Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bruce Jenner, His Hands Look Beautiful

Another story I'm hearing about. Most recently, Bruce Jenner... his nails. Comments on the internet are so horrible. I hope I live long enough where... none of this matters. I work at a popular coffee shop. I see all kinds, types... variety of people. People. 'Bruce Jenner" regular customers come in from time to time. I always tell them how fantastic they look. Pleasant, normal people. Much more normal than those regulars that sit there all day pestering me.

And they do... sometimes have a comment about my 'Bruce Jenner' customer after he leaves. Literally, I laugh and say "who is he hurting?"... giving a confused look. The regular turns it"s head sideways.... pissed off, you see... for me asking. Mumbles... "it's not normal"

Normal. LMAO!  You sit there, day in, day out, everyday for years... narcissist-ing me. Normal? Laugh. My. Ass. Off!   It... takes.. EVERYTHING... I have... not to tell it  this.
I feel so bad for good men, who aren't hurting anybody. Productive members of society. Gay, bi-sexual, transgender, or straight! If you can afford to professionally paint your nails and you want to professionally paint your nails... professionally paint your nails!! Why should that even be a subject??!!  Bruce Jenners fingers and hands look very beautiful! 

Mama June and Millions of Others

Never watched the show, certainly heard of it. And certainly hearing all about it on my favorite talk shows on my day off today. *Sigh*.....

So many women, men too... when they 'get' attracted to a bad, useless, even dangerous ... person. Something.... goes so wrong in our heads, our brains. Our thinking is beyond impaired. We are there, we are MENTAL. Not knowing we are mental in the head, we think YOU, the one who sees it crystal clear ... is mental. And we DON'T CARE what... you say. I LOVE this man. There is no hell... the very depth of hell, going to keep me from being with... him. I will run over ANYONE, like a freight train... if you try keep  me from him. I LOVE HIM and HE LOVES ME!!!
Please keep in mind, I have never...knowingly, God help me, been in a relationship, or dated someone like Mama June is accused of seeing. But I have been with some serious LOSERS. Blinded by what I thought was.. love. Sometimes I think back, and cry.... not because of what I was put thru. Not at all. But because of what I put my family thru... with the garbage I was involved with. Sometimes at night, in bed, thinking about those monsters.... I blurt out loud to myself, "Stupid, idiot...idiot!" Even challenging God... wiping away tears, "WHY did you make me so STUPID back then?"

What makes us so stupid... attracted to bad, useless, even dangerous people? Few years ago I came upon a website explaining this. Someone was explaining this. Something happens to our brains... this person on this website was explaining it so detailed, Sobbing, I was mesmerized reading it. And you know... with all the CRAP I have SAVED on my computer... I never saved this article, and to this day I cannot find it.

Mama June, along with MILLIONS of others... with children, is completely under satans spell... and this motherfucker (satan) is not going to let her, and the millions of others go.... until the destruction is to it's satisfaction. Heartbreaking. Disgusting.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Talk To Me. Somebody. Anybody. Talk To Me.

The regular. Comes into the Coffee Shop. No one but me there, (rare occasion) early afternoon. I'm trying to straighten up the Shop from the day's hectic-ness. It's like a tornado blew thru and I have so much to do. I have been at work, working eight... EIGHT hours so far. Debating should I eat that delicious slice of pizza I brought from home now... or wipe down and organize the donut and sandwich showcases first. And this torturer probably just woke up not to long ago and wants to be entertained. Sure enough....

"How are you? How you been?" ..... "Good, super busy, trying to get lunch but a lot to clean up first" I DARE NOT ask how are you. But no starts blabbing anyways.

I'm pulling out empty trays from the showcase. Holding them... they're heavy, standing in the doorway to the kitchen. Lmao. He can see I'm inching my way... into the kitchen... but won't shut up. I'm just 'mm-hm, mm-hm'... and I walk away. He is STILL talking. I could hear him, but can't hear what he's saying. I put the trays in the sink and go back out to the dining room. 'mm-hm, right, right' I say, like I been listening the whole time. So I lean up against the counter across from him and let him blabber. I'm doing an experiment. I know another regular is not far behind. I WISH I could record what's going to happen soon. Mental Health experts could study this.

Sure enough.... enters... another regular... my torturer is fixated on him. Loses COMPLETE interest in... me. STOPS mid sentence of his blabbering.  "Hey, how are you?!".. he says to the other regular in a loud excited voice. Now he has a buddy. Now they can talk each others asses off. And I can have my lunch, wait on real customers and do my side-work in peace.        

