NOW, I understand.

I didn't see her for MONTHS after that. I think she realized what she had said. She's also one of those who thinks because months go by, that I had forgot about it. Like those fuckers who borrow money. You don't see them for MONTHS. Months later, they pop up, thinking you forgot. LMAO. THEY... REALLY....THINK YOU FORGOT....  But that's another Blog Post.  Damn Mentals.

It's Cold in Here

Most mornings are so wonderful at the Coffee shop. So many customers. Out-of-towners, every-now-and-then locals... sit-down, take-out... we're sooo busy. Aside from near exhaustion and the sweat pouring off my body, I feel fine. Non stop since 8 o'clock this morning, with no break... 11 is approaching. It's slowing down. I look forward to this time. I can pop something in my mouth to eat. The door isn't constantly opening... thus making it cooler in the shop. My light-headedness is going away, whew, deep breaths......yes, much better...... and then........

....... I want to THROW UP. Just like clock-work, look who's coming.      
The narcissist. "It's cold in here".... In my head I'm praying to God... why? why God? I ignore the comment, like I do every day. Sometimes the narcissist shuts-up. Sometimes the narcissist raises it's voice... "can you at least turn down the ceiling fan"... The ceiling fan is on 2 speed, just right to circulate the air. 4 speed is 'helicopter' mode.... and with the last of the normal customers leaving... I was going to put it on that.. just long enough to cool down the place. It's fuckin 80 degrees in here! But now, with the monster here... I have to turn it almost completely off?

What kind of fucker can you be... and how could you sit there.......

This is the kind of fucker that can sit there very comfortably and watch you...sweat... pass out... shit your pants...and struggle to maintain your balance from the heat. This kind of fucker... after 20 years KNOWS exactly what time to come in.. every.. day... This fucker KNOWS.

Over the years... this fucker and myself have had civil arguments, some not so... as to why the place needs to cool off. One time, year or so ago... I stated... "I'm hot, I'm working, I'm not going to pass out because..."   I stopped at 'because' while viciously wiping down the counter. .....

Please listen readers and believe what I'm going to type right now.... this narcissist says.... "The customer is always right and I'm cold" .... I stop wiping down the counter... I laugh a little, shake my head, "really?"....'yes' the narcissist replies. I could feel my face tingling... I really think I'm going to have a heart attack. There's nobody but this monster in the shop, and it has it's coffee and donut... so I go into the bathroom to splash some water on my face, thinking I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS EVIL BEING IS EVEN ALLOWED IN THE STORE.

Recently this beast took a month long vacation to another Country. It was SO nice. What a DIFFERENCE when it stayed away. What a DIFFERENCE!

That's Strange

One regular comes in. It's just her and I. Ass hasn't touched the seat yet... asks if I have seen another particular regular yet that comes in everyday. Unbelievably, no I haven't, not yet, must be my lucky day. "Nooo" I say. So the regular says, 'that's strange.'  Strange.. I think. Strange is COMING IN EVERYDAY. I take a BIG chance and say with a super friendly smile and most calming voice.... I say..."well, it's kinda nice ... not to see the same person... every day..."  ---- silence----   I add  "sometimes a break... is needed..."  I'm wondering if I will say anymore... maybe I better shut up. --- silence--- as she is reorganizing her newspaper.  Holding my breath...  OF COURSE I'm on the edge of my seat ... hoping for a response... to what I just said.   .....................No comment.

Over the years... at different times... this exact scenerio has happened with every single one of the regulars, when it was just them and myself, alone at the Coffee Shop.  And they ask... if I have seen so and so, yet.

I say the exact same thing. I say 'nooo'  And they say 'that's strange'  Then, super friendly smile and most calming voice I say..."well, it's kinda nice... not to see the same person... every day..."    There is ALWAYS, silence, no comment after that.  I always add. "Sometimes a break... is needed..."  And I always wonder if I'm going to say something more.... but I don't. Because, they say... nothing... or change the subject.

I find that VERY interesting. They all say , 'that's strange' ... they think... it's strange.... when an everyday regular ... hasn't come in.. yet.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Starbucks Coffee Shops

Surfing the internet over the years, I like to read about other Coffee Shops out there... about their customers. I come across Blogs about customers sitting in Starbucks. Buying one drink and sitting for hours, on their computers. I have never worked in such a Coffee Shop and I wonder.... how would that make me feel.

By the way, before I go on.... much respect and a big kudos to the Barista's that make these delicious Coffee's. That is a skill I don't think I will ever know. All I do is pour regular hot coffee into a styrofoam cup and put a donut, or sandwich into a paper bag.... it's an old fashioned Coffee shop.

