Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man [Official Video]

Here we go. Just finished blogging about this in my Relationships.... a few minutes ago.

Bruno is singing about a man who lost a woman over neglect?

Sounds like some stupid needy narcissist suffocating the man who's trying to.... work.... make money.

"Should've gave you all...." all? all my hours? C'mon!  "Take you to every...." every? every party? C'mon!

"now she's dancing with another man"  Fuck her!!!! Do not cry over a monster. Guys and Girls! Do not cry over a monster... okay?

Relationships. Are Some of Them Worth It?

Sigh.... I've been thru several of them. If one wasn't cheating, he was freeloading, or doing drugs and not working... or, cheating, freeloading and doing drugs. I understand not all men are bad.  It just so happens the ones I was involved with were. And so are millions of others.  Men and Women. There are so many people out there that will make your life a living hell. And something in our brains 'love' them and we hang on. Sick. Us. Sick. Them. Sick. Whole situation. Sick.

I am not involved with any idiot now. I will never will be again. I know this for a fact. I'm done.

I was watching a television show the other night called Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal. Watching, shaking my head. There was a woman who had an affair. They have interviews with the cheater and the cheatee, well, the cheater says.... she is very needy. And her husband was hardly home, because, he was working. He works. I wanted to spit at her. You bitch.

And at the end of these stories the couples get back together. I feel bad for the guy when miss needy feels needy again when he needs to be at work. Unbelievable. Please everyone, keep away from these needy people. They will inflict pain and horror to you like you could never imagine.

Bored. People cheat, have affairs because they are bored. I say mental.

Well, after watching a couple of episodes back to back, and sick to my stomach, I thought I'd read a magazine I got in the mail that day. A catalog.  I flip a few pages and come across some magnets. Oh so hilarious, the description says. Here it is......


Imagine, hilarious.  Hilarious if you think the devil in all his glory releasing his wrath on you.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sex Problem??

Bleh.... saw this article the other day. See these articles here and there for years. Sex problem. It's a problem because we... women or men sometimes don't feel like having sex.... for Chrissake.

It's fuckin articles like this that get the boyfriend... or girlfriend to throw the 'it's your fault I cheated" in your face. Because you don't feel like having sex everyday or every two days... there is something wrong with you?? You have a problem? Those narcissists see articles like this and have a field day with you.

Unless you feel it could be a medical issue, you should have it checked out.... but the majority of the reason is simply.... because I don't want to!!!

Sometimes... lots of times... sex period! could be the problem! Damn.  "Many females suffer from low sex drive" Son-of-a-bitch if I only suffered from low sex drive in my...days... i wouldn't have gotten in so much trouble, caused so much stress and pain onto myself and others.

I'm at the time in my life where I simply... don't want to! And I have never been more Happier in my life!! Maybe i should go to the Doctor and find out what is wrong with me???

Low sex drive. Problem. My ass (no pun intended).

Boyfriend/girlfriend. Partners. Married. Someone... in the relationship is going to hurt the other person because of ... sex. Look at that television show Love Scorned... or something like that. Read the newspaper.... watch the news. Sex. Yeah, your sex drive is low.... go fix it and increase your chances of getting herpes std cooties.

Look at the picture at the top of the page. The model is portraying a woman... so sad... laying on her bed...hand on forehead, frustrated that she is not horny. Probably worried her boyfriend/husband or partner is out looking for someone who is horny. Oh boo-hoo. If that is the case, kick the piece of shit out! Get up. Don't lay there feeling... sad. Get a hobby, read a book, a book about relationships even... or better a book on mental cases like the one you just kicked out!

Get a job, money is good. A second job, more money is better! Spend that money on you! Don't get depressed over a piece of shit cheater. You could give it all the sex it demands of you and it will still cheat anyways.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One Direction look-a-likes

 In my day.... Angus. Oh how i love Angus.
  In my day.... Corin Nemec. I still crush over him. Sorta.
 Joe Jonas.
So sorry,  I don't have any thoughts on who Liam or Niall look-a-like.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

My granddaughter brought home a sheet of paper from school.... the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper. I haven't heard that story in years. I had to google it. The versions i read are different than the one i have here in my hand. If i may....

