Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A 'Regular' Behind Me at Walmart

She comes in every few days, at the Coffee Shop. She's 60's, nice lady... but will talk your head off. She comes in when I'm kinda busy in the mornings, so I dodge her stories because... of constantly  incoming customers, sit-down or take-out. When her and another regular, by chance, sit side by side to one another... it is talk the hell out of each other fest ... and my relief.

I see many semi-regulars, take-out or sit-down, from the Coffee Shop at Walmart. It's almost always "Hi, Hello... good good ha ha, ok, see ya, have a good day!' I have NOTHING in common with them except... they are my Coffee Shop customers... and it IS nice to see them at Walmart and say... Hello!

I never thought when I heard this motherfucker behind me, in line, at check-out, in Walmart, after my 13 hour shift andijustwanttogohome....when she said 'hello'... and I turned around to say 'hello'.... and my body language faced the front again....My body language was so obvious! OMG, but then SHE WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE NEXT TO ME AND MY WALMART CARRIAGE!!!!!! YAKKING ABOUT .... I DON"T KNOW WHAT!! OMG OMG!!!

This was beyond a horrific nightmare. I was so tired. My mouth hurt, my brain hurt, my body hurt. I just wanted to get some things to make a BLT sandwich later after I'm done with my, still, at home responsibilities. Sweet Jesus, I hope to get 5 hours of sleep tonight, I'm so busy with my life!!! It took almost 10 minutes to get to the front of the line. I was in such agony listening to her. I don't mind waiting in the long lines at Walmart.... I collect my thoughts, thoughts I don't get to have at work, because I"M WORKING!!! But I'm not working now and this lady is PISSING ME OFF!

I almost said to her "oh, I forgot something" just to get away from her and get in another 20 items or less long line. I endured. I hate you ma'am. For putting me thru that. My stupid, kind ass,SIMPLY NODDING.... not hearing a thing she is saying.... enduring the babbling after a long exhausting 13 hour shift ....(a minute here, a minute there 'break') and DAY STILL NOT OVER WHEN I HAVE PETS AND FAMILY TO TEND TO!!!! to an idiot who can't in her wildest nightmare understand why.... how.... to just leave me alone. To let it go... after a simple 'hello' I'm just standing there 'listening' nodding my head... OMG!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

MY Right of Way! Vrooom!

There's a young lady that comes in the Coffee Shop every now and then, in the afternoons. The afternoon. Not so busy, but a few real customers, and the regulars... always. And clean up from the morning.

I'm in the kitchen some of the time, in the sink. I can see the front door, thru the large glass window AND thru the door to the dining room... when someone comes in. This young lady comes in, she looks to the right, she looks to the left. Without missing a step or taking a breath, takes two giant steps right to the glass window like a nutcase.  Drying my hands, I'm there coming thru the door to wait on her. Seconds!  BUT NO.... she  already has her face to the glass window, knocking, 'hello' she's cooing. She can't see me I guess from the glare from all the windows in the dining room. But I can see her, and she looks like a lunatic, face pressed against the window.... eyes darting back and forth across the room she can't see.

This happens everytime. Hasn't she figured out yet.... I'm right here!! Ok, so I have a seperate Blog post about these 'glass clingers'.....

This is what I caught this particular customer doing on the road, entering the parking lot to the Coffee Shop.

I was just happening to be looking out of our large glass windows as I was working. I saw a car getting ready to take a left turn to the Coffee Shop. I saw an oncoming car coming from the other direction, going at a decent speed..... but she cut right in front of him!! He honked his horn!! He almost hit her!! I yell out 'omg!'

My regulars... behaving, entertaining each other, look at me 'whaaat?' ...looking outside from their seats. I say, well, 'there was almost a wreck'.... looking outside from their seats, not seeing anything unusual, they resume behaving.

At this point I'm thinking....In just a few seconds I'm going to see who this impatient, dangerous fuck is. I can't tell who it is at this point. Out of the car, here she comes! It's her! Glass clinger! Shaking my head,  I say out loud, 'that's about right, wow.' The regulars now, 'what, what?'.... 'I'll tell you later' I'm hushing them up.

In she comes. But this time I'm 'right here!' I am right here at the counter. Funny, because I was heading into the kitchen. I say, 'omg, I saw that. You ok?' as she is coming thru the door. She says 'yeah', she looks very embarrassed. I say 'be careful' and... then, cheerfully 'alright! Let's get some donuts!'
Funny thing is when she's ordering her dozen donuts, she takes her time, which is fine, of course! I love waiting on her. I'm familiar of her favorite ones. Sometimes she tries something different. We laugh a little, we chit-chat a little. Perfect customer.

