Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Aww, Prince Dead

How I love Prince. Always thought, if he met me.... he would really like me, and we could live happily ever after. Lol, ~sigh~  Seriously... this man was an icon. A great performer. Entertained us... so much fun to watch him... listen to his music.

I find it so 'creepy' please, 'creepy' I say for lack of a better word... that he had to die in an elevator in his home. Lyrics to one of my favorite songs of his  "And if the elevator tries to bring you down... " "Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down..." Let's Go Crazy.                                                                            
Can't stop thinking of him. Loved him, his work.

Just a side note, I'm thinking. Why was he all alone in his home when he just had a near death experience on his airplane on his way... home? Why was there NO ONE in his home, with him, but him? Not an assistant, not a maid? Not a... friend? No one.

But then.... I know. Being around SO many people ALL day. Entertaining ALL DAY. You don't want to see or... look at... anybody. Anybody.

 Ugh, Prince. Rest in Peace. You-Tubing you like.... crazy.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Looking for Love

Boy...... do I know a few. Godspeed to the ones who attach themselves to these. Men and women. Poor boys and girls.

Typical... Scene From "Yes, Dear"

                       Don't be mad... because you have to work on Valentine's Day???????

Seriously man? Why the fuck would there be cards in the back? At 6pm on Actual Valentine's Day?  Ok, ok.... the girl working should of just said, 'no sir, there are no more cards in the back'....

AND THEN.... he goes up to a display and AGAIN!!!! Asks AGAIN!!!! Do you have any more like this in the back????

On top of that... the character playing this scene......DOESN'T WORK????????  Thank you writer!!! I caught on to that bullshit!!!! Fuckin loser has no idea what it's like!!!!!!

Winning The Lottery

Buying a lottery ticket. You work like an animal. Like SO many do... for SO SO many years. After work you go to your local convenience store. You get a six pack Budweiser (or a Coke-a Cola) and a quick pick lottery ticket. You go home. Wash up, make something to your household chores... maybe have a few minutes to get on the computer, or watch a little tv... before you have to go to bed, to sleep... and be back at work... in the next several/few hours... ugh.

It's time to go to bed. It's only several hours before you have to get up to go to work.

You... kinda,....the next early, early! morning, thinking... yes... I have a minute to  check,  on my smartphone... the numbers for the lottery ticket I bought last night... that's sitting on my dresser.... praying to GOD... PLEASE... let this be the one. Thinking,.... OK... you are a winner... but you will go to work TODAY... and that's it!!!  
                                              Lol... begging.     


In my case... I sit there. (for now) Looking at my loser ticket. Thinking.... OMG please!!!! Have I not have enough???  ~sigh~

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happily Ever After

I got this from a newspaper few years ago while I was at work and taking my minute and a half break in the afternoon. I save this shit and put it in my 'blog' stuff on top of my computer desk when I get home, from work .. that I just have no time for... when I get home, from work. This article is from like 5 years ago! Took a snapshot of it just now, blog it!
Ok, so I'm thinking, looking at it now. Why did I circle this? And then bring it home, and throw it on my computer desk.... 5 years ago? I certainly have something to say about this?

Was it, is it.... that 89%..... Seriously.... 89% of singles believe you can stay married to the same person... forever???? Forever???

From the many many many people I know in my wide circle of friends, acquaintances, family distant and close... customers from present and past.... neighbors present and past....

From ALL that.... from years ago to now.... shit, off the top of my head I can think of 2... that are still together. If I missed someone (couple)... ok..... 4 or 5. And the people STILL together are because one or the other ENDURED the fuck out of the other.

They are the ones who endure(ed) the cheating, the spending money, the gambling, the drinking.... the verbal abuse. I could of stayed with ANY of my past long term relationships... with this shit... and sit here today and say ..... I BEEN MARRIED  35 YEARS!!!!!


Interest Rates on your Savings Account

Laugh .Out. Loud. Are you laughing out loud? Shaking your head in disbelief? When you go into your savings account every now and then to check the balance? to see how much you're earning on your savings?

Of course I'm not going to say how much I have in my savings. But if you work like an animal and put away your hard earned money instead of blowing it on shit you don't need, like mentals do do...and you see... a dollar, $1.00... one single dollar and some change... on $10,, that you have had in the bank, for years.... without touching it (withdrawing).....

....stop blinking. Because you're not seeing things. The Bank earning MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars from loans and overdrafts... every single minute, from thousands of people.... every day.   .... They can't put? $10.00??? in every month instead of  a... dollar???? on untouched and growing? ... on my measly $5, $10 deposits a week, a month....  $10,000????....

I opened a savings account for my granddaughter about 12 years ago when she was born. I put $20. Three months later a statement came in the mail. She earned .02. TWO CENTS!!!! MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!

They couldn't put in .10cents???? TEN CENTS YOU MOTHERFUCKERS????? You couldn't spare a fuckin dime????? ...on the millions of dollars you make?? on $20 that has been sitting in the savings account for three months???? Fuckers. Motherfuckers.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Reclining Seat Back... Airplane

Read some time ago about a fight, physical fight... on a domestic flight, probably Southwest? About a passenger 'angry' at another passenger in front of them reclining their seat.

Sure you have a right... to recline your seat. But how the fuck you don't have any thought about how the passenger behind you... feels? It's already so damn uncomfortable on an airplane, we are all trying to only get thru this....     OMG, look at this, what a cunt.


Tho it's been a while (couple years, I fly twice a year) that someone in front of me has done that... but the one's that do.... have you ANY thought of how it feels to the person behind you????


And how could, domestic Airlines allow this? Fuckin narcissists. Get rid of this reclining seat shit already.