Monday, February 28, 2011

Running Out of Patience

I was so busy at the Coffee Shop. Sold EVERYTHING. It was slow when my Boss came in around 2. No one in the shop. Told me to go ahead and close up. I told her "The locals are going to freak out when they pull in and see me doing last minute things and the door locked"

She said, 'doesn't matter, close it up...' At that very second HERE COMES A NUT WHO ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY COMES IN EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!  TWO THREE TIMES A DAY!!!!

AND ANOTHER ONE!!!!  My boss is fleeing at this point, lol.

I tell them my boss said that i can close it up and go home. Oh the attitudes.......

I start cleaning up, leaving the coffee on.... when i'm done THEY ARE THE FUCK OUT THE DOOR!!! ASSHOLES!!

And another comes in "i'm fixin' to close up, boss says it's slow and nothing to sell..." i serve him coffee.

These 'friends' sitting there... with NOTHING to do... watching me trying to clean up, to go home... just sitting there, chatting with each other....

I dump the coffee out, turn off the machine,  pick up my keys .... IT'S 4:00 NOW!!  2:00 I WAS TOLD TO GO HOME!!!! I go towards the door "i'm locking it up"  I'm pissed beyond words.

Oh look, here comes another one!!! I yell out to her in her car, CLOSED!  SHE GETS OUT OF HER CAR AND PUSHES PAST ME at the door i'm trying to lock!!!! Walks up (doesn't sit) to the stool she always sits at, looks at the coffee maker... "no coffee... nice"

Again, i say "boss said to close it up..." She mumbles something like "This place going to hell' rolls her eyes and makes a 'disgust' sound.



The Coffee shop is not a Mental Asylum, IT'S A COFFEE SHOP!!!!!!!!!! AND I COULD OF BEEN OUT OF HERE 2 HOURS AGO!!!!!

I am so sick of dealing with these regulars. I wish to GOD the Shop would pull those fucking stools out of the floor. WE DON'T NEED THEM!!!!!  Big money from take-out counter anyways!!!

My stress level is at it's peak. I'm off the next few days. I know it will be a topic when i get back. I can't promise to bite my tongue. Enough is enough. It's a gotdamn coffee shop, i am closing up, GET THE FUCK OUT!!!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exactly What He Says


LMAO! I love this guy!  @ 3:15  lmao... "what the fuck?! Get the fuck out!" Exactly, exactly! what i say (out loud!) when i get home from work remembering an idiot for a customer that day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fired Teacher for Blogging

We had a little discussion at work about that teacher who got fired for blogging. Can't believe the lack of empathy the customers have... wait, yes i can.

Since i was at work i was a little hesitant to say what i thought. But what i wanted to say but could not get a word in, after my initial comment was "I can totally understand where she (teacher) is coming from"

They (customers) went balistic. She (teacher) was WRONG!!

What i wanted to go on to say was... "How soon we forget the stress of work. Imagine the stress she was feeling"

I understand the teacher was blogging about children, but no names were mentioned. I think her getting fired... fired was ridiculous. Maybe told to take the blog down, but not fired.

My customers, how soon they forget, the daily STRESS and agony of ANY job.  I know I will never forget and never lose my empathy.

My customers.........

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Customer is always right?

My Ass.   Started by Harry Gordon Selfridge, founder of Selfridge's Department Store in London, 1909.

OMG. Thanks a lot you dick. Thanks a lot for the pain and suffering employees endure over this bull.

Thanks a lot for making an advantage to all the narcissists and all the mentally not right come into our businesses and torture us. NOT ALL, but the sick, who crave to see us squirm.

Customer is always right, my ass. Not with all the NUTS out there.   Screw you Harry.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I heard on the news a teacher got fired for blogging... about her students, i'm assuming high school. And i tried to put a link up, the easy just click kind. After an hour, i got tired of trying, so if anyone is interested in this story, copy and paste? Sorry.

And this got me really nervous because i blog, vent about my customers. I don't want to get fired, not because i entertain depressed, needy, mentally ill individuals who got nothing to do all day but sit in a coffee shop while i'm trying to work. That's not my job description, and somtimes i need to vent about it.

So.... i'm going to delete a few of my posts, and pictures.

I'm having too much fun blogging about the restaurant business and the customers that come with that. There are a LOT of different kinds of mentall illness out there, and i don't have a problem with that... but if it messes with MY HEALTHY mind, i want to talk about it. I will be damned if they make ME nuts, like they are.

I created another Blog, gonna have some fun with that!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where to find the good men

 Okay, okay, i'm looking for a date for Valentine's Day.  A friend of mine told me there's an annual meeting where all the single perfect men are.... but only once a year. I thought i'd go check it out. Here is what i saw.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Take two and call me in the morning

Ahh, the days.  


Single life

I am single. I answer to no man. Can't tell me where to go or what to do. Can't tell me how or when. Can't tell me anything.

The remote is mine. And the bathroom is available when I need it. And when i go in there the seat is down and no piss drops to wipe up.

The whole bed is mine. I can stretch my legs and arms out as far as i damn well want and not smell nasty farts or listen to loud snoring. I fall asleep watching a television show I like.

I hell no have to cook for anyone but me. The time saved on that is astounding. Clean? Ha! Nothing to it.

I'm at work, thinking of that one beer i have in the fridge. Will it be there when i get home? Damn straight it will.

Isn't money problems #1 reason couples fight? 

And cheating. Is he cheating?  Who?  Is who cheating?  No one!!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I've been busy

If anyone has noticed, i haven't been blogging the past several days. I've been busy with Valentine's Day coming and all. It took a while, but... got my trap set.

               I WILL HAVE... AND KEEP A MAN DAMNITTTT!!!!!!




Valentine's Day approaching

Yes, i'm single. I date but lately do not feel like it. I will most likely spend Valentine's Day without a date, and that's okay. I'm exhausted. And will blog about men somewhere, sometime (might need to start another blog just for that, lol) down the line.

But for now, i say....