Old fashioned Coffee Shop, with those letter U counters, short stools and counters, that no matter where I am in the sit-down area, customers faces are directly, inches from my ass. It's an awkward, cringe-y  feeling.. and I wonder how the regulars can sit there all day every day, smelling my ass.

I see the plus working at Starbucks because the customers sit so far away from the employees and cannot talk, pester and stare them to death. Or do they? But I can certainly understand them hanging around all day on their computers taking up seats for other customers.


C'mon, Go Out With Me

Working in the restaurant business, you meet and get to know lots of people. Lots of... guys.... in my case.

You kinda get to know when one of them is going to try and ask you out. Rarely, there's a connection. But MOSTLY.... no. There are the ones who are really respectable and ask super sweetly. It really doesn't hurt to ask. And leave it ALONE when you let them know... 'I'm really sorry, but I'm so busy lately, I just don't have the time right now'

They know, you know and I know.... if you are attracted to someone... there is ALWAYS time. And much respect to the gentlemen... that... let it go... at that.

Then there is the one regular who used to come in ALLLL the time. Found a girlfriend, and don't see him for a year, more. Thank-you Jesus, because he WOULD NOT SHUT UP. But.... he's baaaaack. And... asking me out. Trying to be nice as possible, I'm hinting, no. Over and over for days.  He says to me...."you must have a boyfriend..." hmmm... "you must have a boyfriend"....wow.. I must have a boyfriend. There is NO other reason. Not because simply, I don't want to, there is no... attraction.... but I must have a boyfriend. The self-centered individual cannot fathom any other reason. There are MANY like this out there.

They LITERALLY believe ... you will not go out with them because you ALREADY have... a boyfriend. They CANNOT believe ... you will not go out with them because.... you simply don't want to.


Complete NUT

 In the many years of my career, I've seen this a lot. But it has been several years since I have seen it last. At the Coffee shop actually. I've never seen this guy before. It is a tourist town... so... Looking about 40ish,   well dressed, good looking, he is picking out a box of donuts, it's the afternoon, couple regulars sitting in there too... OF COURSE....

Well, I see a woman, about his age, well dressed, good looking... approaching the Coffee Shop from outside. She is smiling, arms swaying from side to side, walking confidently . In she comes... grabs him lovingly from behind...'what's taking you so long?' (it hasn't been a minute and a half) asking him, but looking at me... she, still smiling, got a hold on him, but looking at me. I can't remember but she was saying things like.. 'oh, you're just flirting with the lady' something like that and she's rubbing his face and shoulders, while looking at me!  Smiling, looking at me... so weird-ly! I'm nervous! 
At this point, I'm thinking.... she is a  complete MENTAL CASE and I wish he would just pick out their fuckin donuts and get the hell out of here. She's not once looking at the... donut selection. Staring at me, glancing at him. And I'm looking at the wall... at the donuts, at him... at her..... My God. I could swear he's stalling. He doesn't seem to be afraid of her or concerned for me.

So now, she is trying to pick a fight with him. Something about something that happened at the hotel they were staying at....  something about flirting with a female bartender, and now me, the donut lady. He's taking his time picking out the donuts... she's whispering... 'you're flirting with the (donut) lady'... hanging on him, he's 'shooing' her with his hands, laughing. I was so afraid! ....This was years ago. TODAY... I would of told them... to leave!... now! I put up with mental idiocy with the regulars... but this was a COMPLETE NUT.

And one may feel sorry for the guy... but I remember VIVIDLY... he was enjoying it!!! I can't help but wonder, in relationships like that... who's the more nut case.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An Angel Walks Into a Restaurant...

A regular?  There is a reason for the expression.... One In A Million. Good for her and God Bless him.

There are a.... couple... of multi-millionaires that come by the Coffee Shop.... very often. They keep to themselves and because of that... it's always a pleasure to see and wait on them. I basically just serve them coffee. It's an easy $1.00 tip.

Sons Of Sylvia Ashley Clark

Having the day off, morning coffee, relaxing... Reading the AOL news... I come across this story. Of course, this picture catches my eye. I'm looking and looking...bet your ass I'm looking and looking. 'Hey, he looks familiar. That's Ashley Clark from Sons of Sylvia. Wow, I was a big fan when I first saw them on  American Idol few years ago... what the heck are they up to?....'  I tear my eyes away from the picture, lol, to read the story.   Zac Efron?... I'm trying to remember the last time I've heard ... or saw a picture of Zac Efron.. it wasn't like this..... wow, Zac.

This is the last time I saw Ashley Clark......  
...... Ok, done a little googling... I see. Ashley and his brother's went their separate ways. What a shame. I loved Love Left to Lose and I'll Know You. Ashley shouldn't be in the background of anything. Has the talent, voice and the look.