You see, they don't care who listens to them. They don't care who responds to them. You are an object to them. You are a thing to them. They don't care what you've been thru..still going thru.. at work.. disheveled, hungry, tired, obviously busy. They... the regular 'sit all day' pester.... customer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What's going on?... with this ebola?

 The things I'm reading about online and watching the tv news. I'm scared. Working so many hours, I don't get to see or read the news ... a lot. But I'm off today... and yesterday. And I'm scared. What's this shit I'm reading about an IDIOT who treated a patient with ebola and... flew... somewhere?????

You know... my blog was created for me to vent... about my experiences at work. I am anonymous ... I don't name names of idiots... that bring my blood pressure sky high. But this IDIOT... who flew.. somewhere. And the original ASSHOLE... who started this... in Dallas, Texas.... not too far from where I am.... is beyond words.  IDIOTS and STUPID... ASSHOLES. Epitome of self entitled..

Like when it's storming,  roads are flooding... the news tells you.. if you don't need to go out... don't. But the SELF ENTITLED ASSHOLE is like... "Tell me I can't go outside?" And out they go!! These people are SICK!! There's something so wrong in their heads! Like this nurse. OMG... YOU ASSHOLE!!!

I fly out of state every several months to visit Family. I was just there a month and a half ago. IF I had a ticket, to fly today... I would CANCEL it. BECAUSE of what is going on. I would STAY out of THEIR way.... until THIS scary killer is UNDER CONTROL!!!  COMMON SENSE!!!!


 LET THEM WORK ON CONTAINING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

She Seems So Nice... But...

There's this one lady, comes in often, for years. Lately... almost every day. Very well dressed, very well to do. From day one.... years ago... I hate to wait on her. Makes me so damn nervous. Something about her. Always something. She seems so nice... but... something. I could start a new Blog on her alone. Two, three , more... times a week for years. SOMETHING...ALWAYS with her.

Take a couple of years ago. I am waiting on her. Bring her coffee. So far so good. Coffee... always. Asks for a donut or sandwich. This time... a donut. Chocolate. Jesus... we have several different kinds of chocolate. As always with her I have a feeling.... this is not going to go good.  Because she is sitting at the farther letter U counter stool away from the register (her favorite stool, EVERY regulars favorite stool, right up my ass their favorite stool... swear, I'm gonna rip this stool off the floor someday).... because she is sitting at the farther letter U counter stool away from the register (there's an actual normal customer sitting there)....I could SENSE she is pissed... she stands up and ...points... at the donut showcase...'that one'...

'that one' pointing, she says. Now I KNOW this is... not good. At the donut showcase, I point to the donut I'm guessing she's pointing at from 20, 25 feet away... ok....

"no... that one (her finger wiggling)".... 'this one?' ..... 'no... no. that one.' (her finger wiggling faster) Swear to GOD..... 'this one?!'  There's a customer at the take-out counter right in front of me.... 'no' her finger air jabbing now. I'm struggling now... 'this one?'  ... 'no... no'  ..... I swear to....  I blurt out kinda loud... "(Name)!I don't have time for this!"  I must of stunned the bitch. She NAMED... fast!... the donut she wanted. "Omg (name)... that's the first one I pointed to... and asked you... you said no"... As I'm bringing her the donut... I'm mumbling... quietly.. "and you knew the name of the donut, too!" ... The whole Coffee Shop fell silent... and there were a few people in there.

She KNEW the name of the donut and had me STRUGGLING ... trying to figure out... what she wanted!

            I don't know about the slander part... but damn, this is spot on with most of the regulars.

There's another regular I got into it with several weeks ago. Swear... to ... God.... I thought I was gonna pick up my shit and quit...thought I was gonna get fired too. Ugh, I want to write about it so bad. Been thinking about it everyday now. A regular. The only fuckers I have a problem with in a career I love.

First Sign of Idiocy in a Relationship

No offense Dr. Fillmore.... Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit!!!!  Happier? Your Spouse cheats on you numerous times... or once. How do you look him/her in the face.... while your working  it out? What do you see... you see a cheater!  How do you feel? Happy? No, you feel ... sick!  Always... every time you see their stupid stinkin face... you feel sick! Aside from that.... it's 100% guaranteed... he/she... will do it again. That's a fuckin fact, proven time and time again.

