Monday, June 30, 2014

Take That Spoon And....

There's a customer that comes in, once a week, every Sunday morning... for a couple of years now. Has a coffee and something to eat, sit down. It's a normal habit on my part to bring a spoon when i'm bringing a coffee. This customer calls out...'hey' when I take a couple of steps away.... holding the spoon up in the air... 'I don't need this"

Having other customers at the take-out counter AND at the sit-down counter... I return to take the spoon back. Keep in mind, it is Sunday, and it is very busy. Being a year into this, sometimes I remember to NOT bring the spoon, but... like I said... it's a habit, and I do automatically... bring him a spoon... and it's the same thing... 'hey....I do not need this'

Few weeks ago... I bring the spoon... 'hey...'  I take the spoon out of his hand...and say, 'Sir, you are welcome to set the spoon to the side'... I smile.... he looks at his coffee says.... nothing.

I've been real good at remembering not to bring a spoon to him, but being so busy.....

Recently I forgot. Frustrated, I said... while smiling.. 'Sorry (name)...I forgot your phobia of spoons' ... I take the spoon. He used to tip..... he does not anymore.


I'm SURE there is a spoon phobia, but this guy holds and waves the spoon in the air, in a come and take it... narcissistic.... way.

Moral of the story... Do not piss off the narcissist.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


 Ever notice on the street, sidewalk, or parking lot... a q-tip... laying there, on the ground?

Do you wonder what nasty pig picked their ear and then threw it on the ground?... for you to look at?

I do... and I hope they find one just as nasty in their meal one day, maybe even take a bite of it before they realize what it is.

You GOT to have mental issues to be scraping the inside of your ear in public with a q-tip... and then throw it.. simply on the ground. Nasty. Just as nasty as the fucks who spit their loogies....on the ground. Get a tissue. pigs.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mental and Not Mental

This is not a picture of the Coffee shop I work at... but it's pretty darn close. The stools are a little shorter and the counters are letter U , two of them, and they are much lower. And we do not have tables. Tables would mean the regular would have to be at least two feet away from you... and the (most) regulars at my Shop... HAVE to be right on top of your ass

These two guys are spittin' image of what comes in my Coffee Shop. To a tee... both looking in the exact same direction.... most likely staring at someone working. Most likely there's a cash register right there , where she (waitress) often is... where she can practically smell their nasty breath. RIGHT ON TOP OF HER ASS. Most likely talk, pester and stare her to insanity. This scenario of these two {{shudder}} bring me daytime nightmares.    These... are mentals.


Now take a look at the two young ladies... farther back. They put enough distance where the waitress can breath. They are entertaining themselves and minding themselves. Most likely they will stay about an hour, if that, and leave. Most likely, they will not be back tomorrow, but maybe in a few days. This scenario of the two young ladies is very familiar to me. How nice. These are... NOT mentals.

And look at that clown to the far left. Legs stretched out. Like he's at home. Mother... fucker. Sit up straight, drink your coffee, eat your shit and get the fuck out. Most likely staring at the two nice normal young ladies.

Few Minutes Before Closing

How the fuck can you walk into a business, any business... a few minutes before closing. KNOWING this is going to be MUCH longer... than a few minutes. And be ok, with that? You've GOT to be a fuckin asshole.

                                                            I mean... LMAO....assholes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I offer or they ask, for a glass of water. And they gesture with their thumb and forefinger... as in... just a little. I'm at the sink area, I pick up the glass, put ice in it, turn on the faucet.... almost half full, or a little more ... I hear... "THAT'S GOOD!!" ... real loud. I think, why the fuck are you watching me and, Christ, what the hell does it matter? It's water.... It matters because the narcissist is controlling.... you.

"Little more coffee?" I come around with the coffee pot. I pour...almost half full, or a little more... their hand flies out next to the cup.... "THAT'S GOOD!!".... really loud and panicky. What the hell? I barely poured anything. And why can't I just fill it up? I could see if they want to just warm it up, but they add more cream and sugar. But... drinking it black? Why can't I just fill it up? I'll tell you why......

.... because the narcissist CONTROLS. Even something so simple. My goal is to say, especially the water.... 'WHAT DOES IT MATTER?! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DRINK IT ALL ANYWAYS!!'  I'm so working up the nerve. Shit sake, these people, ugh, make pouring coffee, something so simple, pouring coffee.... nerve wracking. Gotdamn feeding ground for these narcissists.   

Not long ago, I was so busy, busy hour in the morning. Semi-regular rackety bitty picks up her half full coffee cup, up high and yells... literally "more coffee!"  That's fine, customer wants more coffee. I know her, I know her "THAT'S GOOD" command. I'm pouring really slow.... few drops go in... "THAT'S GOOD!" ....I keep pouring, very slowly... it's almost close to the top... "THAT'S GOOD!"... this lady puts her fingers around the ear of the cup and is sliding it out from under the coffee pot.

I'm thinking, ha! I didn't stop pouring when you commanded it. I'M the one who said... WHEN. How do you like that??!!

Very apologetic, I say... because I know she's pissed... 'sorry, but you don't have to drink it all you know, sorry, sorry'.. she replies, 'but I just wanted enough to finish my donut'  ... Whaaat? That doesn't make sense... to me at least. What difference does it make?

I'm a coffee drinker. When I go out (rarely) for breakfast and the waitress/waiter is coming with more coffee, I say 'yes, please' and 'thank-you' .... I don't exclaim out loud "THAT'S GOOD!" as they are pouring the coffee ... and freak out for her/him to stop pouring... the coffee.... ever in my life, have I done that. What in the hell?

Wait for my rant... on coffee spoons... and what I said to an ex-preacher.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Is It Good?

I've been at the Coffee shop for many years. The take-out customers that come in, afternoons.... picking out some donuts. Taking their time (that's ok), they are browsing the donuts. They point, acknowledge the name of the donut, look at me and ask...'is it good?'

For years, with a smile, I say, 'yes, yes it is' .... and I do think it is good, in my opinion. But aside from that..... DO YOU THINK I'M GOING TO SAY NO!! IT'S NOT???

Take the past several months. The customer.... 'is it good?' Me, with a smile and a tilt of my head, looking at them... "Sir/maam... do you think i'm going to tell you it's not good?"  ....them, blank stare                                               
..... I add, still smiling... because they are just looking at me like they can't understand what I just said... "we have the best donuts in town, they're all very good, just depends on your taste..."

Let me say, DO NOT say these things to your customers. I only recently have the nerve because I have been at this place for a long time, and I am semi-old and very tired. How the fuck you're going to ask the employee, 'is it good' .... My God. Are you fucking kidding me.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Group Shot of my Regulars

Ugh, i've been so busy and on top of that been having trouble getting on Blogger. I have soooo much to blog about.  And yes, the regulars at the Coffee Shop are still going strong at making me crazy!!! How in the name of God can they come in every single day and torture me??  Here they are..... notice the grandiose kings... and they do think they are kings....


They sit there, in those little stools day in, day out, staring, watching my every move, some making comments... or talking endlessly after i've worked allready 8, 10 hours straight waiting on real customers, one after another without a break... and that's ok! But now i just want to collect my thoughts, catch my breath and get something to eat ... wait on the few more real customers coming in till i close up....

I'm so tired of bitching about them. I'm so tired of seeing them every single day.