Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Idiocy


                               A Complete. Utter. Idiot.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Five Minutes to the Hour

This pisses me off to no end. It's that time of year because of the Holidays that we are closing early... here and there. And it's near impossible to get the locals out of the shop.

         We have signs posting these times everywhere. And the locals know these times first hand.

And it's not even about the closing early. It's CLOSING time in general. I have NO problem with customers that come in at five minutes to the hour at closing and take it to go. But if your a local everyday customer and your still sitting there at five minutes to the hour of closing.... YOUR A DICK. Male or female.... your a DICK.

I have heard them say (not directly to me)... "I got five minutes"  Well........... your right. We are technically open for another five minutes you dick.... but... it would be nice.... if you had ANY compassion and UNDERSTAND that i have been here all day and would like to start cleaning up and go home... unlike YOU ... who sits here all day, everyday.

You can't be a bigger asshole when it's twenty minutes to the hour of closing and you come in... and sit down. By the time you slowly pick up that coffee cup to take your first sip... it's ten minutes to the hour. This is the time your narcissistic ass should be getting up and leaving. What an asshole.

Demi and Ashton - Behind Closed Doors?

And i know better. I know there is always two sides to every story. The big headline in this coming divorce is/was Ashton Caught Cheating. But now... everywhere on the web... it's... more to it.

And i posted the same picture i used in my previous post on Demi and Ashton because, damn... look at her!

She looks pissed. Tired. And i mentioned how she looks like she aged since this Ashton cheating thing started.

So... the more to it. Two sides to every story. Poor Ashton. Maybe Demi is a mental case at home drove/driving Ashton out of his mind. She could be one of those always pissed at something. Maybe all that cellulite popping up all of the sudden around her mouth, out of nowhere... is from many years of being... pissed off... at everything and everyone. I don't know. She's probably exhausted from being so pissed all the time.

Plastic surgery and expensive face creams don't just 'cave in' or 'give in' over night like that. Do they?

Let me end my post by saying Demi is gorgeous and sure, i'd give anything to look like her or any other beautiful female celebrity. But i wouldn't trade my sanity (Yes, i'm sane damnit!!)  for it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Demi and Ashton Divorce

*sigh* can look and look and look at him Demi till your ass falls off. You will never find the answer.

Unless it's just a bad picture of Demi, you can see that gravity is taking it's toll, around her mouth area. I would totally believe that the stress she is enduring has caused this.

        Look at the look she's giving him. I almost have to laugh. At her age she should have known.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cop Rescues Deer in Shock

Now this is a REAL MAN. 

Drama Queen Idiocy Recognized thru Comic Strip

                                                                     Hi and Lois

Yeah young man. One day your gonna get bored, sick, tired and fed up writing those songs of yours....

Look at the Dad's face... he can't believe what the little idiot just said.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Quick Thinking

I take the bus to work. And boy, do i have some Bus stories. These poor bus drivers, oh what they go thru...  One for now... i am at the bus stop. Sometimes there's a person or two waiting as well. But this particular day, just the other day... there's a lady waiting, in her fifties, more. I have never seen her before.

I was on my cell phone when i was approaching the bus stop. Quick glancing at her, i noticed she is looking dead on at me. Fixing to hang up in a minute, i'm thinking... oh hell no. Why am i having this feeling she is going to walk over here. Still on the phone i am making sure i have about a good twenty feet distance from her... I WANT MY SPACE! 

Okay, i hang up. I'm not looking at her, i'm not looking at her, i'm not looking at her. Purposely looking WAY the other direction. Please don't bother me, please don't bother me, please don't bother me...i'm whispering to myself.

Here she is!  Both of us.... Hello, hello *smiles*  She has a question about the bus route and scheduling. Whew, i think. I am happy to tell her.   And we have a short conversation about the bus route and schedule. 

Okay, listen y'all... listen to what i'm about to say.... The topic on bus is turning into a conversation on her dance classes, what she bought at Walmart last night.... a day she had shopping for shoes about five years ago... etc.

                                             WHERE'S THE DAMN BUS!!!!! 

I'm going to be dealing with this all day at work!!!!  WHY do i have to deal with this now.... on my QUIET TIME??!!!  Why Lord whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Oh Lord Why?


Here comes the bus. Oh no. She's going to sit next to me. Oh hell no. Bus pulls up.  I INSIST...  NO MA'AM... AFTER YOU.  I practically  force her to get on first. Because you see.... wherever she sits.... i will sit very far away from. She sat towards the front. I walked my ass to the very BACK. That was quick thinking on my part. I'm surprised i had any thought ... with my temples pounding as hard as they were.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebrity Ghost Stories

  Oh how i love this show on the Biography channel. I watch with amazement. Or any of those other Ghost Story shows, on Biography.

And sometimes i get pretty freakin scared... watching these shows. But it's okay... i say to myself. You never read in the newspaper about any one getting murdered by a ghost. But what about the people who suffer a heart attack and die?  Did they see a ghost? And didn't live to say?

Ooh scary. But i do believe in ghosts, and i did  believe in a lot of these stories... until......

Well, the stories were/are typical ghost night, asleep. Waking up and seeing an apparition, or sensing... something. Hearing... something... or someone.     

I DO believe. Years ago... well, someday, i will blog about that... but.... NOW there are stories, on these shows about ghosts getiing  ON TOP of the middle of the night.... in bed... and SHAKING you!


Dramatizing!  Sensationalizing!

Again... i love watching these shows. And they were fine the way they were. But they HAD to go into complete idiocy and make me wonder which stories are true and which stories are....


Just like that movie The Blair Witch Project back in 1999?  My family, friends and I were watching it on VHS one night... i never heard of it and they were telling me it's a true story. I believed it... watching it... i was scared out of my pants! Until towards the end of the movie... i realized....


That's just bullshit... can't be real! I actually burst out "Bullshit!! Can't be real!!" And they all burst out laughing! I was sooo relieved, but felt like a ding-a-ling. If the end of that movie wasn't so over the top... i would of believed it.

And i better not be woke tonight by some motherfacker ghost SHAKING  me because i blogged this. If i do, y'all be reading about me in the paper about some woman running out of her home screaming her ass off like no other hell has heard!

Three Steps Make it all Better

Yeah yeah yeah... steps that can actually make it better. I didn't even look... at these steps.

                                 Here's 3 steps that i WISH i could use on the can't shut the fuck up-ers....



Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kim Kardashian - Divorce, after 72 days

I wish we could of placed bets on this... with real money. I would of lost tho, by two weeks or so.  I said three months, tops.

Reading just a little about it on the internet. And caught a little about it the TV. There seem to be a few reasons why they are divorcing. I heard bad for business?  I heard the marraige was a hoax from the beginning. And somethings... else, i can't remember.

How about... they are a young couple, with a lot of money... they fell in love.... HARD,  someone got bored.... AND IT'S OVER. So simple.