Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Restaurant Rules?

So this was on the AOL news today. And you know i gotta comment on this! First, above, look at the look on the bitch's face. Oh hell no. Bitch, keep your mental ass at home.

The kids, the poor kids. It's not their fault. All the big people talking round the table, the little ones like to have conversations too. They are ignored. I see it ALL the time. Makes me sick.

I can understand this, kind of. When it's peak, yes. When i waited tables, i could care less if they want to share. Order... eat...refill drinks...dessert or cocktails....refill, drink... pay..please tip half ass decent... get the hell out.
Oh you bet your ass.

Reservations? Christ, as if the staff doesn't have enough to do. Wait in line or learn to use a pot and pan and keep your grandiose ass at home.

                                     No reservations. So shove the credit card you know where.  

As a waitress we know what it's like trying to communicate with someone on the phone. I have MANY times walked away.


MY FAVORITE!!!!  Time limit!!!  If y'all had read any of my blog posts... you know. How i hate these lingering losers.

   I personally don't give a rat's ass how they dress. Just as long as they don't come in all mental narcissis-y.

I worked bars. Do you see a chair?? Do you HAVE to stand there and gawk at me??? You look like an idiot. Get the hell away from the bar and go sit down somewhere.

I could care less, but of course cash makes everything easier. But why would a narcissist make anything easy?

Monday, October 3, 2011

I see that you CAN read

  We have about fifteen different kind of  filled donuts. In a showcase where the name of the filled donuts are in big readable letters, right under the donut. And our filled donuts are all on the right side of the showcase.  And this customer that comes in every now and then has ordered many times before, knows this.
It's not too big of a line, it's going pretty quick, so when he steps up to the front i grab a dozen donut box, because he gets a dozen donuts every time. Leaning all over the counter (of course).... 'what kind of filled donuts do you have?' looking into the showcase. 

I say nothing because maybe he's just kinda thinking out loud and he's not really asking me. Until he.... looks at me.  Box in hand, eyebrows raised (as in wtf) i gesture to a couple of donuts in the showcase... and say, strawberry....rasberry. And i stop right there. He looks into the showcase at the ones i pointed out and says..pointing and looking back and forth at me and the donuts... 'i see you have'

I soo want to say ... "And i see that you CAN read"

You see... he CAN SEE... the other filled donuts... he just wants me to READ it FOR him.

But i say... "sir, i have many and they all tell you what kind they are"... i point to the big readable labels, under the donuts!!!  'oh, okay... umm'

Did he want me to name every single filled donut we have??  Why?
He obviously CAN read. He's been in many times before. Stupid ass... tripping... narcissist trying to get his narcissistic supply from me?? I don't have time for that bullshit.  I don't remember him acting like an idiot before! I waited on him many times! Was he really testing me for idiocy?? Not with me you crazy narc!!!