So, anylyzing this. She's impatient as hell. Won't wait 3 seconds to be waited on. And from seeing with my own eyes, won't wait her turn in traffic. What's 'funny' is... she's a waitress here in town, for several years.
                                                                                                                                                                    IMAGINE ... if I was an asshole. If I had the nerve, the time, the money (pricey kinda) to go into her restaurant... and get her attention to wait on me NOW... like she does! Like if she's in the kitchen getting another tables order but I'm ready to order NOW and I want to get her attention thru the little window on the door to the... kitchen. This is how obviously ridiculous she looks like when she comes in!!                                


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Aww, Prince Dead

How I love Prince. Always thought, if he met me.... he would really like me, and we could live happily ever after. Lol, ~sigh~  Seriously... this man was an icon. A great performer. Entertained us... so much fun to watch him... listen to his music.

I find it so 'creepy' please, 'creepy' I say for lack of a better word... that he had to die in an elevator in his home. Lyrics to one of my favorite songs of his  "And if the elevator tries to bring you down... " "Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down..." Let's Go Crazy.                                                                            
Can't stop thinking of him. Loved him, his work.

Just a side note, I'm thinking. Why was he all alone in his home when he just had a near death experience on his airplane on his way... home? Why was there NO ONE in his home, with him, but him? Not an assistant, not a maid? Not a... friend? No one.

But then.... I know. Being around SO many people ALL day. Entertaining ALL DAY. You don't want to see or... look at... anybody. Anybody.

 Ugh, Prince. Rest in Peace. You-Tubing you like.... crazy.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Stupid Cashier Can't Count

Me, busy morning, I'm by myself, as usual. Some ding dong comes in buys one donut. .85cents. Gives me a $5 bill..... and a dime.

For the life of me I couldn't figure out what the fuck?????  I'm thinking... concentrating. What the fuck is her change??? We don't have a register that tells you the change. We have to use our brains. And I normally have NO PROBLEM.

OK... .85cents is the purchase. She gives me a $5 bill... and a dime. Keep in mind...KEEP IN MIND ... I have been busy... BY MYSELF for almost 3 HOURS NONSTOP!!!! there is no fuckin break!!.... waiting on customers!!! sitting down and take-out customers!!!

I break out the calculater from underneath the cash register. I start to calculate. BEFORE I even complete the calculation... I'm thinking... ok... the change is... I think.... .25cents, and $4.00. I cancel the calculater.

Never seen this asshole before, never seen her since. I say asshole because I think back... months and months ago...... you couldn't see how busy I was... couldn't you just hand me the fuckin $5 bill... and go away??? I'm not the bank. She wanted a quarter back. I... now... sane mind... can see crystal clear what the change is... duh. But in the middle of complete and utter CHAOS........ omg bitch!! Omg, this meme is me at work, lol!

Busy as hell, but everything going smooth as hell..... and this jerk comes in... with her five dollar bill.... and.10 cents... omg asshole, lol.

And before any motherfucker comes across my blog all comfy and not a care in the world... and laughs at this... TRY... try to wait on multiple people for three hours straight...and figure that shit out!!

Looking for Love

Boy...... do I know a few. Godspeed to the ones who attach themselves to these. Men and women. Poor boys and girls.

Typical... Scene From "Yes, Dear"

                       Don't be mad... because you have to work on Valentine's Day???????

Seriously man? Why the fuck would there be cards in the back? At 6pm on Actual Valentine's Day?  Ok, ok.... the girl working should of just said, 'no sir, there are no more cards in the back'....

AND THEN.... he goes up to a display and AGAIN!!!! Asks AGAIN!!!! Do you have any more like this in the back????

On top of that... the character playing this scene......DOESN'T WORK????????  Thank you writer!!! I caught on to that bullshit!!!! Fuckin loser has no idea what it's like!!!!!!

Winning The Lottery

Buying a lottery ticket. You work like an animal. Like SO many do... for SO SO many years. After work you go to your local convenience store. You get a six pack Budweiser (or a Coke-a Cola) and a quick pick lottery ticket. You go home. Wash up, make something to eat...do your household chores... maybe have a few minutes to get on the computer, or watch a little tv... before you have to go to bed, to sleep... and be back at work... in the next several/few hours... ugh.

It's time to go to bed. It's only several hours before you have to get up to go to work.

You... kinda,....the next early, early! morning, thinking... yes... I have a minute to  check,  on my smartphone... the numbers for the lottery ticket I bought last night... that's sitting on my dresser.... praying to GOD... PLEASE... let this be the one. Thinking,.... OK... you are a winner... but you will go to work TODAY... and that's it!!!  
                                              Lol... begging.     


In my case... I sit there. (for now) Looking at my loser ticket. Thinking.... OMG please!!!! Have I not have enough???  ~sigh~