You have a bully, bossy spouse... most likely a cheater too..... watching your every move? Your working on that? The bully-ing and bossy-ing has been going on for so long. So it's in remission. You're going to be on eggshells till it comes back? And it will!!  A narcissist doesn't change. Everybody knows that! Ok, he/she is cured. Your thoughts of being bullied and bossied from this person years ago .... is a happy thought? 

You have a spouse that can't keep a fuckin dollar in the bank. Obsessive spending, gambling, whatever. You work hard, or you both work hard... but can't keep a savings account. You're working on that? A spendaholic NEVER changes. Fact.

 Don't even get me started on a drug addict and/or alcoholic. You're working on that? Keep dreaming the delusional dream.  They DO NOT change. How HORRIFIC to KNOW someone like this, let alone be in a relationship with this.

Physical abuse? In the name of GOD.... don't even try to work this out...Run like a motherfucker... run!!!

My advice is, any sign of idiocy... run! Run so fast. Any sign of's who they are. That's who they truly are. WORK on taking care of you and your children. God, or whatever higher power... the children, innocent children... who have to see the horror, because of the supposedly good delusional idiot who believes a dangerous idiot can change.

Ah, Sweet Married Life.

Working in the Coffee Shop, is like bartending...and I have done that. People tell you stories. Take for example, the elderly.... who have been married for years. Shit, some for 30, ...60 years! Wow... imagine... so lucky in love.

Lucky... yeah, ok. You should hear the shit they've been thru in those years. I have been single all my life. Been in a few serious relationships, in between... dated. I could of married and endured any one of those... serious relationships of mine. One in particular, we'd be celebrating our 30 years married.

But, I decided to put an end to the lying and the cheating. The mental abuse, walking on eggshells. You can look with admiration at a couple who tell you, "we've been married so and so years..." get one of them alone. Jaw dropping.... what one or the other put up with.

There may be... may be... couples who have been happily married, for many years. But I don't know, or have heard of one yet... and my ass is up in years mind you.

Couples fight... they fight hard. One or the other put up with A LOT OF SHIT.  It drains you to the core.

God... the stories I've heard of thru-out the years...seen, even...and my own experiences. You grow terrified... paranoid. Don't want any part of it... anymore. Myself... at this point in my life... I have NEVER been more HAPPY... more RELAXED... so my life.

                  Me...nowadays --->
  Me.... nightmare years --->         

Friday, October 10, 2014

Coffee Shop Bowel Movement

I've noticed something about these regulars, and it's pretty gross. Most of them. Men and women. They come in to ... shit. They come in at the same time, every day. They drink their coffee, twenty minutes later, refill... maybe another refill, then ten minutes later they are in the bathroom, taking a shit. Some leave shortly after, some hang around for the next hour, more. Nasty. Pigs.

I believe they cannot shit at home and have to come to the Coffee Shop to induce a bowel movement.

I do not want to know this, but after all these years you can't help but put two and two together. I've yet to find out which one of them shits all over the mens toilet bowl around 3, 4 o'clock. And guess who has to clean it up. Oh you nasty pig, I think I know who you are.

While You're Not Busy

Aside from the early morning madness at the Coffee Shop, I just finished waiting on a surge of customers, lasted maybe fifteen minutes, but been busy with a steady flow all morning. Ringing up the last of my customers... for now... I kinda grip the side of the cash register , look at the baker who's in the kitchen right to my left, I fling my head backwards a little, laugh and go "whew!" He laughs. I look around to see what needs to be done immediately.. Wash some cups, spoons... pick up... some cups, spoons and miscellaneous items when....

....sitting on that little stool, at that little bar to my immediate right... right up my ass... a regular. "while you're not busy... ring me up"    ........ You. Fuckin. Bitch.  While I'm Not Busy.
I've stopped running around after four hours like a lunatic for five seconds. Count em...1...2...3...4...5. "While you're not busy...ring me up"   

You know..... *deep breath* ..... I do not mind ringing you...up. Ask me. Or tell me. Yeah, tell me, be damned if you ...ask.  But don't put the 'while you're not busy' bullshit in there. I'm busy....there are a dozen things on my mind, and I have a lot to do. But I certainly DO NOT MIND ringing  you the middle of all this.

Anyways... I look at her. I smirky laugh ... and say... "ok, not busy"... I deep breath... ring her up. At this time I'm laughing, laughing as in.... a friendly way. Faking it... bad. Inside I'm thinking... you... asshole.  I remember her saying...pissed, sideway head turn...."you know what I mean" ...