Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dumbass Comment

Reading the AOL news tonight. Had to click on this interesting story. Interesting indeed. I am sorry that the secret child had passed. I didn't know she even existed. Sad nonetheless.

                                   Side note:  Damn, Clark Gable was fine as hell.

And i got to reading the forum comments on this story.  Those forums are always fun to read. And i came upon these two... comments.

By the way, i don't want to hear any shit on my "paint" skills. When i  learn how to use it.... i could get  dangerous.

So poster #1 is implying that Miss Young, being 22 years old at that time, was stupid, a dumbass.... and that we all were at that age. I get what she is saying. Most... lots.... of us were stupid at that age. I was. Boy, was i ever. So so many my age i know say they were too.... stupid at 30, .... never mind 22. But there are many 22 year olds with good heads on their shoulders. Good for them!

So we have poster #2 replying .... 22 isn't 18.  You see... being 18 years old ... and being 22 years a HUGE difference.  You see, your not going to do the foolish, dumbass things you did when you were 18... at 22.   22 isn't 18... 4 years....big difference.               MY ASS. Idiot.