                                              The Grasshopper and the Ant

   Once there was a happy grasshopper. All summer long he hopped and leaped in the grass and lay in the warm sun. He was happy to be alive and spent every day doing all the things he wanted to do. He ate the green grass and the leaves of the bushes. He sang his grasshopper songs and played in the summer rain. He slept under the roses and calmly watched all the other insects.

  Living nearby was an ant. The ant was happy too, but she knew that summer would not last. The ant knew that soon the warm sun would be gone and winter would come. She dragged dead bugs into her nest. She stored little seeds to eat. She dug her home deep into the earth so she would not be cold later. She worked very hard all summer. She did not have time to sing and and play.

  The warm days of summer passed quickly. Soon all the plants were dead and brown. All the leaves had fallen to the ground. The sun was hidden behind clouds and the air was cold. the grasshopper was very hungry. He looked everywhere for something to eat, but couldn't find anything.

  Then he saw the ant. "Please, Ant, will you give me something to eat?"
    "Why would I give you something to eat? What have you been doing all summer while I worked to get ready for the cold?"
"I did not have time to work," said the grasshopper. "I sang songs, I hopped and leaped, and sat in the sun."
  "Grashopper, you played and never worked. I worked and never played. Why should I help you out when you did not help yourself?"
The grasshopper hopped slowly away and the ant went into her warm nest to nibble some seeds. "Foolish grasshopper," she said. "Now he will have to pay for the time he wasted. The winter will not be kind to the lazy one."


So, does this teach the children to not help your idiotic neighbor who is hungry because something in their brain tells them.... they don't have to work? Or does this tell the children, you better work and earn for yourself because... it's a cold ass, cruel ass world.

Lol, in the other version i read, the ant slams the door on the grasshopper.

I have two beefs about this version. First, why the title puts the freeloader Grasshopper's name first. Hard working Ant's name should be first. Second, the grasshopper is a he and the ant is a she. Laugh my ass off.
Love this picture. I shuddered looking at it. Too a tee it depicts some of the relationships I have been in.  And it reminds me of the local regulars that come in and just hang out thru-out the day.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sorry, another Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: In today's world, there are people who apparently cannot exist detached from their cellphones. In case you are wondering -- yes, I do have one, but I use it only for emergencies, not idle banter.
If I'm trying to hold a conversation with someone and he/she is playing with an electronic toy, I get up and walk away. It's obvious to me that my company isn't worth the person's time, so neither is theirs. If I am in a restaurant and people start texting, I get up and go and leave the person with the bill. (Of course, I make sure I have eaten first.) In other words, I show them the same amount of courtesy they have shown me, which is none.
What do you think of the statement I'm trying to make? -- OVER IT IN PATERSON, N.J.

DEAR OVER IT: Has it occurred to you that the person may not realize why you walked away? You could communicate your message more effectively if you spoke up when your companion reached for the cellphone and said you'd prefer your visit not be interrupted because you feel it is rude.

Omg. Why can't Miss Abby just tell this person that the reason they are fiddling with their cell phones is because they are hinting for him/her to ......

And then, lol, he/she is so angry in the restaurant they get up and leave the endurer with the bill?! But not before he/she has eaten first?! LOL! Not enough he/she talks the endurer's ear off, but stiffs them with the bill?! What would the endurer be doing at a restaurant with a can't shut the fuck up-per anyways?

And do you mean that all i have to do to get my local regulars to shut the hell up is break out my cell phone and start texting? Ahh, if it were that easy. They're some hard core can't shut the fuck up-pers.

