Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Aww, Prince Dead

How I love Prince. Always thought, if he met me.... he would really like me, and we could live happily ever after. Lol, ~sigh~  Seriously... this man was an icon. A great performer. Entertained us... so much fun to watch him... listen to his music.

I find it so 'creepy' please, 'creepy' I say for lack of a better word... that he had to die in an elevator in his home. Lyrics to one of my favorite songs of his  "And if the elevator tries to bring you down... " "Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down..." Let's Go Crazy.                                                                            
Can't stop thinking of him. Loved him, his work.

Just a side note, I'm thinking. Why was he all alone in his home when he just had a near death experience on his airplane on his way... home? Why was there NO ONE in his home, with him, but him? Not an assistant, not a maid? Not a... friend? No one.

But then.... I know. Being around SO many people ALL day. Entertaining ALL DAY. You don't want to see or... look at... anybody. Anybody.

 Ugh, Prince. Rest in Peace. You-Tubing you like.... crazy.

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