Wednesday, August 31, 2016

MY Right of Way! Vrooom!

There's a young lady that comes in the Coffee Shop every now and then, in the afternoons. The afternoon. Not so busy, but a few real customers, and the regulars... always. And clean up from the morning.

I'm in the kitchen some of the time, in the sink. I can see the front door, thru the large glass window AND thru the door to the dining room... when someone comes in. This young lady comes in, she looks to the right, she looks to the left. Without missing a step or taking a breath, takes two giant steps right to the glass window like a nutcase.  Drying my hands, I'm there coming thru the door to wait on her. Seconds!  BUT NO.... she  already has her face to the glass window, knocking, 'hello' she's cooing. She can't see me I guess from the glare from all the windows in the dining room. But I can see her, and she looks like a lunatic, face pressed against the window.... eyes darting back and forth across the room she can't see.

This happens everytime. Hasn't she figured out yet.... I'm right here!! Ok, so I have a seperate Blog post about these 'glass clingers'.....

This is what I caught this particular customer doing on the road, entering the parking lot to the Coffee Shop.

I was just happening to be looking out of our large glass windows as I was working. I saw a car getting ready to take a left turn to the Coffee Shop. I saw an oncoming car coming from the other direction, going at a decent speed..... but she cut right in front of him!! He honked his horn!! He almost hit her!! I yell out 'omg!'

My regulars... behaving, entertaining each other, look at me 'whaaat?' ...looking outside from their seats. I say, well, 'there was almost a wreck'.... looking outside from their seats, not seeing anything unusual, they resume behaving.

At this point I'm thinking....In just a few seconds I'm going to see who this impatient, dangerous fuck is. I can't tell who it is at this point. Out of the car, here she comes! It's her! Glass clinger! Shaking my head,  I say out loud, 'that's about right, wow.' The regulars now, 'what, what?'.... 'I'll tell you later' I'm hushing them up.

In she comes. But this time I'm 'right here!' I am right here at the counter. Funny, because I was heading into the kitchen. I say, 'omg, I saw that. You ok?' as she is coming thru the door. She says 'yeah', she looks very embarrassed. I say 'be careful' and... then, cheerfully 'alright! Let's get some donuts!'
Funny thing is when she's ordering her dozen donuts, she takes her time, which is fine, of course! I love waiting on her. I'm familiar of her favorite ones. Sometimes she tries something different. We laugh a little, we chit-chat a little. Perfect customer.

So, anylyzing this. She's impatient as hell. Won't wait 3 seconds to be waited on. And from seeing with my own eyes, won't wait her turn in traffic. What's 'funny' is... she's a waitress here in town, for several years.
                                                                                                                                                                    IMAGINE ... if I was an asshole. If I had the nerve, the time, the money (pricey kinda) to go into her restaurant... and get her attention to wait on me NOW... like she does! Like if she's in the kitchen getting another tables order but I'm ready to order NOW and I want to get her attention thru the little window on the door to the... kitchen. This is how obviously ridiculous she looks like when she comes in!!