Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Twin Tail Halfmoon Betta Part 3

Finally, after the first two Betta's, I had to get one for myself, one that caught my eye. They all catch my eye, just sitting there at the bottom of those little... cups. Poor things. But I picked out one. Moon Pie.

He's the fussy eater. He will only eat Betta flakes. Once in a while he will go for chicken, shrimp, Betta pellets. Sometimes bread... hates scrambled eggs.

I've tried different aquariums and tanks with him.... he's happy in any one of them. But he seems to be happiest in a two and half gallon tank, with lots of decorations. He's real active. And he's the smallest from the other three. I'm really enjoying the fish. It's been a year and a-half. It's fascinating to know them. Three fish... three different personalities. Their likes, and don't likes.... just like people.


My Dragon Scale Crown Tail Betta Part 2

After a couple of weeks enjoying Blue Betta, I asked my adult Daughter to pick out a Betta at the Pet Shop. She picked out this one, and I have him at my home, too. Ooh, he's scary looking. She named him Marilyn. As in Marilyn Manson. Hey,..... in my day, it was Angus Young (AC/DC). I assure you, Marilyn and Angus are not the devil. They are a couple of millionaires.

Marilyn likes to hide. He's pretty happy in any aquarium or tank, but  I've yet to put him in one that I'm confident he feels really good in. This picture shows him in his temporary (not quite) gallon glass vase.

I feed him everything I feed Blue. Marilyn seems to like it all too.... but doesn't hardly eat the amounts Blue does. I 'drop' food, two, three times and he's done. I have him in a five gallon hexagon plastic tank. I tell you.... he LOVES that tree. I'm not sure about the tank or Castle (tried so many decorations) but he loves that tree... because he loves to not only 'perch'... he loves to hide.

My Betta Splenden Part 1

About a year a half ago, got me a Betta Fish. Well, my Grandaughter did, and I'm taking care of him, in my home. I was reluctant to get him... we were in PetsMart... and... you know... Grandaughter... can't say no.

But anyways, so glad we got him. He's so much fun and it's super relaxing to play and take care of him. After being at work all day.. it's calming.

And since it's a child picking out a blue fish... she named him Blue. How cute. Here is some info on Blue.

He loves to eat ANYTHING. Off the top of my head, chicken, shrimp, bread, scrambled eggs...betta pellets, and betta flakes. He will eat, if I keep 'dropping' ... I use common sense between his food items, when to stop. This was a learning process.

I've put him in all kinds of aquariums and his favorite is a tall glass vase. He also likes his temporary (not quite) gallon glass vase, which he stays in for 24 hours during 100% water changes every few days. He hated the five gallon Hexagon plastic tank he stayed in.... seemed sluggish. Whereas, he seems more playful in the two and a-half gallon tank... more so in ... the tall glass vase.

He hates getting his picture taken. Close up. He jerks back and forth so fast in terror, so this is the only good picture I have of him. After two, three times of trying, I leave it alone.

                            Here's a picture of him in that tall glass vase he seems to love so much.


So You Want To Work at a Coffee Shop

Be careful making friends with your everyday customers, that sit down... and stay... every... day. Believe me, they need you to feed their compulsion. They need their 'fix' .. whatever it is, from you and that restaurant . They're determined to get it. You're first few days, they are watching you, reading you... figuring out... what, how much they can get out of you. They are studying you. They will take your kindness as a sign of weakness. They ARE reading you out. They ARE really GOOD at this.  No joke, randomly look over at them, quickly... whatever you are doing... they're staring at you. Because they're reading you.

Once they befriend you, you will notice things that make you nervous about them, and it could be a variety of things. You will find that seeing them every single day will wear on your nerves. Some people simply can't shut the fuck up, they will use you to listen to them. Their gimmes and get me's after an hour, more will have you convinced... over time... something's wrong.

Special discounts, they hint this. Hey, your friends now, right? And you feel bad, so, you give them a little discount, before you know it, resentment grows and you wish TO GOD that they would just go away. But they won't... EVER.. Once you give them a little discount, they will expect that... On TOP of pestering the fuck out of you....for two, three, four... more hours!  EVERY. DAY..  They REALLY feel they are SPECIAL and deserve a special price. Special service. Special attention. You came to work for ONLY them. Believe it. Because they do.

There is no hell or fire that will keep them away. They HAVE to come in. They suffer from some form of mental illness. And whatever it is... you take it's torture.... they have no mercy. They CRAVE your attention.   THEY....... CRAVE....... YOUR ....... ATTENTION.


They are so content, sitting there, watching you as you work. Sweating and struggling... busy with real customers....and as soon as you have a minute... they want you to entertain them in conversation....however.

Ok, ok... there might be one or two that come in everyday and aren't as narcissistic, but they are narcissists. Don't try to figure them out. Be a good waitress, but keep your distance. Once you hear one agonizing looooong story from them... they have you.

There will be a Coffee pot... more than half full on the burner and they will insinuate you make a fresh pot... just for them. If you nicely let them know, you cannot... because the... almost full...pot, is still fresh... they will literally, sit there, fidgeting, and staring  at the coffee machine, staring at you, while taking glances at other sit-down regular customers, hoping they ask for refills...so the coffee can get lower... and you have to make more..... This shit will make you nervous. THIS SHIT WILL MAKE YOU DAMN NERVOUS.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Digging, And Digging

This happens sometimes. There's a take-out customer paying... at the register. Total is, say.. $7.23. Customer hands me $7.00. Digging in their pocket, or wallet.... for .23 cents. And digging, and digging. BUT... as they are digging, and digging, they are grasping  a $10 bill, or a $20 bill....with same hand, along with a couple, or few singles!! I do a few quick glances at their hand, hand with the money in it.   Quick glances ... at them. Thinking, are you kidding me? Thinking....I can't just say... 'ok, nevermind'   Imagine if I did that with every customer? 
I'm waiting, patiently waiting, long line forming behind them...I'm fixated on that $20 bill they are so tightly grasping.... I can hardly see it.... but I see it!! And I do.. I say ever politely... 'please, ma'am/sir... I can take it out of 20' .... 'well, uhh...(digging) I do have it" .... swear... they stop digging, wave their hands in a whatever motion...... really? I think to myself. And then I think... don't even look at my puny tip cup. Don't. Believe it or not, sometimes they do.

A regular who is sitting (of course... always!) at counter on that  little tiny stool closest to the register... Ugh, I hate that stool, gonna rip it out of the floor one day.  Anyways, a regular, who is (of course) listening to everything going on.... "PwoodeeCoo... I got it, I got it" nodding that it's ok, handing me a quarter. The customer says thank-you, I say thank-you.

Later that day, when it slows down... I tell the regular "you know... they had a twenty dollar bill"

For the record.... when an elderly every now and then customer comes in and they order a small cup of coffee and a donut... I set down a medium cup of coffee and two donuts in a bag....at the coffee station. They are handing me a 5 dollar bill. I take me hands over their hand that has the 5 dollar bill, gently close it, smile and say ...."Have a nice day"   ..... So many other nice stories (I need to get to)... why do I choose to blog about my drive me crazy REGULARS. Lol.. *sigh*