Dagwood's Encounter with a Nutcase

Omg, don't you just love these fuckers. Believe me. If you ever have an experience with one of these mentals.... try your ultimate bestest to stay away from them. They will make you crazy.

Idiots in Storms

                         (quote)      Ignored Storm Warnings lead to Trouble

Law enforcement officials, highway department personnel and emergency responders — the people on the front lines of last week’s blizzard — have a simple message for the public: heed winter storm warnings and stay home.

People who ignored that advice caused the biggest problems during the massive storm that dumped 19.1 inches of snow on Amarillo, forcing key personnel to respond to incidents that didn’t have to be emergencies, officials said.

“They really need to listen,” said Roger Short, chief deputy for Potter County Sheriff’s Office. “When emergency people say don’t get out, don’t get out."  (unquote)

Snowstorms are beautiful. And they can be scary and dangerous if you are outside in one.  The above was taken from a recent online Amarillo newspaper. All i can say is... idiots.

'heed winter storm warnings and STAY HOME' ... yeah right. Tell an idiot and they do just the opposite. Now, i can understand if you are trying to get to work or HAVE to be somewhere.... 'People who ignored that advice caused the biggest problems...'   .... mentals always cause problems. Assholes.

'They really need to listen'  ... again, yeah right. Idiots.

It happens when it's rain storming too. And here in Texas it doesn't just rain, it friggin' tornado storms. And it's like EVERYONE comes into the Coffee Shop. And i could perfectly understand wanting to get out of the storm if you are allready in it..... but to come out of your house when it's starting to storm. Like these two local regular idiots couple of years ago. A husband and wife, barely making it inside from their car... "oh (she's wiping the hair from her face)... we saw it (storm) coming and thought we'd get some coffee" ..... why you stupid fucking idiot pest.

Was talking to this man who works at Walmart. He says when it storms, the store is packed. He shakes his head in disbelief. For we can't understand.... in the middle of a storm, idiots exit the safety of their homes and want to do their big grocery shopping. And i could understand maybe they are panicking for something to eat in case the lights go out..... but they are buying stuff that needs to go in the freezer or needs to be cooked. They are doing their big grocery shopping.... in the middle of a storm.

Stay at home you loonies. It's y'all that case nothing but trouble for the emergency personnel in snow and rain storms. And jeopardize the help for people who didn't ask for it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stupid test

Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society.  If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.  ~P.J. O'Rourke

Found this quote online some time ago and all i have to say is ... Isn't this the damn truth or what!

Although i have to say drugs are bad, very bad. Alcohol maybe even worst. My wish and fantasy is maybe one day a 'machine' will be invented where we can walk thru (yeah, like the ones at airports) and it will be able to 'see' these idiocracies in us... and stamp them on our foreheads.              


Keeping Old Pictures of Ex'es

I was watching the local news the other morning while getting ready for work. There's a Psychologist that they have come on every now and then and the topic was Keeping Old Pictures of Ex'es. Someone wrote a letter saying their new husband wanted her to throw away the pictures of her old boyfriend. I thought... i HAVE to hear this. Couldn't believe what i heard. Psychologist says, something to the point of... throw them away! Especially now that you're married! What reason do you have to keep them!

Why you stupid... ignorant... jackass.

                  I couldn't believe my ears. I had to think what day it was, what month, April Fools Day?Listening to some of her advice over the years is pretty interesting and i couldn't agree with her more. But that advice.... on that topic. Bullshit!

Those are memories!! Precious memories!!  Who the hell's to say they will still be married in a year or two anyways??!! If he's already telling her to throw away her pictures??!!

You should be able to keep your old pictures AND love letters of your ex's in your own home... both of you. Stored away of course. If there's going to be any cheating or straying... it most likely won't be with that ex in the picture. Or it might be! But who cares! Throw that piece of shit out of the house and move on! You don't want their sorry... stupid mental ass anyways!!!!

Keep those pictures... and those old love letters. 
Or, please give them to a family member you trust to hold them.